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Feng Mang Chapter 7 – I Do Not Believe I Can’t Catch You!

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Arriving at the apartment, Han Dong said: “We’re here.”

“Ai ya, this place isn’t bad!” Li Shang tried to be reassuring, “The district looks good, the building is also new.”

Han Dong chuckled, “I have a flaw, that is even though I don’t have any money, I never treat myself unjustly.”

Li Shang realized when he walked up, the 100 square meters room was split into ten compartments, which didn’t include the shared toilet and kitchen. Han Dong lived in one of the compartments, to put it bluntly, it was a group rent apartment and compared to a basement room, it was slightly better.

“Come in,” Han Dong opened the door for Li Shang.

Li Shang blushed with shame, the whole room couldn’t simply be described with the word ‘chaos’, almost everything was piled up on the floor. Plastic bags, newspapers and magazines, bottles and cans, clothes, snacks……were there any places to place one’s foot down?

“I left early in the morning, so I didn’t have enough time to tidy up,” Han Dong said, “Find a place to sit.”

Li Shang looked all around, there wasn’t even one chair, where was he going to sit?

Han Dong picked up a piece of rubber from the tattered pile, blowing at it a couple of times, at once an inflatable seat appeared.

Li Shang asked: “How do you sleep at night? On the floor?”

“Isn’t there a bed here?”

Han Dong blew a couple of times and an inflatable mattress appeared, and then a few more times, an inflatable pillow also appeared.

Li Shang swallowed his saliva: “Don’t tell me your computer is also inflatable?”

Han Dong threw him a cold look: “Yes, I’m also inflatable.”

Li Shang turned on the computer, because the speed was slow, he took advantage of the time to look around for awhile. There wasn’t one decent furniture, beside the inflatables there were also foldables, beside plastic there was also rubber. More than ten minutes had passed, looking at the computer screen again, it still hadn’t booted yet……

Oh my god……Li Shang sighed incessantly, living a life like this was called convenient? Then if one was being a little hard on oneself, then it meant living under the latrine pit?

“This house, beside the bad soundproof, everything else is good.” Han Dong felt quite contented.

Li Shang asked: “How bad is the soundproof?”

Just when he finished his question, a faint sound was issued across the three walls, “All 10 of our rooms share one alarm clock.”


Li Shang: “……”


Han Dong dragged the mouse, “I’ll show you the film I’m in, look at this, my scene appears a little over 11 minutes.” He then dragged the mouse over to 10 minutes, Li Shang was particularly looking forward to it, as a result when they reached the 12 minutes mark, Han Dong asked him: “Did you see it?”

“Huh?” Li Shang blinked, “Did it just appear? I didn’t pay attention!”

“The movements on the screen are very clear and you still didn’t see it? I’ll drag it back, drag it back, focus your attention on it.”

This time Li Shang didn’t even dare to blink, as a result he still didn’t catch it.

“How about this, when your scene appears you help me pause it.” Li Shang said.

A little bit over 11 minutes, Han Dong fiercely clicked the mouse, it was a little too early.

As the film continued playing, he clicked pause again, “F***, passed it.”

Going back to the beginning, “Too early again,”

“F****, passed it again.”


Han Dong rolled up his sleeves ready for battle, “I don’t believe I’m unable to catch you.”

This time it was quick and accurate……the computer crashed.

“Don’t worry, we’ll restart.” Han Dong said.

Li Shang had the kind of feeling of a ball breaking (or pain in the a**) and of sadness at the same time, he finally understood what Han Dong meant by “If you can’t see, then we’ll go back.” Struggling to capture the scene, only two scenes were enough to make them toss and turn the whole night.




9 thoughts on “Feng Mang Chapter 7 – I Do Not Believe I Can’t Catch You!

  1. Such a boastful person 😂😂😂
    I can’t imagine this man will be the uke….. Totally different from addicted and shi bu ke dang… But still I love to read it since it’s quite good and hilarious 😆😆


  2. Thanks for the update. Our main man is certainly the king of understatements. I guess you could call this being an optimist.


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