15P 7H 6SM · bl · chinese bl

15P 7H 6SM – 11 Pity

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


You had gone, in fact, I knew that there would be a day like this.

How could someone completely ignore the gains and losses? The mistake was something I committed first.

At that time I could only hold a slip of letters full of “pleases” that you wrote silently forcing myself to be accustomed to the days without you.

It was a regrettable day.

Gloomy as in the rainy days of April.

I found out that I was missing you.

In my spare time when filming I was always used to find your eyes concentrated on me, but now I couldn’t find it.

So I made a lot of mistakes which caused the director and my manager to vomit blood.

I was always used to call you by name when I got home, and now I had to remind myself not to call your name again.

Because there were two or three times, I called out and was stared at strangely by others.

No one would cook for me back home or help me organize my messy room, also no one would smile and run over to me and say: “Hurry over and look, you’re on TV — so handsome!”

Drinking coffee alone made it bitter

Being in bed alone made the bed feel too big

Staying alone in the room felt empty

Feeling alone – it was too bad.

I grabbed my wallet and rushed out, I went to BAR, went to KTV, I gathered a bunch of friends to go crazy but I still couldn’t, I wanted to see your eyes, I wanted to touch your hair and what I wanted to kiss was your lips and body.

What a pity.

I had committed the most serious mistake since ancient times:

After losing you, I actually found,

That I can not live without you.

Can not.


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