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15P 7H 6SM – (2) Home

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


It was a house with two bedrooms and one living room, with a surface area of more than 70 square meters, in the living room beside the eight mats there was also a set of an absolute high-grade family cinema and apart from that, there wasn’t anything else. On the wall hung a painting and a tapestry, we found the oil painting at the home improvement market while walking around in the midst of confusion, we ran into a discount and bought it, as for the tapestry, he especially went to Xinjiang and bought it for me, on top of that it was of ten thousand steeds galloping, I was born under the year of horse.

The larger room on the left of the living room was our bedroom, the bed inside was chosen by me after we officially moved in together, next to the bed was a small cabinet, above was a table lamp, and the inside of the cabinet was filled with some of his and my personal items, I think, in terms of interest he and I didn’t have much in common, I’m afraid that in the cabinet, the only things that were identical were condoms and lubricant……

Usually, the one who remembered to would buy it, as a result the situation of “overstocking” frequently occurred. At that time we would tease and call one another “satyr,” “pervert,” and so on.

In the bedroom hung a string of wind bells made out of paper, we bought it when we went to a small town in Yunnan together and took a liking to it.

Furthermore, the bedroom wooden floor was arranged from my point of view, at that time according to him, we should spread a carpet on top, when I exposed his bad intentions, he finally had to listen to my words, otherwise when the time came to clean the carpet, it would definitely be very troublesome.

On the right side of the living room was a small room with a single bed, when outsiders came to visit it would be introduced as my room, in fact it was his reference room and also his punishment room, several times when he angered me, he would be spending the night in there, therefore when the night came, he would have an implacable hatred toward that room and he had to personally lock the room himself  before willing to give up.

The bathroom and kitchen were decorated very luxuriously. Two grown men living together also needed to pay attention to the quality of life as well.

Especially the bathroom, I didn’t know why but sometimes his interest in doing it in the bathroom was even stronger than doing it in the bedroom, he would get the tile’s full of white hard lumps, luckily he also knew that the clean up was not easy, the next day he would have a look of shame and help me, but if he was busy, I also hated to exhaust him again when he came home, therefore after many calculations when the time came for arranging the room, I would give him many good suggestions, every time he would immediately make a mouthful of promises but by the time he needed to pay attention to them he was already thrown above cloud nine.


There wasn’t any other way, haiz.


Regarding the house of a popular movie star, this kind of layout can always be the most powerful evidence to publicize him as “simple and not flashy” and “amiable and approachable,” but in our eyes, even if  such a nest were made out of straw, even gold couldn’t be exchanged for it.



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