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Feng Mang Chapter 6 – How Important it is!

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Han Dong took Li Shang to his temporary shelter, they walked and chatted at the same time.

“What have you acted in?” Li Shang asked.

Han Dong said: “I have acted in…there are many, I played an important role in the remake of Journey to the West.”

Li Shang became interested: “What kind of important role?”

Han Dong raised his eyebrows, “Make a guess.”

Li Shang had seen the drama, but because there were many Ox-Heads and Horse-Faces and very few humans, therefore it was quite difficult to guess.

He couldn’t help but mutter: “An important role……Certainly can’t be Son Wukong……”


(T/N:Ox-Heads and Horse-Faces = Two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology)


“Although it isn’t Son Wukong, but it has a close relation to Son Wukong!”

Li Shang was surprised, “Not the Six Eared Macaque, right?”

“I don’t mean like the so-called species relation, I’m referring to the rival!”

“There’s also a rival?” Li Shang cast Han Dong a look of envy, “The role of Son Wukong is played by an popular male lead, you are actually facing the leading actor? Are you the third crown prince of the East China Dragon Palace?”

Han Dong shook his head, “Keep guessing.”

“Bull Demon King? Metal Lord of the West? Taishang Laojun? The Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King? Erlang Shen? The monster?……” Finally, even when the Iron Princess was almost mentioned, Han Dong still shook his head.

“Those roles you said were already picked in advance, I’m just an extra, chosen at the last moment, how can I play those roles?”  

Li Shang rethought and realized that it was true, “Then what is your role?”

“I’m an important soldier who assists Son Wukong in Mount Huaguo in Jiangsu when he’s in danger, without me he would be finished!”

“You……you played the golden cudgel?” Li Shang was stupefied.

Han Dong punched him, “You’re the golden cudgel!”

Li Shang laughed until he coughed, “Then……then what is your role?”

Han Dong, neither servile nor overbearing, said loudly: “When Son Wukong blows a whistle, the first monkey to pop out is me!”

Li Shang almost choked to death, “This role can also be called a rival role?”

“Why can’t this be called  a role of the rival? I also have a line.”

“What kind of line?”

Han Dong immediately imitated the monkey voice, “My king!”

Li Shang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, “What an ‘important’ role, but I don’t think the role as a monkey is suitable for you, I think you should have taken on the role of your family’s monkey king’s mouth instead…………”


(T/N: Technically Li Shang is saying Han Dong is all talk)


“What do you mean?” Han Dong cast a sidelong glance at him.

Li Shang was still laughing, “I’m just joking!”

“Who is joking with you?” Han Dong slowly smoked his cigarette, “You have to know your position, we are just extras, having a line isn’t easy. How many people acted in dozen of films but did not even get a chance to be captured by the camera lense! Wait until we arrive at my place, I’ll show you the scene that I performed in, not many people can see it!”

Li Shang was about to open his mouth but suddenly heard Han Dong’s whistle.

“Hey, beautiful, want to know your fortune? I won’t take your money, only your phone number.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Han Dong, “pervert.”

Han Dong still stared attentively at her absolutely unrestrained until the woman hurriedly walked away, he then turned back to Li Shang dangling the half cigarette butt in his mouth with a smirk, his voice revealed a deep reflection, “So flirty, dressing like that……”

Li Shang had to admit, what that woman had said earlier really drew Han Dong’s blood on the first prick.

(T/N: to draw blood on the first prick = Exactly right, hit the bullseye)



5 thoughts on “Feng Mang Chapter 6 – How Important it is!

  1. I’m not a fan of lusty playboy main characters unfortunately…it’s only because the story is interesting that I’m continuing it. 🙂 And also the translation is very high quality.


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