This World is Crazy! (这世界疯了!)


Title: This World is Crazy!
Author: 一世华裳
Genre: transmigrates, comedy, modern, there are some side couples beside the main couple

73 Chapters

Before reading the summary: Shou = uke/receiver and Gong = seme/attacker in Chinese BL/Danmei.

1. Summary:

Previously there is a shou who love a slag gong, one day he accidentally witness that slag gong rolling on the bed sheet with his friend. He was upset and while in confusion, his head knock against something and was sent to the hospital.


Qi Yue, a male, like women, suffer from congenital heart disease and passed away early, but the God played a small joke on him, his soul entered the body of the shou……

Thus, the entrance to the new world was open.

When opened his eyes, Qi Yue found himself still in the same hospital, but there is a small problem.


Everyone is explained: “You’re gay.”

Qi Yue: “……”

Everyone: “You’re the zero, which is the person who being pushed down.”

(T/N: Use your imagination guys, the word ‘zero’ is pretty clear XD)

Qi Yue: “Nonsense! I’m straight!”

Everyone moved forward and pat him on the shoulder: “Let it go, all the men in this world could turn straight, but only you can’t.”

Qi Yue trembling angrily: “Just wait and see!”

Everyone remind him: “You are the one who announced to the pubic, now everyone know that you’re gay, there isn’t any girl who would want to follow you.”

Qi Yue: ==

2. Summary

Qi Yue is a straight man who died because of the congenital heart disease. Who knows that the hospital he reside in is quite strange, after he died his soul entered the body of a shou, when he opened his eyes again, he entered the gay world. The slag gong, Ning Xiao look down on him in every ways, Qi Yue vow to not stand under the same sky as him. when he got a chance to visit the cemetery, he unexpectedly heard his childhood  friend, Gu Bai confessing to his tombstone, Qi Yue immediately thought ‘This world is crazy!……’







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