15P 7H 6SM · bl · chinese bl

15P 7H 6SM – 8 Possible

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


On one afternoon I was modeling for an advertisement of a clothing brand, the photographers were Xiao Zhao and Da Huang, they were my acquaintances, when us brothers meet up, we would joke around casually.

After the photo session Da Huang had nothing to do, he said that his camera still had three films left, while talking, he pulled him over clicking his tongue as he said “this little brother is very delicate” and he said that it would be better to take several more pictures of him.

He looked terrified which made Da Huang even happier, he unexpectedly rubbed his face and shouted that “this child’s skin was really good.”

I looked at them and was a bit unhappy, I hurried over to rescue him as I accompanied him, to let Da Huang take pictures of us together with his remaining film. He lowered his head and said “thank you,” I rubbed his hair and saw that a hint of redness crept up his white neck that was whiter compared to any normal man.

At this time I had almost forgotten about that day, Da Huang happened to see me and he seems to had remembered something, like offering a treasure, from his pocket he pulled out photos of him and me together, that were taken on that day. Among the photos, there was a picture of him focused on me, his hair was a bit messy and his mouth was slightly open.

Da Huang looked at this pretty good taken photo then he moved his mouth toward me and said:

“Hey, this child probably isn’t in love with you right?”

“Go away, that’s impossible!” I answered casually as I snatched the picture, after a moment’s hesitation I buried it in the hidden pocket of my coat.

Was it impossible?

In fact, I knew.

That it was very possible.


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