Everywhere in Jianghu is wonderful (江湖遍地是奇葩)

~I just found this one and I love it so far ❤

~I keep looking for more danmei/BL and now I have like tons to choose from

~This is the reason why I can’t decide on what to translate next -.- too many goodness!!


Title: Everywhere in Jianghu is wonderful

Author: 语笑阑珊
Genre: Transmigrate, transport to the ancient time, comedy, side couples (there also a BXG couple, but I’m not sure if it in the first book), Jianghu

171 Chapters

1. Summary:

22 years old, Shen Qianling has finally attain his first oscar award in his life!

while his eyes brimming with tears of excitement when holding the cup, a block of ceiling loudly fall down, hit exactly on his head!

After that he immediately……transport back to time!

Qin Shaoyu has a smile on his face and said: If Xiao Ling is ready, my Zhui Ying Gong at any time will prepare for the wedding.

Shen Qianling emotionally said: I will definitely not accept this!

(T/N: ‘I’ is used superior)

2. Summary:

The little master, Shen Qianling of Ri Yue Shan fall down from the tree and lost his memories! Not only that, when he woke up, he transform into a entirely different person. The truth is today when he attain his first oscar award, the ceiling fall exactly on his head, then he transport back to the ancient time. Shen Qianling miserably became a weak and beautiful little master that everyone is crazy about, even more miserable when he discover this world is strange: His father, mother and even all of his brothers let him marry a male! Even even more miserable, that thick-skinned person unexpectedly said to Shen Qianling: You will have my child!

(T/N: Ri Yue Shan = Sun and Moon mansion)

This isn’t a omegaverse story.

The body the MC enter just look weak, he isn’t weak at all, he is smart and know how to act.

My summary:

Shen Qianling entered the body of the little master of Ri Yu shan, who also have the same name as him and become the world most beautiful person, who everyone desired. He now have a rich family, a powerful group of fans and engage with Qin Shaoyu, who skin is thicker than concrete. In the beginning, Qin Shaoyu act in the play “Pretend to fall in love” because he want to find out the secret of the previous Shen Qianling. However, he couldn’t find any secret and don’t know when, he fall in love with Shen Qianling instead. Qin Shaoyu is handsome, come back a rich family and the level of his martial art is high. when Shen Qianling married him, everyone called them the National Couple, wherever they go, fans would surround them.

Every characters have their own unique personality,

  1. Mother: An elegant woman, come from a martial art household (have the ability to cry in 1s)
  2. Oldest brother: An honorable person, a role model for every martial artists in Jianghu to look up to….. (loyal and spoil his lover, an M seme)
  3. Oldest brother’s wife: skillful doctor (S uke)
  4. Emperor: love his country and people (Have a heavy brother-complex)
  5. Ruler of the evil sect: evil, ambitious, there isn’t anything evil he didn’t do (At night everytime the moon is round, he would stand under the moon, naked, to absorb the moon energy)
  6. The guard: Loyal, would sacrifice themself to protect their master (paparazzi in Jianghu-focus on the story of relationship and family)
  7. The master: a person who has reach the peak of the Way in one’s religion (Like to talk behind people back)
  8. Love rival: Beautiful, high level martial artist (a succubus)
  9. Supporting roles: fanboy, fangirl and others

P.S. There is H too *wink* the amount is normal.

There are things I couldn’t really translate because it sound so funny and goods in the original language and in Vietnamese, but when translate to English, you guys will like wth haha. 

There are 6 books in total, 5 are BL and 1 are BxG. Each focus on different couple and plot, each also have side couples. The main couple in the first book will be in all book I believe.


~Now I’m going to continue with my HW *sigh*, I’ll post another summary tomorrow ❤

~Have a great day everyone 🙂


14 thoughts on “Everywhere in Jianghu is wonderful (江湖遍地是奇葩)

  1. Bxg is boy n girl? Seem interesting….. i love ur summaries, waiting online and 30 days agreement love it… keep it coming and translate when ur free


  2. Hello,I am interested in translating this novel.Would you tell me how much words is axproximatively each chapter?And also the raw? I am not very fluent in chinese but I can read a little.Can you tell me if the vocabulary was quite easy to understand or your thoughts about this novel? Thank you! I appreciate the summaries,I want to translate a novel that’s not too long (150 chapters and +) and that is bl so I was hesiting between this and <>.I finally choose this so know that I am grateful because I don’t know a lot of site that post summaries like you.So thank you! 🙂


    1. Hey there, I’m glad you found something interest you ^^.
      If you looking for a novel with decent amount of words per chapter, I wouldn’t recommend this one because from chapters 1-49, it go back and forth to 3500+ to 4999. Chapter 50 and on, it goes up to 8000+ and there also some chapter that are over 10,000+ words. But most of them range around 4500+ to 5999. This story is interesting, but I personally dislike long chapter haha ^^. However, if you are fine with the amount of words per chapter, I would say go for it. The vocabulary is fairly easy, but there might be some hard idiom and phrases. I have read a couple chapter of it and it really interesting. I love how the MC’s lover at first act like he in love with the MC in order to find his secret, it really cute haha. The amount of comedy in this novel is huge for sure. I would love to read it (translating it is a no for me ^^) and if you need help with anything, feel free to contact me :).

      Here is the link for the raw:


      1. The amount of words is too much TT-TT. I want something that is between 1000-2000 words with 150 and less chapter.I tried to translate something once but it did not end too well because of RL (and that novel had 200 chapter and + with 2000 words and + each chapter)Thank you for your reply! And I love novel that are fluffy,no angst.I also like rebirth,reincarnation,things like True Star,Kill the lights,Reincarnation of a Superstar (all of these novel contain reincanetion,showbissness).I also like comedies and I like ancient and modern setting.Sorry if my incredibly long reply scare you :). But I was also eyeing Rebirth of an otaku in the apocalypse but the amount of chapter finally made me choose Everywhere In Jianghu.Maybe if the amounts of words is not too much I can translate it.


      2. I feels you, I went on a search earlier today and found a couple of novels you might be interest in, I’ll post the summary for it tomorrow, if school doesn’t interefere my my plan ^^. Don’t worry about that, I love reading comment, but honestly it surprise me though because I never receive such a long comment like that :). The amount of words per chapter in The Rebirth of an Otaku is range from 3555+ to 6999+, less than EIJ but the chapter is longer. I will post more summary that fall into the categories you interest in ASAP.
        ~Have a good day (or night because it night time where I’m right now) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you you’re saving me from the trouble of searching for Yaoi novel on chinese site,and they are incomprehensible for me so I would have a hard time.You too good night/morning!


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