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Feng Mang Chapter 14 – Who Set the Conditions?

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

“Lower your voice!” Han Dong reminded him, “my girlfriend is here, can you save me some face?”

“You also call her your girlfriend?” Li Shang grabbed Han Dong’s scorpion braid as he sneered and said, “this little braid still hasn’t fallen apart yet but a person already changed.”

Han Dong knocked Li Shang’s hand off then changed the topic, “how was the meeting for the drama today?”

Speaking of this, there was a hint of smile on Li Shang’s face.

“Your calculations were quite accurate, I really do have some luck to become a star!”

Han Dong was just about to ask for the details when the beautiful woman behind him impatiently pouted her mouth, “hello?”

“I have to keep her company, I’ll talk to you again in a moment.”

After sending the beautiful woman home, Han Dong couldn’t wait to inquire about Li Shang’s “battlefield situation” today.

“I told you, the person recruiting today came from the production team of Zhong Ding Movies and Television Company, to film the blockbuster movie of the year, they’re starting to use newcomers for many roles. I took part in the pre-selection today, there were more than a 100 people and only I entered the selection alone, I heard that the executive producer will be the one who is picking. Hey, on that day you should go with me!”

Han Dong laughed, “What if I get chosen? Didn’t you listen to those stars who talked about their experiences when they first debuted? All of them accompanied friends to the audition, and the result was a melodramatic scene where they got chosen instead.”

“It doesn’t matter if you get chosen!” Li Shang said arrogantly, “between the two of us it will be the same whoever gets chosen! If I get chosen I’ll carry you, and if you get chosen you’ll carry me.”

Han Dong laughed but didn’t say anything.

Li Shang also said: “They are worthy of being called the big boss in the industry, they were very generous! I just passed the qualification round, and on the same day they already paid for the reimbursements for travel expenses along with food and beverage expenses, I haven’t done any work yet but I already received 500 yuan.”

Han Dong casted a sidelong glance at Li Shang, humph humph, as he said, “I crouched there for 10 days and still haven’t got that amount!”

Li Shang smiled apologetically, “This opportunity was given to me by you, I didn’t use the money so I’ll give it all to you!”

“What do you mean? You think I am that kind of person?” Han Dong’s face blackened as he stretched out those several bills handed to him, “this time I’ll give you some face, but just this once!”

Li Shang went to the shared bathroom to take a shower, while Han Dong and Ye Chenglin sat together for a chat.

“That guy Li Shang how is he in the end?” Ye Chenglin asked.

Han Dong sneered, “with one look I could see that he is a white-eyed wolf.”

(T/N: 白眼狼 = White-eyed wolf -to describe a ruthless, heart vicious, ungrateful person)

“Yet you still helped him this much?”

Han Dong swayed the bills in his hand “using the white-eyed wolf, I don’t feel ashamed.”

“Kid you’re really good!” Ye Chenglin said in a hateful tone, “You let others make money for you, while you chase after girls.”

Han Dong hugged Ye Chenglin and laughed nastily, “Don’t say it so directly……”

At night when they were going to sleep, Han Dong asked Li Shang without thinking the matter through, “you didn’t take on a job today, how come you’re back so late?”

“Don’t mention it!” bringing up this subject caused Li Shang to feel discontent in his stomach, “today I was being measured by a man the whole afternoon, I was stripped off my clothes and measured from head to toe. I heard that this time the conditions for recruiting a person are especially harsh, each part of the body has to match the data exactly, even my thigh and calf must be separated to be measured, it has to be accurate to the decimal point after one place.”

Han Dong faintly replied with a sentence, “Who set those conditions? Such a stupid idiot.”

(T/N: 傻/逼 = isn’t a nice word, therefore I use stupid idiot instead of stupid cunt/dumb f**** and so on)


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  1. hey Han dong…the iperson who sets the condition is your “hubby” la…… XD
    hehehheeh…. thanks Polarbearadise!!


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