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The Big Landlord (大地主)


(Excuse the low quality picture, that is the only version I can find)

Title: Big Landlord
Author: 尹琊 (Yin Ya)
Genre: transmigrates, transport to another world, ancient, comedy,

There is H, but the amount it normal, not heavy. 

435 Chapters (A chapter isn’t that long)


“Young master, this isn’t good, young miss left a letter and runaway from home.”

“The daughters of second and third mother still hasn’t gotten married yet.”

“That won’t do young master, in the past the one who the master choose for the engagement is the child of the first wife, the first young miss and the third young miss won’t do.”

An Ziran’s gaze suddenly shifted to his 4 months old younger brother for quite a while then said: “What about male?”

Butler: “……”

An Ziran didn’t think his own words would become a prophecy, man indeed can, but what he imagined is slightly different.

My Summary:

The MC entered the body of the An family eldest son, An Ziran, an arrogant 16 years old boy who weighted 78 kg (~171-172 lbs), only know eat, play and sleep. Seeing his current body, An Ziran decided his first priority is to LOSE WEIGHT!

Three days later after he became An Ziran, An Ziran’s father and his biological mother died, which mean as the eldest son he have to take over the family business.

Beside his legitimate first wife, An Ziran’s father also married 3 others women, who all want to take over the An family fortune but only the eldest son could able to touch it, therefore they have to depend on An Ziran in order to live a comfortable live.

An Ziran’s father also have an older brother who always planning to steal the An family fortune. The elder brother of An Ziran’s father and the woman he married have powerful connection. In order to save the An family fortune, An Ziran have to find a golden thigh to cling on. The butler told An Ziran that there is an engagement between the An family and the (idk yet, hasn’t read that far) family. Therefore he take his sister to that family house to make connection.

However, during their journey, An Ziran’s younger sister overheard that the son of that family is UGLY, so as a beautiful and spoil young lady coming from a rich household, she doesn’t want to married him and decided to run away. Without any other choice, An Ziran have to take his sister place and married that man, who told him that he will let him go soon, but lied.

MC: From a person who doesn’t know how to write the ancient text or businesses, he start learning and take over the family business, expanding it and making it bigger, he doesn’t really needed help from the golden hand, a.k.a his husband.

Throughout the story, it will reveal the identity of the MC, who he is and what kind of job he have, etc.

This is the novel that I have always wanted to translate, but I’m currently stuck with GA and FM. However, I has translated the first chapter last month, take a glimpse of it, if you guys want 🙂

The Big Landlord Chapter 1 – The An Family



13 thoughts on “The Big Landlord (大地主)

  1. Comrade, where do you usually read BL raw novel?
    I’m trying to find raw novel 星际之上将夫人是黑户 by 尹琊.
    I always get link not the full chapters.


      1. It’s alright… I just found the site.
        Thanks for replying.
        And I’ll be waiting for your next novel recommendation 😀


  2. Hello~ I’m going to translate this novel and I wanted to ask if that is ok with you? Did you change your mind? And I wanted to ask can I use your summary for my ToC? I will link your site for the 1st chapter and they will read from chapter 2 onwards at my site after I have translated it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG YES YES YES YES!!! Totally go for it! Use anything you want and feel free to ask me if you need any help (I can also give you spoiler if you need it) XD I can’t wait to read it!! ❤


      1. Thank you! XD I’m very excited too I also know someone who was going to do a teaser of this series so I could also work with them.I’m cure translating the second chapter.It is shorter and easier to translate than some novels

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Finally,that person that was going to make the teaser replied to me and he said that the plan was to release chapter this week so look forward to it!
        I think I came at the wrong time trying to find a good danmei project to translate.Everyone is taking the ones that I like

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Will be waiting for it <3!
        The author of The big landlord have more novels beside the big landlord and the legendary master's wife, if you like I could write a summary for those, or you can give me a specific list of genre/type you like and I'll find it for you :).


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