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Six records of a floating life (浮生六记)

Title: Six records of a floating life (浮生六记) Author: 南康/白起 Genre: Modern, 1×1, sweet, warm 40 short chapters Rating: ❤❤❤ ❤ Review: I’m pretty sure most of you have read I Will wait for you until 35. I recently came across this novel by Nankang that was written before I will wait for you until 35. The Six Records of…… Continue reading Six records of a floating life (浮生六记)

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The Path to Spoil a Wife (宠妻之道)

Title: The way to Spoil Your Wife (宠妻之道) Author: 尹琊 Genre: Modern, comedy, warm, sweet, HE 140 chapters: Link Summary: “I like you, I like you……” After finished kissing Tang Xiao moved away as if nothing happened, and like to make up for the previous regret, he hold onto him and said it non-stop. Gu Xiu Jin finally…… Continue reading The Path to Spoil a Wife (宠妻之道)

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  (Not an official picture) Title: I’m simply a Yan Hao/I simply look at your beautiful face (我只是看你颜好) (Old title = My daily life after I volunteer to be f*** buddy with the slag Emperoror instead of my brother) Author: 桃花酒 Genre: Ancient, travel back to ancient world, COMEDY, rebirth, transmigrate Link (T/N: 颜好 (Yan Hao) -…… Continue reading 我只是看你颜好

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Old Photo (旧照片)

Title: Old Photo (旧照片) Author: 二逼癌细胞 Genre: Modern, possessive/Psycho/forceful/deeply in love w/ uke/arrogant/ghost Seme X Nice/Good personality/deeply in love w/ seme/strong personality uke, mystical, HE 7 chapters   My Summary: Zhao Mu is knocking on the window. Li Yu opened his eyes, it was exactly midnight. Zhao Mu, a young man who studies music, has always had…… Continue reading Old Photo (旧照片)

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Is To Marry You (就是要嫁给你)

Title: Is To Marry You (就是要嫁给你) Author: 云要多高 Genre: Modern, omegaverse, love and marriage, comedy 69 chapters Summary: Huang Yu fell in love at first sight with Liu Shenghao, that is, the legendary love at first sight! And he will not marry anyone else besides him! No, it’s not that he doesn’t want to marry him! But just…… Continue reading Is To Marry You (就是要嫁给你)