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15P 7H 6SM – (3) Hard

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


Today’s online entertainment headlines included such news like:

It was said that he and Guan Yi both had been advertising in Hong Kong and that they got caught happily holding hands while going out of a star-rated hotel, with a large photo as evidence.

I couldn’t say what it felt like to see such news.

After seeing more of his scandalous news, I thought that I had already trained the skill of determination from the Shaolin monks, but this time it was still uncontrollable.

Guan Yi, I could never forget how, a long time ago, her ordinary phone call had brought me such a destructive blow.

Even after I had been with him, I had never pursued the matter of him and Guan Yi, it was not like I didn’t want to know, it should be——I didn’t dare to.

Being a same-sex lover was difficult

Being a same-sex lover of a star was even more difficult.

When he came back, I didn’t go to an airport to pick him up, therefore he threw down all his work and urgently returned home, when he came back he would naturally point up to heaven and swear an oath of his innocence.

For a very long time I didn’t speak a word making his temperament turn bad, he accused me of only knowing how to be randomly suspicious of him, that I didn’t believe him and he also very fiercely questioned me whether I, from the beginning to the end, ever had enough faith in him, seeing that I was still staring blankly without speaking a word, he almost immediately stood up wanting to leave as he said that he ‘couldn’t stand my mental torture,’ when he was about to leave the house, he paused a little, I had enough time to rush over, my footsteps staggered as I rushed over to hug him, he was almost thrown down into the ground but he didn’t get angry.

“Don’t let me know, as long as you are willing to come back to see me, then don’t let me know what you do outside, I’m begging you……such a matter, the next time, don’t let me know……”

I didn’t even know when I started to involuntarily cry out loud, he was frantically holding me tight, the force was so strong that I cowered in pain but it also let me clearly believe that – he came back, that everything was a rumor, that he didn’t leave and that he was still mine.

Later I cried until I was tired and just fainted directly in his embrace, in fact, he didn’t need to be scared like that —— I only couldn’t sleep well after reading the news, seeing him my spirit was completely relaxed and so I fell asleep, that was all. When I woke up, I found myself in a single hospital room in the emergency department of a large hospital, at my side he was very pale and restless, I realized, I really was unreasonable.

It’s hard to be his lover.
But compared to the pain of not being his lover,
The difficulty is simply a small, a very small CASE.


7 thoughts on “15P 7H 6SM – (3) Hard

  1. up until now, I still don’t have any inkling on what their names are.
    Also, I’m a bit confused. Did the star have a past relationship with a female producer?
    is she guan yi? can someone please clear things up??


    1. I’m not sure if you read the chapter called Hope yet, but there name is revealed in that chapter 🙂

      And yes the star did have a past relationship with the producer = Guan Yi, as hinted in chapter called Poor.


      1. thanks! 🙂
        its kinda weird that they don’t blatantly use their names at all. well, I guess each and every author has their own style when it comes to presenting their novels.


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