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Feng Mang Chapter 5 – God’s reply!


Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

The ticks of the clocks interweaved disorderly beside the ear, like an intense drum fastening the heartbeat all at once.

Tao Yunyun was operating her brain at high-speed, silently repeating several times what Liang Jing had warned her about: Remember to be dignified, this wasn’t a problem, right now even if she had a bigger gut, she would not even dare to leave the room. Have to be agile when speaking, having this many clocks urging you, who dare to be late for even a second? As for being superstitious, she didn’t believe in these kinds of things, therefore she was completely out of the range of worriness.

Humble, not too smart, these two things were the difficult ones.

While she was thinking, the door suddenly opened and a young man with outstanding presence walked in.


“Hello, I’m Wang Zhong Ding.”


The moment the two people shook hands, Tao Yunyun’s eyes seemed to turn into numerous apertures.


(T/N: Aperture =a space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument, especially the variable opening by which light enters a camera)


Wang Zhong Ding rarely appeared in  public, therefore Tao Yunyun didn’t know anything at all about his appearance. In her mind, a numberphile boss should wear thick glasses, have a stiff and rigid expression with a bureaucratic attitude.

However, in front of her was a Wang Zhong Ding wearing a titanium gray western-styles suit, with a firm and neat outline and a rich flavor of pure masculinity.

If using four words to describe this person, it would be – Resolute! Firm! Tall! Prideful!

Tao Yunyun was even more surprised that, even though Wang Zhong Ding wasn’t smiling, his eyes were still very amiable.

“Please sit down!” Wang Zhong Ding said.

Tao Yunyun’s nervousness had slowed down a lot, after sitting down, her beautiful almond eyes sparkled incessantly in front of Wang Zhong Ding. The pair of eyes were bright but not lecherous, obedient yet doesn’t lose dignity, her acting indeed wasn’t bad.

However, Wang Zhong Ding was only concerned about one thing, “Why don’t you say anything?”

“I’m waiting for you to speak first.”

“You aren’t going to ask about the film?”

“Oh, I just remembered,” Tao Yunyun exposed an lovable and foolish smile, “I tend to forget when I’m nervous.”

Wang Zhong Ding faintly smiled, it seemed like he was already comfortable with the simple and pure Tao Yunyun.

“Mr. Wang, you have many clocks and watches here!”

“This is merely a small portion, the majority are at home.”

Tao Yunyun opened her round eyes wide, “Ah! I thought all of it was on display.”

“That’s not all, there are some merged into the decoration, such as the one on the wall behind you.”

Tao Yunyun had guessed earlier that the background of the four-column LCD screen was an unusual speed dial, but still put on an unbelieveable expression, “That is a dial? I completely didn’t notice at all!”

Wang Zhong Ding pointed to a simple one, “Then do you see the row of bonsai plants layout as an equation?”

Tao Yunyun repeated her surprised expression again, “Really?”

Wang Zhong Ding smiled again.

The smile on Wang Zhong Ding face grew even wider, Tao Yunyun continued to be humble, simple and honest, acting even more excitedly. Whatever Wang Zhong Ding talked about, came out as a pleasant surprise, everything was classy. Moreover she really knew how to grasp the moment, remembering the four words “be direct and efficient” that Liang Jing had told her and knew when to stop. Before the given time was reached, they had already bid farewell refreshingly.

Liang Jing’s search for that man was once again fruitless, when he arrived at the entrance of the company, he saw Tao Yunyun coming out from the hallway.

“How was it?” Liang Jin asked.

Tao Yunyun smiled and put up an OK sign (thumbs up), “Our chat was very delightful.”

Unaware of the reason, Liang Jing suddenly felt an ominous premonition, he rushed toward Wang Zhong Ding’s office, but was stopped by his assistant at the door.

“You don’t have to come in, Mr. Wang wants me to tell you that he doesn’t like a shrewd person, but it doesn’t mean that he will certainly like someone stupid.”


(T/N: The word stupid was my choice of word because the literal translation of that was something more rude because it have curse word in it)


Liang Jing, “……”



9 thoughts on “Feng Mang Chapter 5 – God’s reply!

  1. Chai Jidan realmente sabe nos prender com sua escrita desde o início. Obrigada por traduzi, estou ansiosamente esperando pelos próximos capítulos.


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