Hey guys!!!!

First of all, it kind of late but, HAPPY VALENTINE DAY <3<3<3!!!!

Second, I need some opinion from my dear readers 🙂

  1. Are you guys fine with novel where the uke/receiver able to give birth?
  2. If I were to start another novel right now, do you guys mind if I break down the chapter? (I was thinking if I wasn’t able to update GA, I could update a smaller chapter for something else as compensation) 

The chapter for GA if getting longer and longer, which will take a little more time for me to get it done. I don’t want you guys to wait, so I thought maybe updating something else with a shorter chapter than GA while you guys waiting for it.

I apologize for unable to update frequently, my junior year is a very busy year for me, plus with the SAT, AP exams, volunteering, orchestra practice and MPA coming up, my schedule is really tight. In the summer though, I will definitely get back on track. Please bear with me ❤


13 thoughts on “~Questions

  1. I don’t mind mpreg stories. I think genres like omegaverse is getting more popular these days. Hopefully it’ll be a fluffy story though hAha.

    I think whatever you can translate would be appreciated!


  2. It ok but hope no rape involved not a fun of that genre i fluffy cute sexy romantic but anything you translate very much appreciated good luck on your studies


  3. Hi, I’m ok with the omageverse..quite popular recently, haha.
    If it is possible, I prefer the complete chapter rather than the partial one, even though the update might be slower :).
    Good luck for your school!^^


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