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Fly In Shallow/Turning Gay To Love You (拐个弯儿来爱你)


Title: Fly In Shallow/Turning Gay To Love You/Dick Fly 
Author: 猫野
Genre: Comedy, modern, entertainment world, fashion world, misunderstand,

124 Chapters

(Currently in the process of filming)


Chi Yue and Lu Xi is a pair of good friend from childhood, Chi Yue came from a open-minded, wealthy family and was the target of attention and cares. As for Lu Xi, when he was a child he raised by his grandmother, when she died, his character become more anti-social.

Two of them have different personality, but each hold an artistic dream —— Since a child, Chi Yue want to become a fashion designer, Lu Xi on the other hand has an enviable talent for painting. The two have been helping each other and developed a deep feeling.


2nd day of lunar New Year, Lu Xi save the life of Chi Yue’s grandmother from an accident arising from many causes. Lu Xi always been strong, but whenever thinking out the death of his grandmother, he start to break down, this make a soft-hearted Chi Yue desired to protect him.

The two was then admitted to the same high school of art, at the same time pursuit the same girl named Chen Dou, an outspoken and straightforward, who was borned from a military family. Chen Dou and Chi Yue went out for 3 years, but because she have to go study abroad, she then broke up with Chi Yue.

After Chi Yue and Lu Xi entered university, they met Qin Hai——-a girl majored in the literature department, who extremely paranoid about love. Qin Hai was jealous of Chi Yue’s affection toward Lu Xi, she then burned Lu Xi’s design paper for graduation while Lu Xi and Chi Yue was in the process of PK to win the right to represent the school for the British show.

When Lu Xi came to the scene, he only saw the friend he beem trusted, struggling to rescue his own works in the fire, while Lu Xi’s landscape painting has long been burned away.

Because of that, a gap begin to form between the two of them, a huge matter that gnaws at one’s mind also formed.

Five years later, Chen Dou went back to the country, the three of them meet once again, they already growing strongly in the fashion circle, the true about the fire also gradually surfaced.

As it turn out, each of them possess a secret inside their heart……

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7 thoughts on “Fly In Shallow/Turning Gay To Love You (拐个弯儿来爱你)

    1. From what I gathered, the MC (uke) is chosen in last minute after the the previous actor decide to quit, plus the whole film is being created volunteeringly without money involve, trailer is just a sneak peak, it might be better in the actual drama 🙂


      1. Oh… I think that was actual drama in first.
        God why must good story didn’t have their own drama…
        Aah… why must he quit…
        Wow damn the lighting is still good even that was volunteer trailer 😀


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