The Big Landlord Chapter 1 – The An Family

I’m not starting a new series, this chapter is included in my summary for The Big Landlord so you guys could have a glimpse if you want to. I already translate this chapter 1 month ago, READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK because it might take a while for me to continue on with this one, since I still have GA and FM to finish. 

since did is not an official thing, please don’t upload it on Novelupdates or spread it, thanks. 

Translator: Polarbearadise

The 27th in the first month of lunar year, heavy snow.

Many region in Dai dynasty was covered in heavy snow, the beautiful white color snow wrap around the scenery, nothing is more beautiful can be imagined; Even though the weather is cold, but it couldn’t conceal the festive atmosphere of the New Year. In every big and small towns, almost every household hung a red lantern.

Anyuan county is a small county in the Dai dynasty, three days in the beginning of New Year’s Eve suppose to be festive, each and every household is filled with happiness, decorated with lanterns and colored banners, however there is a rich household that hung two string of white lanterns. The whole family, from top to bottom, enveloped in a gloomy atmosphere.

This family is the richest landlord in Anyuan County —— The An family.


The An family residence.

The day filled with fog, before dawn, the whining noise of chicken could be heard occasionally.

A maid wearing a white garment gotten up early in the morning, two hands carry a basin filled with hot water through the long corridor, her pace was slightly urgent.

All the other maid and servant also gotten up early in the morning, at dawn everyone is too busy rushing that their feet doesn’t even touching the ground. The atmosphere was supposed to be bustling, turn out to be very quiet. Almost nobody spoke, everyone all have their head down, even when bumping into another person, they wouldn’t even nod their head.

All was in a hurried, as if they couldn’t speak then they won’t speak in order to avoid the taboo.

The maid holding the basin finally arrived to the main branch of the An family, as she entered, she walked to the left side of the yard, through the snow-covered garden, the maid knock on a door, waiting for approval from the person inside before entering.

The maid first placed the steaming basin on the wooden shelf and then went behind the wooden screen, quickly glance at the youngster still lying in bed, lowering her eyes, with a calm expression, she said: “Young master, the hot water is here.”

The youngster faintly replied: “Okay, you can leave.”

The maid didn’t dare to say anything, she had grown accustomed to the young master slightly indifferent manner, moreover with this incident occurred, even if the young master doesn’t want to change, he must change, otherwise……the maid shook her head and then left the room quietly.

When the room only have the youngster left, he awkwardly sit up in his bed. It took a quarter of an hour to put on his clothes and shoes, he then went over to the hot water basin that the maid prepared. The youngster look at his plump face that could squeeze out fats reflected in the water, although he been looking at it for three days, he still can’t help it that the corner of his mouth twitches.

The previous handsome face replaced by a common plump face, no one could accept this right away.

The youngster name An Ziran is 16 years old, the son of the first wife, the An family legitimate eldest son, he have a younger sister who possess a countenance of a flower, face like the moon and a younger brother.

However, this youngster isn’t actually An Ziran, he himself doesn’t why he turn into An Ziran, when he woke up three days ago, he discover that he have become An Ziran.

Right now, he had already accept the fact that he become a stranger, but it doesn’t mean that he had accept the weight of An Ziran’s body, moreover, only at the age of 16, he actually weight 78 kg, his upper and lower body all cover with fats. A body with illness, extremely weak, leading to having difficulty in everything, otherwise why would it took a quarter of an hour to dress? That’s why, the first day he entered this world, An Ziran immediately identify the first goal in his life —— to lose weight!

However, his weight loss plan hasn’t started yet, a basket of huge matters follow one after another, if it doesn’t resolve, he knows that he won’t get a chance to lose weight.

The An family is the largest landlord in Anyuan county, they possess enormous wealth. An Ziran’s father is An Changfu, he hold the most authority in the household, a person with many tricks in his sleeves, he have the appearance of a wealthy person, which isn’t ugly, it can be said that he single-handedly lay the foundation for the An family business

An Changfu married a total of four women, the main branch belong to An Ziran’s biological mother, Liu Meixiang, she is An Changfu’s wife even before he was rich and was properly asked for her hand in marriage. She had witness with her own eyes, how An Changfu use his own two hands, from a small business turned into a large fortune, she has given birth to two sons and a daughter for him.

She is An Changfu’s only wife who given birth to two male, because she had given birth to the heir of An family, An Changfu respect her very much, their 10 years marital relationship are very harmonious, even though he married a second wife, a third wife and a fourth wife, his feeling for Liu Meixiang never changed.

It is reasonable to say that An Ziran will live happily ever after.

Three days ago it would indeed be very happy, until the news of An Changfu’s and Liu Meixiang’s death came, this happiness is like a mirror, gently fell and shatter into pieces.

The An family from now on will sink into the abyss of suffering

An Ziran also followed the “sinking into the abyss of suffering.”

(T/N: Technically it mean that he have to go with the flow)




10 thoughts on “The Big Landlord Chapter 1 – The An Family

  1. I really like your summaries. I don’t know any chinese words but all these summaries make me wanna read them so badly by using google translate :). Thank you and please continue posting more novel summaries.


  2. This sounds so interesting. I wish you’ll have the free time to translate this… though I prefer Waiting for You Online and Agreement to become Gay for 30 Days LOL


  3. So far I really like this idea. Probably cause you mentioned how he starts over coming things himself as you have mentioned it before. And I curious how with time his new relationship changes over time. How they fall for another male in that era, where he is struggling himself. I want to know more about this novel now ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a good novel, I’m currently at chapter 90 something. I believe another group is translating it, I hope they will continue because it’s an interesting story and the MC is totally my type! He started from knowing nothing in the ancient time, start learning everything and become rich/powerful later on (he’s smart). Plus he used what he know in the modern day (his past, who he was and what was his job will reveal little by little in the story) and help the seme win battles 🙂

      If the other group drop it, I’ll consider picking it up ^^


  4. um the average adult size for a person is about 190 pounds. which is about 86 kilograms. For a kid, a 16 year old, he’s about 10 to 20 pounds over weight(4-9), but not the oversized rollo they described. You just cant be fat like that unless underneath he’s supposed to a VERY petite person.


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