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15P 7H 6SM – (5) Honest

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


“…………We love you!!”

“I love you!!”

“love you!!!”

Taiwanese girls are really enthusiastic, they could enjoy their young life absolutely unrestrained, they didn’t have to worry that the next day they would be condemned both in speech and writing of being “superficial” and “chasing after idols without any aspirations”, compared to the girls in mainland China, their happiness aren’t any less.

(T/N: They are currently in Taiwanese)

I followed behind you looking at you smiling brightly toward the left and throwing flirtatious glances to those girls who were still in their prime of youth on the right, at first I thought that it was funny, but afterward there was an unknown fire ignited inside of me and in the end I could no longer endure it and stung you with these sentences “Do you even remember what your name is? Or is it over your head?”

I didn’t expect you to turn around and say this sentence to me” hearing this makes me happy, at least they are more sincere than you! ”

“……love you……”



The tide of your words gave me a feeling of pain that was inexplicable, I persistently told myself that you were just joking, but how could I ignore the tone of blame in your voice. The feeling of discomfort grew stronger and stronger. I casually said goodbye to your agent and hurried back to our hotel to escape from the mess that made me confused.

I opened the small fridge in the room and pulled out a bottle of red wine, I poured myself a cup and gulped everything down, I thought to myself that I had the whole night, your schedule was packed so you wouldn’t be back until dawn, I hoped that, when you came back, I would have drunk enough for me to be “honest” with you.

Deep into the night, I couldn’t remember how much time had passed, I just remembered that I was suddenly being pulled brutally from the bed, I strove to open my hazy drunken eyes and saw you as you ferociously asked me: “Why didn’t you say anything before returning? Do you know that I’ve been looking for you?!”

“I……. I love you……” Before my eyes, you were shaking, making my head hurt, I held your face with my hands and quickly said the words that have been stretched in my heart, and when I finished speaking, I completely relaxed as I had completed the task satisfactorily. That was what I thought as I giggled, swinging my head left and right as I walked around you, and like showing off my achievement, I asked you:

“How … … how about that? Was I honest enough? Ha ha ha ha … … … … … …”

Afterward, you suddenly pounced on me like a wolf and chewed viciously, after succeeding the mission my senses had already become fuzzy but now it had completely turned into paste.

In fact,
Being honest with you wasn’t too difficult.


8 thoughts on “15P 7H 6SM – (5) Honest

  1. Can someone pursue the assistant? This person need a lesson.

    I originally was just curious if there will be chapter of someone like the assistant after the past chapters but this chapter pisses me off.

    I want the person to not actually love the assistant because really, don’t be hurt.


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