Who Dare To Spoke Ill of My Senior?(谁敢说师兄的坏话)


Title: Who Dare To Spoke Ill of My Senior?
Author: 古玉闻香
Genre: Transport into a book, transmigrated (?), cultivation, reborn, magic

92 Chapters

Summary (The actual summary isn’t going to give you much information, therefore I give you my summary ^^):


Wen Jing (MC) passed away while was reading his beloved novel and transport into the book. He become the little boy who was rescued by the seme. When he died, Wen Jing didn’t reach the age of 15 yet.

In the beginning, he worship his senior (A.K.A the seme), always follow and care about him.

One day Wen Jing met a python by chance when he walk around in the mountain. He didn’t know that the python was actually the senior (A.K.A seme) he worship, seeing the python doesn’t attempt to eat him and also the python seem to be suffering, Wen Jing went over and feed and caress it.


The senior was being attack from both side, how can he not develop feeling for Wen Jing? Also because Wen Jing’s body is warm like a heater, he love hugging it and as a result, every night the python enter his room and climbed on his bed, the two hug while sleeping.

Later on Wen Jing start liking the senior (seme), also the reason is because his senior use honey trap, touching here and there, making a person who is a little bend, turn completely bend.

While their love is unclear, Wen jing discover that his senior killed many people (He only kill the bad guys to protect the people in his sect.). He went to tell the master about his senior suspicious action, but nobody believe him.

His senior know it all, even come up with a condition that Wen Jing will go tell on him 3 times, if in those 3 times nobody believe him, he will have to be with him.

In the end, Wen Jing couldn’t accept it, he didn’t go tell on him and instead told his senior to stop hurting/killing anyone; he have to carefully investigate if the master really the person who killed his parent.

After his senior promised, news about someone died appear.

Wen Jing really disappointed, he doesn’t want to kill his senior, he doesn’t want to tell on his senior, he doesn’t want to betray his senior, so he told his senior to not see each other anymore. Let’s break up!

There is this powerful force always imply that Wen Jing have to kill his senior, it even control his body and stab his senior.

However, it missed, but his seme is really suffer and fall into despair.

His despair didn’t last long, the two reconciled and everything was resolved. After they ABC *wink*, the senior was surrounded by the master and other people in the sect., Wen Jing sacrifice himself to save his senior and was jailed in the magical tower.

Everyone thought Wen Jing died, but he still alive and escape. Three years later they meet again, every scheme was exposed and then HE.

When the senior thought Wen Jing died, everyday he would stand in front of his juniors’ room, asking them if Wen Jing ever told them about his relationship with him. Everyone was annoyed by it, as a result they just make up stuff and told him to get it over with. The senior even thought of a plan to resurrect Wen Jing by using 10 bowl of blood from 10 people Wen Jing is closed with, he even went around and ask people to donate their blood.

When the senior is too crazy, the master w/ his poison mouth, couldn’t take any of his craziness and said straight to his face “He died, whatever you do he won’t come back to live etc. etc.” As a result the whole group was rewarded with heavy beating.









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