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Golden Assistant Chapter 15

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Xiao Yi finally saw the valiant nature of those people. The hot topic on Sina changed, the current hottest topic was Li Changzheng filming his movie and preparing for the promotion on monday. All the dian shui jun Zhang Xinran invited probably already ran away, the remaining people began to gossip about how many male artists in their company Qi Quan has slept with.

(T/N: dian shui jun = people who get pay to spam. In English it either mean water army or navy, these are the two translation I got.)

At last everything finally quieted down, it was reckoned that Luzhou and Zhang Xinran would no longer be able to cooperate with each other anymore. Xiao Yi thought  ‘it was truly terrifying, I should just stay as an assistant the rest of my life.’

The entertaining grand feast had ended, Luzhou dragged his aching body back. He laid in the hotel for the whole night, Xiao Yi stayed at his side reading the situation on that afternoon while helping him surf Taobao. Luzhou just made an ‘oh’ interjection and said: “You go tell president Du, if it’s enough then stop it soon and pay attention to those major entertainment websites……”

“Uhm-” Xiao Yi replied while staring at his phone attentively, Luzhou said: “Nevermind you don’t have to go, she probably knows.”

Xiao Yi just made an interjection sound indicating his agreement, Luzhou then pointed to his shoulder and Xiao Yi immediately gave him a shoulder massage. Luzhou’s stature was sturdy, he looked thin when wearing clothes and the meat could be seen when he took off his clothes, he was a natural clothes rack.

Xiao Yi’s mood for the whole afternoon was always in a degree of high tension, while massaging Luzhou, his head was drooping and finally lay on the bed as he massaged Luzhou’s arm, he continued to massage for awhile until he fell asleep first.

He didn’t know long had passed when Xiao Yi heard Luzhou making a phone call, he struggled to crawl back to his room to rest, but he couldn’t get up.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Yi was kicked out of bed.

Xiao Yi: “…….”

Xiao Yi was tracing the ground from east to west when Luzhou threw a blanket down, Xiao Yi just grabbed ahold of it and fell asleep.


It was a sunny day, these days the weather in Hengdian was very good. During a break, Luzhou and Wu Heng Gu took several photos for maifu, Luzhou’s expression was unnatural. On that day the PR team in the cast and crew posted the picture, the number of forwarding instantly reached 20,000.

(T/N: Mai fu is fanservice between two men)

Xiao thought to himself, ‘others also want to maifu with Luzhou, how good is it to be maifu with the male, haiz’

“Do you also want to maifu?” The director asked.

Xiao Yi replied with a smile: “The audience doesn’t know me.”

“Aren’t those two normally very maifu?” the coordinator said with a smile.

The corner of Xiao Yi’s mouth twitched, normally he was always being teased by the cast and crew, it occurred so frequently that he already grew accustomed to it. Luzhou just finished filming and came over to rest.

Xiao Yi was in the middle of being lost in thought, Luzhou then scolded: “What are you thinking about! Are you becoming more and more stupid?! Where is the phone!”

As some conditioned reflex, Xiao Yi immediately handed Luzhou the phone. Luzhou took the phone and began to surf the internet again. Wu Heng Gu went over to greet him, Luzhou then said to Wu Heng Gu: “You’re very handsome, but when filming, don’t pay too much attention to the lense and your own face.”

Wu Heng Gu immediately felt a little embarrassed and apologized nonstop. Luzhou wasn’t wrong, Xiao Yi also noticed it. Several supporting male actors were also like that, they were afraid that the lenses would capture their ugly side, when they were free they would check themselves in the mirror, moreover they would also adjust as much as possible, trying to make the lense capture their face at a 30 degree angle.

What Luzhou said was really offensive to others but because he had a high position, the newcomer didn’t dare to say anything, he could only could suffer in silence. Luzhou still took the other person into consideration, that’s why he didn’t overdo it and hadn’t continued speaking.

These past few days it was rare to have such a good weather in Hengdian, after the first group of actors and actresses finished their scenes, the day suddenly became relaxed.

Du Mei had returned to Beijing to look for a producer on that side to see the trailer.

Luzhou said: “Remember to send your ID card to president Du, so she can prepare a plane ticket for you to go back.”

Xiao Yi didn’t react in time, “Eh? Go……go back? Go back?!”

Luzhou said: “A couple of days ago didn’t you count the days? The day after tomorrow will be the final day.”

Xiao Yi’s mental state had turned into the mighty great waves surging up a tsunami, violently going straight ahead, knocking against the steep, rising and thousand miles long Mt. Tai in Shandong.

The last day——! Xiao Yi took a look at the schedule, he found out that tomorrow was indeed the last day! Unknowingly, two months had passed! God! Finally they could return to Beijing! He would no longer hate the smog of traffic jam.

“No way, it’s the day after tomorrow.” Xiao Yi said.

“Right.” Luzhou said strangely, “Tomorrow is the last day, why? You don’t want to leave?”

Xiao Yi asked: “We don’t need to stay for several more days?”

“Are you stupid?” Luzhou roared, “After filming is finished, you still want to stay here to celebrate New Year too?!”

Xiao Yi immediately contacted the company in order to book the plane tickets. Lin Yao made him prepare the picture, on the last day of filming he uploaded it on weibo. Happiness really approached unexpectedly, he could finally go home to celebrate New Year!

This was not right……Xiao Yi had a second thought, he seemed to not have a family.

The house he was going back to was also Luzhou’s house, the house that he previously rented had already declined, some simple appliances purchased from a small grocery store stood on the roadside piling in dust. In Xiao Yi’s mind, the image of Luzhou yelling appeared, shouting loudly as he punched his fist against his palm saying: “Is living in my house making you lose face——!” Xiao Yi trembled.

After making the phone call, Xiao Yi tried to call his girlfriend in the corridor, but her phone was still off.

In the previous years her company allowed her to take a vacation on the 27th, during the period of time after joining the crew, Xiao Yi tried to think up every possible method to contact her, her weibo was updated regularly, filled with eating, drinking and playing, Xiao Yi tried to message her, but he was blocked by her as a result.

When he returned he had to apologize first.

Xiao Yi remembered his salary still hadn’t settled yet, when returning to Beijing tomorrow, there were piles of matters to be solved, he had to calculate bills, report bills, pay back card……

The next day Luzhou filmed all the make up scenes, especially the raining scene with water sprayed out rapidly from the sprinkling truck, Luzhou couldn’t even open his eyes while hugging Ning Yaqing in confusion, his whole body drenched, it was an extremely difficult situation.

Although the weather became a little warmer, the director didn’t dare to film the scene too ruthlessly, the scene was arranged on the last day to avoid Luzhou becoming sick and unable to film anything, if he was to get sick, then he would get sick when he went back to Beijing……

Luzhou had taken a bath when he returned.

They had taken pictures in the studios and uploaded the final of the final day on weibo, taking pictures together with the staff members, signed 50 signatures one by one. Xiao Yi organized it and handed it all to the coordinator, suddenly feeling reluctant to give it up.

“Huhuhu,” Xiao Yi said, “I can’t bear to leave everyone——”

“Step up the gas when you get back,” Ning Yaqing patted Xiao Yi’s shoulder and said, “Let’s keep in contact often afterward.”

Xiao Yi had the cast and crew on his WeChat, everyday everyone would discuss about what to eat and what was fun to do, even gossip about what happened inside the entertainment circle. He already liked Ning Yaqing very much, but Luzhou still disliked her——because earlier she exposed the pictures to hype up the fans, Ning Yaqing clearly wanted to increase her popularity.

Although Ning Yaqing was a little calculative, she took her acting job very seriously.

Xiao Yi wasn’t very familiar with the stage light crew, he only handed them Luzhou’s autograph and then bid farewell. He and the coordinator had the best relationship, he was reluctant to part and bid each other farewell.

The feeling of living together these several months truly made him feel like he was a part of a big family.  Enduring all hardships together, shouldering everything together, they climbed a mountain, drained in heavy rain, and picked a fight with each other. Xiao Yi really hated to give that up.

“We’re leaving, remember to think about us!” Xiao Yi bid them farewell as he left.

Luzhou: “……”

After Xiao Yi finally said bye-bye with a tearful voice, he got in the car and said: “Haiz! Brother Lu, if it was not for you, they simply wouldn’t have treated me that well!”

Luzhou’s ability to speak was blocked by that sentence, the words couldn’t go beyond his throat causing Xiao Yi to laugh heartily.

“You should pack your stuff and get out of here!” Luzhou stared angrily at Xiao Yi and said, “Don’t suffocate me all day long!”

Xiao Yi hurriedly smiled apologetically at Luzhou, even though this job was filled with hardship, but it was enjoyable, really worth it.

Next morning, Xiao Yi said goodbye to the assistants. The car already waited outside to take Luzhou and him to the airport, they were busy from head to toes, moving their luggage into the plane. Luzhou was in a good mood, after filming in the rain he still hadn’t caught a cold, Xiao Yi had even prepared the medicine beforehand fearing Luzhou might get a cold.

After returning to their home in Beijing, Xiao Yi opened the door for Luzhou and turned on the lights, feeling like he had returned home. Luzhou breathed in deeply, then looked at Xiao Yi as if he had something to say, Xiao Yi took a shortcut and said, “Shoot! I’ll go look at the bathtub, it should already be washed.”

Luzhou said: “You don’t have to rush, just go rest, you can organize it tomorrow.”

Xiao Yi felt a little overwhelmed by the favor from his superior, he remembered the first day he arrived here, Luzhou’s manner back then compared with his current manner, it had really become much better.

Luzhou whistled, clearly it was nice to be home, he went to take a bath without consulting anyone.

After both of them had taken a shower, Xiao Yi carried his laptop back to his room, opened the file he got from the director. He had to hug the director’s thigh in order to get it, a fragment of a tv drama that Hou Qi edited——Wow!

It was all filled with Luzhou.

The trailer hadn’t come out yet, Hou Qi was already working against the clock in order to finish on time.

Xiao Yi asked for quite a lot, including the scene where Luzhou was galloping on a horse through the desert, fighting in the mountain, wearing the nocturnal robe, leaping onto the roof and vault over the walls, also the scene where he stood in the imperial court and suddenly turning around, leaking a dominating aura.

Xiao Yi had gathered all kinds of cool and dazzling images, a demonically charming and personal collection of Luzhou, if the source was there, Ning Yaqing and all the supporting actors and crew were completely unimportant, if the works were cut off——Xiao Yi decided to put all of these materials into an MV and wait until the film officially launched, he would then upload it online to promote Luzhou while also conveniently give it to him as a present, something to remember.

If he just randomly searched for ‘Luzhou’s MV’ online, he would get a great deal out of it, fans made these for Luzhou, they advanced dauntlessly in wave upon wave, it was unlikely for Luzhou to take note of his work.

However, Xiao Yi was still a little excited, regardless whether his idols liked it or not, all was good as long as he himself liked it. He found his professional headset and put it on, he turned on the software and adjusted the sound, he then began to edit, trimming and stopping here and there, when he came to a stop, he then opened another software to record his singing.

“*Cough, cough*” Xiao Yi adjusted the microphone, then said: “Hello everyone, can you hear me?”

Xiao Yi was silent for a moment, he then selected a prelude, adjusting and mixing the melody. Xiao Yi sat in his swivel chair, and swayed along with the prelude.

After a moment of silence, he slowly began singing in a low voice.

“Lips still haven’t——parted, we already——hurt each other……”

“The date hasn’t—–set, already doesn’t want to wait——”

“The phone call hasn’t—–ended, affection already——rots—–”

Xiao Yi breathed in deeply, “Wish that you are a——butterfly——comes quickly and also leaves quickly——oh oh——”

Xiao Yi possesed a manly and magnetic voice, singing pop songs was his specialty, he could always sing the sounds of different flavors, it wasn’t difficult when hitting the high notes, moreover he was engrossed in it.

“Give me an instant, to love——you……yeah hey”

“Give me a lifetime, to see you——off,”

Can’t wait until the dawn, already awoke from a beautiful dream……”

Xiao Yi closed both of his eyes, the rays of warm light shone on his eyebrows from the desk lamp, singing hoarsely: “Dawn hasn’t arrived yet, already woke up……from a beautiful dream……”

“We are……all……free……”

Following the final verse, Xiao Yi pressed his hand on the table, he closed his eyes, sitting calmly, gently, he stretched the final sound of the syllable, his whole body then turned to another direction and left the microphone.

Infatuated with his own voice for 10 seconds, Xiao Yi then slightly parted his lips, and opened his blurred eyes.

Luzhou was standing in front of him, with three black lines  (-_-|||) going down his forehead.

Luzhou: “……”

Xiao Yi: “……”

Xiao Yi was instantly thrown into confusion, he took off his headset and held his laptop flusteredly, he accidentally knocked over the headset so it fell to the ground, Xiao Yi then screamed with distress.

“Didn’t you hear I was calling you!?” Luzhou said, “You don’t want to work anymore!?”

“No… it’s not that,” Xiao Yi picked up his headset while flustering, Luzhou then said: “What are you doing!”

“I didn’t do anything!” Xiao Yi said, “I’m just record……recording, and cutting a MV.”

“Cutting, cutting, cutting,” Luzhou said: “How much can you earn from the box office? Can the number of views even go over 3 digits?”

The corner of Xiao Yi’s mouth twitched, Luzhou then turned around and left.

Xiao Yi thought to himself, ‘God is really fair, giving you such a perfect appearance and acting skills but in return gave you an unlikable personality, ai’

“Come here!” Luzhou yelled next door, “Do you also want your male god to come over to kneel and lick you?!”

“Oh oh!” Xiao Yi said, “Yes, wait a moment, I’m coming immediately!”

Xiao Yi wore his pajama pants while running barefoot, he was still shirtless and his hair still hadn’t dried yet, he knelt down to pay respect and said: “What does male god want to command?  I will begin to lick while kneeling, tell me where do you want me to lick.”

Luzhou: “……”

Xiao Yi struck a pose as if he was about to kowtow, Luzhou then pointed to the Ipad laying on top of the bedside cabinet, he looked at Xiao Yi with an expression of ‘you know what to do’.

Xiao Yi thought to himself, ‘F*** you! You have the ability to get up from your bed, stand on the ground and walk to the door with your own two legs, open the door by yourself, then walk out of the corridor to head to my room! With so much strength and time to sit, you can’t even go get the Ipad and play by yourself, isn’t it even better?!”

Xiao Yi held the Ipad as he opened Taobao, he turned t0 the hot deals of the day then looked at Luzhou with a sincere expression.

Luzhou began to move his finger, Xiao Yi then turned the page, turning to the athletic shoes section, Xiao Yi suddenly thought that he also wanted to buy a pair, he thought to himself ‘you should buy this one’.

“What, are you silently cursing me?” Luzhou suddenly asked

“Eh?” Xiao Yi said, “No, I’m not.”

Luzhou looked at Xiao Yi with a dissatisfied expression, then said: “This one.”

Very good, Xiao Yi selected the number, then asked: “How many pairs.”

Luzhou: “15 pairs.”

Xiao Yi thought to himself, why is it that everytime Luzhou choose a number, it isn’t 13, 14 but 15? It’s either 15 or 20,  is it because he isn’t good at math? Or in his belief, 15 is appropriate while 20 is over the number of what he consider appropriate……

After Luzhou bought it he would still throw it out anyway, very good, Xiao Yi decided to add a pair of his size, with this many athletic shoes, if he didn’t use it Xiao Yi could also send it to his younger brother.

After adding everything in the shopping cart, Luzhou asked suspiciously: “Do you even know my size?”

Xiao Yi: “……”

Xiao Yi said: “44, isn’t it?”

Luzhou made an interjection indicating his surprise, his complexion was looking better and said: “turn.”

Xiao Yi carefully served Luzhou strolling around Taobao, today Luzhou didn’t surf weibo, he switched to look at rage comics instead, he noticed Luzhou looked a little exhausted, his hand was also very sore from holding the Ipad, he said: “President Du called a moment ago, telling you to bring salt to the company tomorrow, what does that mean?”

“Whatever,” Luzhou looked a little drowsy, opening his eyes he said: “Put on a movie.”

Xiao Yi put on a movie for Luzhou, Luzhou then lay down, Xiao Yi just put one foot out the door when he already heard Luzhou snoring, thus he went back in, turned off the light, and conveniently pulled the blanket over Luzhou.

“Goodnight,” Xiao Yi said.

Xiao Yi continued humming the song, cutting the MV, feeling distressed over his headset for a while before going to bed.

The next day, inside her office there was a bag of salt on top of president Du’s desk.

Du Mei: “……”

Xiao Yi: “?”

“Hahahahaha——-” Du Mei laughed to the point of almost falling to the bottom of the table.

Xiao Yi: “????”

Du Mei laughed while slamming her fist against the desk, covering her stomach unable to do anything about it.

Xiao Yi, unable to make head or tail of it, said: “Didn’t you say yesterday to tell brother Zhou to bring a bag of salt, there isn’t a whole bag of salt at home……”

Luzhou walked in and looked at Xiao Yi, the corner of his mouth twitched.

“If there isn’t a whole bag, you don’t even know to go downstairs to buy one!” Luzhou angrily said.

“Hahahahaha——” Du Mei laughed to the point of gasping for breath, Xiao Yi said: “I’ll go buy it immediately……”

“Come back here!” Luzhou bellowed.

Xiao Yi: “……”

Xiao Yi stood in the office with confusion written all over his face, Luzhou made a *pfff* sound and then laughed out loud, his whole body falling onto the sofa.

The Song Xiao Yi is singing called Butterfly by Faye Wong:

This is the link, check it out: Click Me ❤



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    1. Buying salt in chinese = Mai Yan, when Xiao Yi heard it, he thought Du Mei ask Luzhou to buy salt, but what Du Mei actually said is Dai yan, meaning telling Luzhou to remember to go film the advertisement as a spokeman 🙂
      (is it make sense?)

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  1. wow … Xiao Yi is soooo funny … wkwkw …. He is though … If I was him . getting yelled every minute I will be stressed and yelled back …

    And it’s good that he enjoy the filming environment … If you stay together for 3 months you will be like family too … but after filming finished and got a new job I really doubt they willl stay in contact … that’s how people works …

    Anyway .. when this two starting have another feeling ? …


      1. ahhhh thank you so much ….

        Slow romance is good too …. slow romance will last longer …. slowly getting to know each other …

        ahhhhh did the author will have Luzhou’s pov ??? Until now we only have Xiao Yi’s …. It will be interesting if we know what the male god thinking everytime he saw Xiao Yi 😛😛😛😛


      1. It’s ok.. I’m scared like the other translators their work is being shut down by someone who reported.. Like Addicted and recently Advance Bravely.. So I hope u will have your own copies for all chapters.. Just for safe..


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  2. I didn’t know this story but I read all chapters non stop hehe I’m laughing so much…😆 Thanks for your amazing work ❤️


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