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Feng Mang Chapter 9 – Sleepwalking!

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Li Shang carried a heart full of fear, finally he fell asleep. He didn’t know how long it had been when he was suddenly awakened by the sound of a speaking voice.

“There is a new brother, let me introduce him to you guys so you can get acquainted with him.”

Was he still sleep talking? Li Shang opened his eyes and discovered that Han Dong wasn’t in his bed, looking up, he saw him standing next to the window. He was probably talking on the phone……Li Shang didn’t care, he turned over and continued to sleep, as a result when he moved his arm, he touched Han Dong’s cell phone.

A thunderbolt swept across Li Shang’s head, this was the fifth floor, if he wasn’t talking with someone on the phone, then who was he talking to while standing at the window? Li Shang recalled the person he talked to at Beijing studio, he said that Han Dong had the ability to ‘communicate with spirits’. When thinking of the attributes of the so-called gods, his insides began to clutch ferociously. Li Shang looked toward the direction of Han Dong again and his eyeballs turned instantaneously white.

In front of Han Dong, emerging out of thin air were five women with stiff bodies, their skin appeared especially pale in the darkness.

“Come, say hello to brother Li!” Han Dong said to one of them.

Li Shang’s little soul was scared to death, he immediately rolled out of bed and staggered toward the entrance, when Han Dong suddenly took a big stride forward and grabbed him.

“Where are you running to?” Han Dong asked with his eyes still closed.

Yes, his eyes were closed from beginning to end, with his eyes closed he was still able to move around the room freely, with his eyes closed he was able to determine the position of Li Shang and accurately stopped him.

Li Shang was completely scared to the point of becoming empty-headed, losing all his resistance he was being directly pulled by Han Dong to stand before the five ‘women’.

“Listen to my command, rest! Stand! Follow brother Li’s action!” After Han Dong issued a command, he pulled Li Shang forward and introduced him to each ‘person’, “This is teacher Cang, this is Lulu, this is Zhizhi, this is Jiao Jiao and this is Shou Shou.”

After Li Shang took a closer look, cold sweat started dripping down all over his body and tears also almost streamed down as well.

The five ‘women’ standing in front of him weren’t zombies or ghosts, but they were actually f***ing inflatable dolls! Li Shang was about to explode, f***, it was nighttime and instead of sleeping he was dressing up as God and played the devil to scare people!

When he was about to open his mouth to curse, someone suddenly charged in from the door and covered his mouth.

“Don’t say anything!” The person whispered a warning, “People who sleepwalk can’t just be awakened randomly.”

Li Shang was shocked, sleepwalking? He didn’t just talk in his sleep, but also sleepwalked? What kind of person did I run into? Ah!

“He can’t be concerned with any matters, every time he is concerned about something, at night he will sleepwalk to fix it.”

Li Shang thought that this was really the case, during the day Han Dong concealed the fact that he owned an inflatable doll, as a result, in the evening he couldn’t wait to show off these ‘goods’.

“You, who are you?” Li Shang recalled and asked.

The man opened his mouth and said, “I live diagonally across from that brother.”

The brother living diagonally across……wasn’t he the one who talked with Han Dong in their sleep……Li Shang once again showed a frightened expression on his face, “You you you……aren’t also sleepwalking, right?

“Are you blind?” he scorned, “Aren’t my eyes open?”

Li Shang let out a sigh of relief, he turned his head to look at Han Dong and suddenly felt some pity for him, “He’s such an pitiful man, don’t know if he’ll betray himself.”

The man coldly humphed! “You should worry about yourself, if you annoy him one day, he won’t haggle over it during the day but perhaps at night he’ll stab you with a knife.”

After he finished talking, Han Dong suddenly raised his hand and slapped ‘teacher Cang’, causing it/her to fall to the ground.

“Learn your lesson, you dare not pay the house rent!”

Li Shang: “……”



15 thoughts on “Feng Mang Chapter 9 – Sleepwalking!

  1. Yey! new chapter of FM! ♥
    And, sorry because i don’t say this before but… i like GA! it’sa good story and i’m dying for read the next chapters, hehe
    thank u for u hard work! 😉


  2. I’m so lost… what am I reading? whose pov am I reading? is there even a pov? What is the purpose of the latest chapters? Are these fillers? extras? I’m so lost..


  3. While I was translating the story I realized that all the sentences are in present time. Is that alright? Because in oher novels of Chai Jidan I used to read ther third person in past time. Thank you ^^


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