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Title: 扬书魅影 / Yang Shu Meiying
Author: 南风歌
Genre: Jianghu, ancient, omegaverse, righteous seme x evil uke, 3 CPS

There is a total of 3 books in this series, my summary is only on the 1st book.

1st book have a total of 115 chapters and 23 extras

Seme: Chu Feiying = hero of Jianghu

Uke: Jun Shuying = leader of evil sect for awhile then lost the throne to his friend


Two of them, one is righteous, one is evil. One is white and one is black.

It all started from a death match.

Chu Feiying first trip to the Cang Lang mountain, it’s also the time first he sees Jun Shuying. The name, is just a simple name for him, is just a target he was going to kill on this trip and is just an insignificance brush stroke on his list of people that harm Jianghu that need to be removed. After their first battle, Jun Shuying escaped and regained a bit of his strength, then another enemy comes knocking. His life was saved, but Jun Shuying was being fed an unknown pill (that make him able to get pregnant, he only able to give birth to two baby though) by his friend, his body then become painful and cold.

His loyal subordinate then taken him a cave that the previous evil sect leader used to play around with women. Inside there is a hot spring that helps him feeling less pain and control the coldness.

Chu Feiying then sends another letter saying he’ll come back that night to finished this match, but Jun Shuying’s loyal subordinate received that letter instead of him and come up with a plan. Jun Shuyin’s loyal subordinate doesn’t know any martial art, but he is an expert in poison. His plan is to poisoned Chu Feiying with this poison that triggers his sexual desire, making him lost his mind and only have the will to be intimate with someone. Jun Shuying’s loyal subordinate success and also inflict a little damage on him. However, Chu Feiying was even stronger than he thought. Chu Feiying escaped and found the cave that Jun Shuying was at. One thing led to another, Chu Feiying couldn’t control his hormone because he was in extreme heat, while Jun Shuying is feeling extremely cold and attract to heat, Jun Shuying, with barely much layer on his body, seduced (without even aware of it) Chu Feiying and keep grabbing on to him, the man couldn’t take it anymore and hormone completely taken over his mind (You guys know what happens next right *wink).

Jun Shuyin then becomes pregnant, the baby inside of him is absorbing his power to protect itself. He can’t get rid of the baby because all of his power will be lost along with it. As his weakened state, his friend returned and fought with him, he also found out Jun Shuying is pregnant. Jun Shuyin didn’t have enough power to win and was once again being fed with a pill, poisonous one at that. His friend then asked him who is the baby’s father and without any choice, Jun Shuying has to tell him. His friend then wants him to steal this pearl in exchange for the antidote. The one who guards the pearl + the treasures is no one other than Chu Feiying, and his friend knows that. During his attempt to steal the pearl, he met Chu Feiying again and was saved by him. When Jun Shuying woke up, he was surprised when seeing Chu Feiying. At that time, Chu Feiying also knows Jun Shuying is carrying his baby and from there on he starts taking care of him.


I’m currently on chapter 54, I’ll tell you guys how it goes later one 🙂


13 thoughts on “扬书魅影

  1. wow very interesting story. I’m looking forward to the second and third book summaries. I hope one day you interested in translating this story too :).


  2. Hi can you please add the summaries for the remaining books or at least put any spoilers for the novel or the main CP ? Im so interested in this novel I want to know about it 😦


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