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Golden Assistant Chapter 16

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Luzhou supported his forehead with his hand, Lin Yao also came in and asked: “What is so funny?”

“Hahaha——” Du Mei raised the bag of salt for Lin Yao to see: “I don’t regret hiring Xiao Yi as an assistant, from the time I opened this company until now……I have never seen such an adorable assistant……hahahahaha…..”

Lin Yao instantly burst into laughter and fell onto the sofa. Xiao Yi was simply amidst in the clouds and mist.


(T/N: Simply amidst in clouds and mist = puzzled or confused)


Du Mei took ahold of the bag of salt and put it away in her drawer. Her stomach was hurting from laughing too hard, and through difficulty, she finally calmed down and said, “Let’s talk about your work, Xiao Yi.”

“Do you still want to buy salt?” Xiao Yi said, “What’s happening?”

Du Mei waved her hand, Luzhou looked at him with a smiling expression in his eyes and said, “You go out for a while, President Du and I have something to discuss.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yi then exited, shutting the door while he was at it.

He was a little nervous because his trial period officially ended today, the performance of these three months, as well as the extend of his salary increasing or whether or not could he continue to work for Luzhou, this would all be decided.

During this period of time he was very serious when working for Luzhou, Xiao Yi was confident as to whether he could continue to stay or not, unless Luzhou was actually not satisfied with him, but didn’t they say that the previous assistant was driven away by Luzhou?

Xiao Yi was in the middle of being hopeful, when he suddenly heard Luzhou’s voice from inside, he seemed a little angry and said: “Him? He can’t do anything! Nothing, you just look at his good character, but he really do not understand anything, he’s a good-for-nothing! “

Xiao Yi’s heart was thumping, then immediately sank.

Is that so?  Xiao Yi thought, ‘I have already been working very hard’

He thought that he really understood Luzhou, but this time, he suddenly felt that Luzhou was very strange, feeling was feeling, work was work, he was indeed not good enough, even though he poured all of his energy into it.

The sounds inside the room were quieting down, he couldn’t hear anything more.

Xiao Yi thought again, feelings …… even if it was feelings, Luzhou couldn’t possibly have any feelings for him, in fact, the days where he was Luzhou’s assistant, he had also caused Luzhou a lot of trouble, whether or not he can stay, he still have to thank Luzhou for taking care of him.

If the trial period was over, could he continue to mix in with the entertainment circle? Xiao Yi remembered that he added the crew on his WeChat, how much could he make a month if he worked as a cleaner in the crew? He then remembered vaguely that Du Mei said, that a cleaner could only make three or five thousand a month.

Lin Yao pushed the door open and said, “Come, come in.”

Xiao Yi went in and sat in front of the table, he felt as if he was being put on trial. Luzhou crossed his legs, he sat on the sofa and was playing games on his phone, Xiao Yi stole a glance at him, Luzhou didn’t even lift his head.

“Uhm.” Du Mei smiled and said, “You did a good job and the company decided to continue to hire you.”

Xiao Yi smiled and said: “I also hope to stay in the company, I hope …… to stay by brother Zhou’s side and continue to be his assistant.”

Xiao Yi glanced at Luzhou, but Luzhou didn’t even spare him a glance.

‘Hey!’  Xiao Yi thought, he sometimes thought that Luzhou was like a wall, no matter how much he wanted him to pay attention, in his eyes, he might not even regard it, but it was also normal, he probably saw Xiao Yi as a fan out of thousands of fans out there.

Lin Yao took the initiative and shook hands with Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi felt warm in his heart, Du Mei revised the documents on the table and said: “The wages of your trial period has already been sent to you, check the balance and accept it when you get back, it’s three months of wages plus the additional subsidies from the crew, and a year-end bonus. Your salary is paid by Luzhou, although we’re using the company’s account, but you are his personal assistant.”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Yi immediately said: “Thank you brother Zhou.”

Luzhou continued to concentrate on playing the game.

Du Mei said again: “When it comes to an official contract, we need your opinion, because it is time-bound when you sign with our company.”

Xiao Yi: “How many years is it?”

Du Mei said: “It depends on what you want, how many years do you intend to stay at the company?”

The problem was that Xiao Yi really hadn’t thought about it yet, he felt a little difficult, although for a good-for-nothing like him, five years or even ten years, the deposit money would allow him to buy a toilet in Sanlitun at most, signing for a few years was the same, perhaps even if the company went bankrupt he would still be a good-for-nothing, the problem wasn’t about how many years it was.

(T/N: Sanlitun – is an area of the Chaoyang District, Beijing, with popular bar street and international stores.)

But the career prospects were indeed very important, Xiao Yi thought about it many times, in the end what was his goal?

The ideal of course, was to get married and start a career in Beijing, buy a house and buy a car, bring his parents to Beijing to enjoy a life in retirement, of course, survival in Beijing was simply an endless mode of plant vs. zombie, he must consider the drawbacks and settle for the next best thing.

Settling for the next best thing, as in save enough money in Beijing and then return home to the countryside and have a little business, buy a car and buy a house … …

In the end his goal of a lifetime was to at least buy a car and a house, Xiao Yi felt quite sad when he thought about it. If he put his second plan in action, he couldn’t spend his whole lifetime working in the company.

“Have you short-circuited?” Luzhou said bluntly, “President Du is asking you!”

Xiao Yi immediately recovered, Luzhou explained to Du Mei: “His mind is a single thread, he can’t handle too many things at the same time. You have to get used to it.”

“Hahaha -” Du Mei almost fell backward from laughing and said: “You two are too funny, later on we can create a group so you guys can go perform comic dialogues.”

Luzhou knew that Du Mei was joking, his face showed a disdained expression, ‘depend on him?’ then he continued to play his game.

“The shortest……how long is the shortest period?” Xiao Yi said: “To be honest president Du, I don’t think that I’m competent for this position.”

Luzhou took a deep breath, his face immediately changed, he raised his head and was about to get angry, then Xiao Yi said sincerely: “When I work for brother Zhou, I often make him mad … …”

Du Mei comforted him: “You are doing well, he is like that to everyone, he likes you, you shouldn’t think too much.”

“No, no.” Xiao Yi hurriedly said.

“No, your sister!  Who are you helping by being modest?! Say it at once if you don’t want to do it!” Luzhou stood up impatiently and said, “Have I ever treated you unfairly?”

(T/N: Your sister = is like saying your mother (understandable?)I can’t really explain it, but it not a good word to say to someone)

Xiao Yi hurriedly said: “I’m sorry, brother Zhou, you have misunderstood, I didn’t mean that!”

Lu Zhou got up and was about to leave, Lin Yao said: “Okay okay, Luzhou, don’t get angry.”

Xiao Yi was a little embarrassed, but he had just heard the words that Lu Zhou said and felt a little sad, he said: “If later on, brother Zhou isn’t tired of me, I actually want to follow him as an assistant, for how long isn’t a problem, although filming a movie is very tiring, but being together with my idol makes me really happy, this is my inner wish.

“I know,” Du Mei smiled and said, “Luzhou, what do you think?”

“It’s up to him.” Luzhou said.

Du Mei said, “how about signing for three years first?”

“Yes.” Xiao Yi actually couldn’t choose, if he could choose, he was willing to sign for more than a few years, but if Luzhou despised him and felt annoyed at him, and requested to change him, then Xiao Yi himself had no better option than to work as a cleaner in the company. In conclusion, this job was really tiring, if it wasn’t because he was working as an assistant for the male god, he may not possibly continue.

Du Mei asked Lin Yao: “Where is the Third Edition of the Service Contract?”

“I don’t think he has to sign your contract.” Luzhou angrily said: “If you want to run, just pack up your bag and leave, how about that?”

Xiao Yi complained incessantly in his heart, and said: “I really did not mean that brother Zhou, I love you.”

Luzhou: “……”

Du Mei once again burst into laughter, Xiao Yi said: “If I wasn’t working as your assistant, I wouldn’t be at the company, because I have to take care of my parents, my mother has been urging me to go back. If I were like you, with so much money, even without salary I’m still willing to do this job, you have taught me a lot, to learn from you, a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to even dream about that.

Luzhou: “Your parents are… sick?”

“No, no.” Xiao Yi hurriedly explained: “They only feel that I still haven’t made a name for myself in Beijing yet and incessantly urge me to return home, look at me right now, I don’t even have girlfriend, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t think about staying in Beijing.”

Luzhou’s complexion was alleviated at this point, but when he thought about it again, he caught a key point and began to lecture Xiao Yi.

“You’re working because of me?” Luzhou said: “This is thinking highly of me, okay, good, but have you ever thought about working for yourself? Do you understand……”

Luzhou crossed his legs, he stretched his hand, revealing a million dollar watch, as he held a cup and drank from it, he continued: “…Why you chose such a place like Beijing, floating back and forth, and now you still haven’t settled down and got on with your life? Why your girlfriend turned her back on you and called you a loser? “

Xiao Yi: “…”

Xiao Yi thought ‘Male god don’t be like this, your daily behavior and your language in these past few days have deducted nearly 30 points in my heart, and now there are only 999999969 points left. You keep stepping on my face to lecture me, and if this continues even president Du will look down on me’

Luzhou boasted shamelessly and said, “Do you know why I keep you?”

Xiao Yi pretended to listen respectfully to his lecture while he thought to himself ‘why you keep me around, isn’t it because I’m a convenient air bag that you can vent your anger on, I don’t fight back or talk back ah!’

“Okay,” Du Mei really couldn’t continue watching, she smiled at  Xiao Yi and said: “Luzhou said that you take initiative when it comes to handling matters, you’re very positive, always treating his matter as your own, your friends in the crew also praised you saying that you have a good character and took the initiative to handle your job, you should continue to maintain this.”

“Uhm,” Xiao Yi said a bit embarrassed, Lin Yao brought the contract for him to sign, after they signed the document Luzhou got up and walked out.

Du Mei said, “Your wages have been sent this early morning.”

“Thank you!” Xiao Yi packed his things and followed after Luzhou. 

Luzhou went down to the hall on the first floor but he didn’t go into the garage.

Xiao Yi said: “Brother Zhou, earlier in front of president Du, I really didn’t mean that.”

Luzhou just waved his hand and was silent.

Xiao Yi said, “Where are we going this afternoon?”

“To be a spokesperson,” Luzhou said.

“Buy salt?” Xiao Yi asked.


(T/N: Luzhou said daiyan = spokesperson for (in this case) advertisement/commercial, but Xiao Yi heard it as maiyan = buy salt)


“A commercial! I’m being a spokesperson for a commercial!” Luzhou said: “Lenovo asked me to be their “spokesperson”! And you actually brought salt to the company ah!

Xiao Yi: “…”

Luzhou put on his sunglasses, the corner of his mouth clearly showed that he was restraining himself from laughing.

Xiao Yi said: “Do we need to drive the car?”
Luzhou said in a low voice: “You come with me.”  

Xiao Yi thought ‘earlier I really lost face, even I think it’s funny.’

When Luzhou reached the first floor, he went outside and Xiao Yi hurriedly catched up.

Luzhou asked: “Card?”

“Yes, I brought it.” Xiao Yi immediately said: “My phone can check the account……Hold on!”

Luzhou pulled Xiao Yi in front of the ATM machine, Xiao Yi touched his own wallet but Luzhou stopped him, he pulled out a card from his wallet and inserted it in the ATM machine.

“Look,” Luzhou said.

Xiao Yi: “???”

Xiao Yi looked down at the keyboard.

Luzhou yelled: “Look at the screen! What are you looking at my password for!”

Xiao Yi: “…”

Luzhou didn’t hide from Xiao Yi either, entering a series of passwords, he then pointed his finger at the screen, pointing at the balance and said: “Do you see it clearly?”

Xiao Yi: “…”

Luzhou’s balance was on more than seven million……

Xiao Yi immediately felt that his legs were softening, and thought ‘this is p’.

Luzhou said: “This is just my pocket money, it’s pocket money. As the name suggests it’s money to take out and spend, eat snacks, surf Taobao, the amount of my pocket money can’t even fit in Alipay as the balance can’t exceed nine hundred thousand, the rest of the money can only be thrown in the ATM card. Do you know how much I have as my net worth? Do you know how much money I donate every year? Look at the remainder, it’s seven hundred and seventy-nine thousands, now look at your own salary.”

Xiao Yi: “??”

Xiao Yi took out his card, inserted it and used his left hand to block while using his right hand to enter the password.

Luzhou: “……”

“You have so little money! Your card was made by the company! And you’re afraid I’m going to steal it ah!” Luzhou was simply bursting with rage, Xiao Yi realized that in fact he didn’t need to hide the password from Luzhou, and hurriedly said: “I’m sorry……the card’s password is 6 0……”

“Forget it!” Luzhou said: “Did you look at it?”

Xiao Yi checked the balance and instantly thought he misread it.

‘There are eighty thousand in the account! Three months, plus the subsidies from the crew in Hengdian as well as year-end awards, counting it together, the result is eighty thousand!

Eighty thousand, eighty thousand, eighty thousand, eighty thousand–!!!

Eighty thousand! Three months! And you get eighty thousand dollars!!

Luzhou: “Do you know why you only have that much money, while I have seven million as pocket money?”

Xiao Yi was already shielded himself from Luzhou’s preaching, even if Luzhou’s intention was for him to not feel overjoyed about the eighty thousand, Xiao Yi really couldn’t control himself, one moment he felt like flying in the blue sky, the next he felt like listening to the sound of thousands of fireworks on top of the Paris Tower—-eighty thousand!  Then he felt like singing and dancing in front of the entrance of the Forbidden City- eighty thousand!


(T/N: Singing and dancing = festive celebrations)


Then again he felt like overlooking the sunset on Easter Island – eighty thousand!

Then he felt like singing under the cherry blossoms on Mount Fuji – eighty thousand!

Flourishing period of the world, beautiful mountains and rivers, gold and jade in glorious splendor, all nations of tomorrow – eighty thousand million!

(T/N: gold and jade in glorious splendor = a dazzling sight )

In the past he was a loser with nothing to praise, now he was rich with boundless possibilities – eighty thousand! Eighty thousand!

Luzhou’s patient voice faded out, his figure gradually darkened the screen: “As a person, one must broaden their horizons … … (the rest of the sentence was automatically blocked by Xiao Yi, getting smaller and smaller)”

“Do you know, a first-rate screenwriter can earn three hundred thousand, a first-rate celebrity can earn sixty to nine hundred thousand in one episode, a director of a film can earn three million to nine million on a film, a coordinator can also earn……”

Xiao Yi’s pupils slightly enlarged looking at the screen with the number eight plus four zeroes after it, thinking eight……eighty thousand……

“… the wealthiest person is the boss, do you know that the investment is calculated from 100 million to billions of dollars? With money you can choose any artist to use the ‘unspoken rule’ with, beside I, Luzhou, if you have money, you can use the ‘unspoken rule’ with Li Changzheng, he’ll definitely keep you company……there is no limit in the universe, there are people beyond you and skies beyond this sky. If you just want to be an assistant and earn the salary of an assistant, you won’t be able to climb to the top for a lifetime, you can only use the ‘unspoken rule’, with this much salary, you can’t even afford to buy cars, can’t afford to buy a house, you can only be a footman… …


(T/N: there is no limit in the universe = No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better.)


Luzhou finally realised that Xiao Yi already traveled to the realm of God, he then yelled into his ears: “Are you listening?!”

“I finally……” Xiao Yi hugged Luzhou and shouted: “have more than five digits in my account! I can use my credit card! Brother Zhou! I decided to be your assistant for life! Don’t hate me -!  Huhuhuhu! “

Luzhou: “……”

At noon, they went to film the advertisement, in the afternoon Xiao Yi was in fear and trepidation and went to Luzhou to request leave of absence, although Luzhou wasn’t satisfied, he nevertheless agreed.

Therefore Xiao Yi finished all the miscellaneous matters, he waited until Luzhou had lunch before he opened the door to leave.

Luzhou: “Where are you going?”

Xiao Yi: “I have a little private matter to deal with.”

Luzhou: “…”

Xiao Yi saw Luzhou’s complexion wasn’t right, he immediately said: “I’m going to my girlfriend to apologize, and buy her a gift.”

“You are not driving my car?” Luzhou asked.

“Ah? Can……can I?” Xiao Yi said.

“Forget it, I’ll take you.” Luzhou said: “Beside I don’t have anything to do anyway, want me to pretend to be your driver? In front of your girlfriend I’ll walk behind you and call you Mr. Xiao?”


Xiao Yi: “……”

Luzhou put on his suit and walked out, Xiao Yi didn’t know what Luzhou was thinking.

“Come on!” Luzhou said strangely.

Xiao Yi said: “This … … I haven’t thought whether this is good, I don’t … …”

Luzhou looked impatient and said: “I’m helping you to this extent, and you still don’t dare to go? You are not a man!”

Xiao Yi took a deep breath, and thought ‘good, if I have Luzhou’s support, this time I can be proud of it! Even if my girlfriend will throw herself at the male god if she sees him and give me the cold-shoulder, this is still good, at least we can be reconciled.’

Xiao Yi parked the car downstairs at the advertising company, Lu Zhou said: “I will drive the car, you go find her and call her down.”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Yi said: “Brother Zhou, for the millionth time please don’t tease me.”

Luzhou: “……”

Xiao Yi felt that Luzhou was really a little overly nice today, he didn’t know why, he had the misconception that  Luzhou always liked to tease him.  He took a deep breath, while holding a diamond ring that he bought for his girlfriend, he walked into the company building. 


What going to happen next?!!? Any guess XD



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