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Screen Partner (萤幕拍档)

So I finally have a couple of hour free, I decide to update something for you guys, here is another summary 🙂


Title: Screen Partner
Author: 七优
Genre: Comedy, GV, modern, younger seme older uke

There is H, you guys probably know based on the picture haha, but it’s not heavy. It’s a sweet novel. 

31 Chapters

There isn’t a summary for it, so here is another one of my summary (please bear with it ^^)

Uke is an actor that is almost 30 years old, because he was tricked by someone, he fall into huge debt. Without anyway out, he have film GV in order to gather money and pay off the debt.

Seme is around twenty something, he is a popular AV actor, because he was drunk and lost at a bet, he have to accept the GV contract.

The two was put in the same group, in the beginning they couldn’t stand each other and always engage into a verbal fight, until the seme find out this is the first time the uke film GV, then as they filming GV, seme fall in love with the uke.

The seme ask his friend advice on how to get the uke, his friend tell him the most stupid advice on how to get a girl, and the innocent seme follow it. He thought he fail, but somehow it actually work.



8 thoughts on “Screen Partner (萤幕拍档)

  1. Reading polarbearadise’s summary is much more fun than read the chapter of story. Hahaha afterall i am too impatient to read too many chapter, sometimes the story that is really good that can make me stay until the end if not i just jumped to the last chapter and finished. Thank you for the summary😆


      1. Yes I would love that. I read this summary /Agreement of being gay for 30 days and this world is crazy. If you could let me know where I could read them I’d really appreciate it 😊😊


      2. I don’t know which language you prefer to read, so I will send both.

        Agreement of being gay for 30:
        Chinese –

        Vietnamese -

        This world is crazy:
        Chinese –

        Vietnamese –

        Screen Partner:
        Chinese –

        Vietnamese –

        ~Enjoy ❤


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