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Feng Mang Chapter 42 – How Could You Bear It In Your Heart!

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Wang Zhong Ding didn’t make any comments, he only looked at him, the expression on his face was indescribable.  

Han Dong self-satisfiedly raised his eyebrows, he issued an evil and perverted laugh, “ha ha ha ha……Am I not awesome?”

To say the truth, if Han Dong opened his eyes, Wang Zhong Ding might also have been excited by his shameless behavior. But Han Dong’s eyes were currently closed, even if he wanted to interpret this as a kind of crazy and evil charm, it had inadvertently become that of a wretched blind person.

Wang Zhong Ding didn’t know why he smiled, even he himself was puzzled.

Afterwards Wang Zhong Ding thought: Since he could use this way to talk to him, why not use this situation to ask him the reason he steals food? Maybe he could draw out the truth this time.

Therefore he tried to open his mouth once again, “why do you eat in the middle of the night?”

“If I eat during the day, fat will gather.” Han Dong said.

Wang Zhong Ding was puzzled, “isn’t it easier to get fat when eating at night?”

“You’re really funny, it’s not really eating, how can I gather fats?” Han Dong stuffed another big mouthful into his mouth.

At this time Wang Zhong Ding understood, Han Dong was losing weight, therefore he had to hide the food and force himself to go on a diet. He then asked once again: “You’re in such a good condition what are you losing weight for?”

Han Dong said without lifting his head: “I have to be thin beyond recognition, to make that grandson Wang give up!”

‘That grandson Wang’ didn’t say anything, he got up and went straight to the kitchen to come back with something in his hand, he smashed it in front of Han Dong.

“What is this?”


Han Dong ate until he was full and wiped his mouth with satisfaction, he got up from his chair.

Wang Zhong Ding originally intended to wait for Han Dong to finish eating, to ask him the reason why he didn’t want to sign the contract, as a result during the time he took a trip to the bathroom, he returned to see that the person was nowhere to be found, only a desk filled with empty boxes of canned food remained.

Wang Zhong Ding remembered what the information on sleepwalking mentioned, sleepwalking was a kind symbolic act that compensated desire, after a sleepwalking person was satisfied, they would return to their own bed, and the duration of this course of event lasted no more than one hour. If calculating according to this norm, Han Dong shouldn’t be wandering around again.

Since it was like that, then there was a chance to ask……Wang Zhong Ding thought.

He finished tidying up the garbage on his desk, and worked for a while longer before Wang Zhong Ding returned to his bedroom to rest.

Because there were decorative lights on the balcony, it was bright during day and night, enough to keep the bedroom with the basic visibility. Therefore Wang Zhong Ding habitually did not turn on the light, he directly removed his clothes and went to bed.

As a result, just as he was about to lie down, Wang Zhong Ding sensed that the hollow of the bed was incorrect.

Just as he wanted to turn over, a hot body suddenly wrapped around him.

People who had principles like Han Dong, knew which kinds of mistakes could be committed and which kinds couldn’t be committed. For example the mistake of sleeping on the wrong bed could be made occasionally, but sleeping without undressing this kind of mistake must be avoided!

For the time being let’s not mention that the naked body contact made Wang Zhong Ding very disgusted, just talking about how Han Dong’s mouth was filled with the flavor of meat, this was enough to make him unable to stand it anymore. Maybe Han Dong was deliberately sticking to him, during winter other people loved to hold a stove to sleep, he was contrary to expectation, especially preferring this kind of ice cold “special physique”.

(T/N: 膩歪 – This word mean sticking together very intimately/lovey-dovey)

Not only that, he also rubbed against him while muttering: “Today the air is enough to be fulfilled!”

(T/N: HD still think he only eat air to fill his stomach and not actual food)


At half-past three in the morning, Wang Zhong Ding got up once again to pack up and send off this bastard who crawled into his bed on his own! Not for anything else, just feeling pity for his own sleep time. If he really kicked Han Dong to wake him up, for the time being not to mention that he would reenact the drama of turned his face and doesn’t recognize people then became narcissistic, in any case Wang Zhong Ding would only had 2 or 3 hours left to sleep.

(T/N: 翻臉不認人 = Turned his/her face and doesn’t recognize people, to fall out with sb and become hostile, turn against someone)

In the process of ‘packing’, Wang Zhong Ding’s eyes were inevitably ‘raping’ Han Dong’s two long legs.

Wang Zhong Ding was an atheist and never believed in fate, but today, he had to grind his teeth in his heart: God! You gave such a stunning figure to such a thing, how could you bear it in your heart?!!!”

(T/N: 玩意兒 – toy, thing, stuff)


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