Dig up a grave, dig up a ghost (挖坟挖出鬼)


Title: Dig up a grave, dig up a ghost
Author: 君子在野
Genre: Modern, archeologist, mystery, horror, supernatural, this life past life.

75 Chapters


During one of his archaeology practice, Lin Yan unfortunate dig up by a ghost and was being followed by it……

Since then, every strange things keep occurring in his life, one after another.

In order to return his life to normal, Lin Yan together with his childhood friend and a Daoist priest set foot on the road to help the ghost accomplish his wish.

However, the more he get closer to the end, Lin Yan discover that this matter exceed what he imagined……

His relationship with the ghost also start to change.

My summary:

Lin Yan is a student in the archeology department, one time when digging up a grave, he dig up a ghost and was followed by it since.

In the beginning he was scare and try to find all kinds of way to chase the ghost away, through all hardship (*wink*) Lin Yan finally trick the ghost into a room belong to a Daoist priest by using a doll that look exactly like him.

When seeing the ghost protecting the doll, he then feel bad and risk his life to bring the ghost out of the room. From then on, their adventure begin.

Lin Yan start investigating what is the ghost’s identity, the ghost name was Xiao Yu. He then find out something shocking, in his past life, he was the Xiao Yu’s lover. Because Lin Yan love him so much, he only want Xiao Yu for himself. When he use poison to kill Xiao Yu, it was at the same time when the Xiao Yu about propose to him. Killing him isn’t all, Lin Yan also make him couldn’t able to reincarnate.

Xiao Yu = Seme

Lin Yan = Uke



10 thoughts on “Dig up a grave, dig up a ghost (挖坟挖出鬼)

    1. Hey there, ik previously you had request for a fantasy, ancient novel, I been looking for some, sorry it took kind of long but I found this one about the MC transport to the ancient world inside a novel. It have fantasy, ancient, xianxia, cultivation, is it something you interest?


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