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Feng Mang Chapter 3 – Standard “got hit even while lying down”


Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

A luxurious private car driving slowly on the road, sitting in the car was the ace of Zhong Ding movies and film company——Producer Liang Jing. He was sitting with an actress who just entered the profession not long ago but had a firm background, Tao Yunyun.

Liang Jing had experience as a producer and director, he had created many masterpieces, needless to say, his power and influence in the circle were obvious. But this time, he had to make an exception and open his mouth as a senior to repeatedly warn Tao Yunyun.

“This film is planned by Mr. Wang, the main roles are appointed by him, from the start the director can’t interfere in this matter. Don’t even think of the female lead role. There is still a pretty good role, to win it or not depends on how you perform today. You must know, Mr. Wang never meets with any actor alone, today I had to use an excuse of talking about the film to fight for half an hour.”

Tao Yunyun gently nibbled on her bright red lips, “Then……what special hobbies does Mr. Wang have?”

“Special hobbies? You should kill that thought immediately, he is a particularly simple and serious man, even if you really want to use the unspoken rules, it won’t be your turn.”

Tao Yunyun still didn’t feel relieved, “Then does he hate anything? You should tell me what type of character he hates, so that I will not touch a minefield.”

Liang Jing thought and cautiously said: “First, he hates lustful playboys and indecent hoodlums, even though it refers to men but you have to maintain a dignified and appropriate manner. Second, he hates people who love bragging and boasting to make themselves feel good, you must pay attention and be humble. Third, he hates slow people and dawdlers, it’s best if you talk and act fluently. Fourth, he hates clever and calculative people so you better not act too smart. Fifth, he is an atheist, he hates people who are superstitious about the holy spirit, don’t ever make any superstitious remarks.”

Listening to all of this, Tao Yunyun’s head started to expand, “God, why is he demanding too much?”

“This is too much?” Liang Jing’s mouth twitched, “Do know know what he demands for the body of the male lead? 1m80 in height, hips is 102.9, calf length is 58.5, leg length is 51.7, an inch smaller or bigger is out of the question.”

Tao Yunyun stared with her eyes wide open, “Can that possibly be? He’s that difficult?”

“It can’t be helped, he came from a science background, he became obsessed with data and numbers. Moreover, the film’s action scenes require quite a lot of leg movement, it’s a major production, the scenes need to be refined and emphasize on the visual effects.”

“Then he should just directly look for a good model.” Tao Yunyun said.

Liang Jing humphed and laughed, “You think I haven’t looked for it? The problem is that there isn’t a single one out there! These days selecting back and forth, my head is full of data and numbers, now even with just one sweep I can figure out your measurements.”

“Really?” Tao Yunyun remained skeptical.

Liang Jing confidently announced the three numbers, “93, 62, 95.”

Tao Yunyun covered her mouth, “How……how much torture did you go through to be trained as a human eye scanner?”

“I suspect that he is intentionally making it difficult for me, where am I going to find the figure that defies the natural order? How can a person with the height of 1m80 have the legs of 110? With hips reaching 102.9? Even if those requirements are met what about 58.5? 51.7? Even if placed in the mold it does not necessarily mean it will come out precisely! This is simply a joke……a joke……”

Liang Jian faced out the window lamenting, suddenly his face turned white.

There were two long legs hanging upside down on the fence, his lower back which was exposed perfectly highlights the sexy tun section wrapped with ripped-jean. 180, 102.9, 58.5, 51.7……If there weren’t the sockets to hold his eyes back, Liang Jing’s eyes would have already jumped out.


(T/N: Tun section = the butt section)


“Quick, drive to the corner in front quickly, circle to the side lane above!!”



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