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I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! (失忆了别闹)


Title: I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy!
Author: 绿野千鹤
Genre: Comedy, modern, entertainment world, sweet

124 Chapters


When Chu Qin found his lover, Zhong Yibin, who lost his memory, Zhong Yibin’s family already arranged a fake person to be his fiancée him. 

Fake fiancée: I’m the person you love the most

Zhong Yibin: ……Liar, the person I love is obviously Chu Qin

Fake fiancée: Didn’t you lost your memory?

Zhong Yibin: F**** I’m not retarded! I have lost my memory but I still remember Chu Qin!

Chu Qin: “……”

I have forgotten the world, but only remembered one person……

Don’t forget Chu Qin, must be with him forever.

My summary:

Chu Qin got kidnapped, when he was escaping he called Zhong Yibin. Zhong Yibin quickly come to save him, but got hit in the head and lost his memory. Zhong Yibin’s mother then decide to trick her son, by introduced a woman, saying that she is his fiancée and the person you lvoe the most. Zhong Yibin has forgotten everything, but still remember the person he love the most is Chu Qin.

Then Chu Qin take him home and help him regain his memory.

Chu Qin is a talented and popular MC in the entertaiment world. The way the author describe his talk shows is very descriptive and engaging.

Before Zhong Yibin lost his memory, Zhong Yibin really love Chu Qin, but their relationship was fading because of Chu Qin’s career, and both doesn’t open up with each other.


11 thoughts on “I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! (失忆了别闹)

      1. Incest is one of my faverite genre so no worries here ^_^ and no omegaverse please I am okay with it but I prefer incest or others genre.Thank you very much!! (☆_☆) And can it be R-18?I love possessive seme and hot naughty scene


  1. Just wanted to comment on this one cause I read it this week to procrastinate my projects. It’s excellent. It’s about a host, which is different than the usual show biz stories. All the characters are smart, lovable and cute. Both the uke and seme are total love bird goofballs. It’s funny and lighthearted yet it’s not afraid to go into the dark sides of show biz. But it has the perfect amount of drama and tension so it never felt tiring or boring to read it. I just chose to read it cause it was short, I didn’t expect it’d be such a great, refreshing story. Thanks for the summary!!


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