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Feng Mang Chapter 2 -His flaw are countless

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

This side was about to have a fight, but the group of people on the other side didn’t have any reaction at all. They were too busy nominating themselves to the manager.

The manager had taken roles as an extra before, he could read their minds easily. That was why he didn’t bother to respond when the people around him tried to nominate themselves and curry favor with him. His arrogant eyes swept all over the crowd in a circle, like picking out animals with qualified physical strength, “You, you, and you……the rest disperse.”

Those who were selected jolted their buttocks and followed behind the manager, while those who had not been chosen continued the long wait.

Li Shang just finished the selection, when he saw the scene of Han Dong and the middle-aged man wrestling, since he didn’t understand the situation, he didn’t dare come forward to stop them. Instead, he pulled a person over to inquire.

“Who’s fighting over there?”

“It’s our brother who lives here with us everyday.”  

Li Shang frowned, “He is being beaten, how can you not care?”

“Care? Why should I care? I can’t even care for myself! Besides, each time the manager is recruiting, 9 cases out of 10, he always gets chosen. Even if there is only a spot for one person, as long as he’s here, others are hopeless.”

Li Shang looked Han Dong up and down, He was tall, he had long legs and an extremely good stature, he was probably selected due to his body. As for his face, it wasn’t handsome but you couldn’t say it was ugly either. It was very distinguishable and could be remembered with just one glance.

“That’s why you guys dislike him?” Li Shang asked.

“It’s not that we dislike him, this kind of person can’t be a long-standing and deep-rooted friend.”

Li Shang asked interested: “Why? What kind of person is he?”

“Him? Speaking of flaws, there are a whole heap of them. First of all he is a lustful playboy, an indecent hoodlum, I don’t know how many girlfriends he has changed. Second, he likes to brag and boast to make himself feel good. Third, he is a slow person, when you are already feeling impatient he’ll drag it even longer. Fourth, he is very calculative, most people are unable to deal with him. Fifth, he is superstitious, but also talented, when looking at people’s fortunes, he can tell them extremely accurately……”

Before he even finished talking, the other man got up and rushed toward the entrance, “The manager has come out, there is lots of work today!”

Han Dong was still involved in a “bitter struggle” on the other side, when he saw a group of people rush to the door, he anxiously exploded with foul language at the middle-aged man: “F***, let go of me!”

Han Dong’s sharp glance caused the middle-aged man to get scared for a second, but he recovered quickly and dragged Han Dong to a distant road. The two people were currently tearing each other apart.

Although Han Dong was young and had nimble legs, their builds were different, the middle-aged man could pick him up easily with his sturdy arms. Presumably, he was going to throw him over his shoulder, but the result was different, rather than him being thrown down to the ground, he was instead thrown at the fence. Han Dong’s shirt was torn, there was a big hole, and his ripped-jeans was caught in the twisted steel wire causing him to hang upside down on the fence.

The middle-aged man burst with rough breathing, feeling satisfied, he then turned around and left right away.

“F***! Put me down! Do you believe that I will throw you into a hospital with my talisman?”

Han Dong on one side shouted while struggling, his clothes were hooked to the fence and were ripped pitifully, but it still wouldn’t budge. Not only could he not struggle free but the hem of his shirt covered the top of his face, his waist was exposed in the cold wind and his two long legs was raised high in the air.



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