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Feng Mang Chapter 4 – Numberphilia


Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

“I’ll turn over, I’ll turn over, *hiccup*……”

Han Dong panted heavily while tossing from side to side in a turmoil for a long time and finally tumbled to the ground. He quickly stood up, took a step then ran toward the entrance of Beijing film studio.

Unfortunately, the manager had already left with the second group.

Han Dong bitterly spat on the ground, ‘waiting for an opportunity isn’t easy!’

Some people in the middle of simmering for days, weren’t necessarily able to receive a job. Moreover, the cast and crew already started at seven or eight o’clock,  at this time the recruitment was basically finished.

Han Dong was about to leave, but he suddenly saw a young man in the distance smiling at him.

“A newcomer?” Han Dong asked.

Li Shang nodded, “Yes, earlier I just listened to someone talking about you and at once I wanted to get acquainted with you.”

“What did they say about me?”

“That person said your character isn’t good.”

Han Dong knitted his eyebrows, “And you still want to get acquainted with me?”

“Because my character isn’t good either,” Li Shang smiled maliciously.

Han Dong took out a cigarette, suggesting that Li Shang help him light the fire, he smoked while asking: “You want to be mixed into this?”


Li Shang nodded.


“Then you found the right person.”

Han Dong pulled Li shang on the road, and soon turned to the nearby crossing.

As soon as Liang Jing’s car arrived, even Han Dong’s shadow had vanished. Liang Jing didn’t give up and told his driver to turn around, but they still didn’t see any shadow of Han Dong, he was anxious to the point of almost spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Where is he? Where did he go?”

Tao Yunyun who was sitting beside him tentatively asked: “Who is it?”

“Just now, right there, right there on the fence, a head was hanging upside down. That butt and thigh, those two great long legs are what Mr. Wang always wanted! I still haven’t even been happy yet, how can it……” Liang Jing sobbed incessantly.

Tao Yunyun embarrassedly asked: “Isn’t it because you are recently overworked, that hallucinations appear?”

Liang Jing suddenly saw something, took a couple of quick steps toward the fence and pulled down a torn denim with messy threads wrapped around it.

“I’m absolutely not mistaken!”

Liang Jing turned to the driver and said, “Send Yunyun to the company, I’ll be leaving first.”

Tao yunyun exclaimed: “Don’t! Without you I’ll be anxious!”

Liang Jing had already flown over the fence and had run ten meters away.




Because she was 10 minutes early, Mr. Wang still hadn’t returned, Tao Yunyun was then invited to wait in his office.

When she entered, Tao Yunyun was shocked at the dazzling array of clocks fillling her eyes. From a large 3 meters high pendulum clock to a small button-like exquisite pocket watch; As early as the Qing Dynasty, “Big Eight”, to as late as the recent trend of the current new style……Further inside, there was a 5 meters long and two meters high shelf displaying valuable watches.

Tao Yunyun swept her eyes at the watches, there was one without any pointer and only the dial, compared to the honeycomb it was more obvious.

Turning her head around, the screensaver appearing on the computer were three strange dial of clocks.

This was still nothing, Tao Yunyun suddenly noticed that the room was full of numbers, bright, dark, even the pendant on the crystal lamp had numbers on it. She stood in the middle of the room and looked up, there was a large dial of the clock! She felt like she was currently in a game room, playing “how many dials are there.”

In addition, there were power switches with morse code print, Roman numeral shaped cups…….

Tao Yunyun was secretly speechless, what kind of crazy man was obsessed with numbers to this degree?

Now when she thought back on the casting requirements for the male lead role, it suddenly became clear.


“Big Eight” = 大八件 = Duplex pocket watch Qing dynasty

~I can’t believe this is a watch, but it’s a watch haha 🙂



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