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Is To Marry You (就是要嫁给你)


Title: Is To Marry You (就是要嫁给你)
Author: 云要多高
Genre: Modern, omegaverse, love and marriage, comedy

69 chapters


Huang Yu fell in love at first sight with Liu Shenghao, that is, the legendary love at first sight! And he will not marry anyone else besides him! No, it’s not that he doesn’t want to marry him! But just look at his body, and then look at the 9 meters in height! Look at that figure again! Huang Yu decided to give up and be married to him instead of marrying him!

The Huang family’s son is still worried about not being married!!! But the other household just doesn’t want to! and even said they want their son to take a wife that can give birth,

Huang Yu anxiously said, “I can give birth too!!!”

Everybody, “……”


9 thoughts on “Is To Marry You (就是要嫁给你)

  1. mygod, what the hell it is ?? xDD i cannot stop laughing from the summary alone! may i know whether you’ll translate this ? if not i have no choice but to rely on mtl orz.

    And thank you so much for all the summaries you did! i just started to read one of the bl on your summary(my wife always thought i did not love him) & enjoy it so much ❤


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