Rebirth of An Otaku In The Apocalypse (重生宅男的末世守则)


Title: Rebirth of An Otaku In The Apocalypse
Author: 暖荷
Genre: Rebirth, comedy, apocalypse, farming, HE


259 Chapters


Without any special power and without a big thigh to grab on, he been cautiously surviving in the apocalypse for a full ten years, just to fall into the zombies’ mouth.

When open his eyes again, he had returned 10 years and three months before the apocalypse occur. He is still a normal person without any special ability, only possess the knowledge and experience of how to survive the apocalypse for 10 years! Even not killing zombies, hunting strange beast, he still able to live in the secure zone and carefully farming.

Find a safe house, use all kinds of skills and trick to farm to exchange for meat. If possible, find a partner and live the rest of his life peacefully with that person. Normal people like him have their own little happiness.

Originally, he believe that he had rescued a beauty and preparing a golden house to keep his mistress. In contrary, he is being overpowered by that person, there is an expression……whatever you do, you must not look only at the surface of things.

(T/N: a magnificent house built for a beloved woman)

1. The story have farming and surviving the apocalypse.

2. 1vs1, beautiful seme with special ability vs small farm wife otaku expert on farming.

3. There is side couple.

Uke =MC: Luo Xun – have 10 years experience on how to survive the apocalypse and farming.

Seme = MC’s lover: Yan Fei –  have special power and is a beauty

To the person who request, I’m not sure if I cover everything you want to know, if you still have question, feel free to comment or email me :).

Another one will be up tomorrow~~~~~~



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