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His Majesty’s Hostage (质子殿下)


Title: His Majesty’s Hostage
Author: 戴文希
Genre: transmigrates, transport to ancient time,

There is H, the cover probably say it all haha, but I’m not sure if it heavy or not. 

158 Chapters (4 books)


Can’t find a summary, so here is another one of my (I know it short, I couldn’t find any review on it since this one is pretty old)

MC is 17 years old, he died in a fire accident, his soul travel back to the ancient time and entered the body of a prince sent to be held as a hostage in a neighbouring state. His personality takes an 180 degree turn and caught the eyes of the emperor. The emperor then planning to ‘eat’ the MC while the boy was finding a way to escape.



11 thoughts on “His Majesty’s Hostage (质子殿下)

  1. Please keep these summaries coming, they’re the best procrastination material XD I’ve already read some of the novels. (I say read but idk Chinese) Rebirth of Otaku, You Xu and Waiting for you online. I’m currently reading Dug up Ghost too. You Xu was definitely the best of the bunch. It’s on par with Legendary Master’s Wife.


    1. I’m glad you enjoy it, I’ll keep it coming ^^
      You Xu is one of the popular danmie/bl novel, I would love to translate it, but the amount of words in one chapter is a pain -.- (reach up to 10,000+)
      The love between the MC and MC’s lover crossed many lifetime and no matter what happen, they still find each other, it fill with heartache and sweetness, their love are priceless. If only the author decrease the amount of words in one chapter *sigh*, I would definitely pick it up.


      1. Yup! It’s beautiful , heartwarming and looooong as sin! It took 2 weeks of consistent reading to finish it. 2 WEEKS, 160 chapters! That’s how long it took to read Master’s Wife and that’s 700! So it’s secretly a 700 + chapter novel. Waiting Online has around the same chapters and I read that in 2 days. It’s such a great story, but I would not dare ask anyone to translate it. It’s a huge one.


      2. I’m going to read it when I have some free time, it going to take probably months for me to finish since school took most of my times haha *sigh*.
        Master’s Wife have about 1300+ – 2500
        compare to You Xu is like (╯°Д °)╯╧╧
        I tried Waiting for you online and it so sweet and cute omg, I have to get back to reading it soon ❤
        I would definitely translate You Xu, but I can't even bear with 3000+ words (GA), let alone You Xu wiht 6000+ haha ^^


      3. As far as I know most of the novel by Priest, Chai Jidan, 非天夜翔, Yin Ya, 公子欢喜, Feng Nong, 蓝淋, 耳雅 are popular, their work accumulated point tend to be really high (which mean it popular). I’ll try to upload the summary of some of their novel soon 🙂


    2. Oh yeah is there a popular novel about reincarnate to many world too? I will often visit polarbeardise’s site hehehehe


      1. Yes, there is, written by the same author of You Xu, it’s called 快穿之打脸狂魔 (another popular one). I’ll upload a summary for it when I have some free time 🙂


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