Golden Assistant Chapter 13

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

12:00 pm at noon Luzhou put on a suit and with a straight stature he walked out of the hotel. Xiao Yi yawned, he was wearing a baseball cap. He sat in the driver’s seat and drove away with Luzhou in the car. First they went to Wansheng street to eat. Xiao Yi said: “Where are we going today?”

“We’re hiding from someone.” Luzhou wore his sunglasses and said: “Also, we’ll visit the film set.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yi thought ‘It turns out that you actually also have to curry favor with people’. Luzhou said: “Are you secretly cursing me again?”


(T/N: Trying to make someone like or support you pleasing them)


Xiao Yi: “No, no.”

Luzhou said fiercely: “Luzhou wants to cling on someone’s thigh again?”

Xiao Yi immediately made a hushing motion fearing that his loud voice would attract attention. Luzhou said: “Go line up and buy 12 round flat cakes, wrap up 10 and keep two for us to eat.”

Xiao Yi smelled the aroma as he lined up to buy radish round flat cakes for Luzhou.

Luzhou didn’t eat but gave it all to Xiao Yi and said: “Go back and tell President Du that I’m taking you out to play.”


Xiao Yi: “……”


Xiao Yi thought that today Luzhou at least would take him to walk the street of Guangzhou or maybe to stroll in some other place, unexpectedly this counted as taking him out to play, but it’s fine…… The boss is taking his assistant out to play, he can’t demand too much. After they finished eating lunch, Luzhou took out his new phone. Du Mei had brought it over to him yesterday. He was making several phone calls while urging Xiao Yi to drive.

They arrived at the Qin Imperial Palace, Luzhou was making a phone call while searching for the cast and crew. The security let them in, Xiao Yi followed behind and thought ‘Who are you visiting?’ As a result, after walking in they immediately met a group of people filming.


Xiao Yi: “!!!”


When Luzhou walked in, in an instant everyone surrounded him. Luzhou greeted them with a smile, conveniently giving the director the radish round flat cakes. Xiao Yi was stunned, at the film scene he saw a movie star opening his hands, chatting and laughing with Luzhou.

King of the silver screen? Is that the king of the silver screen?!

Xiao Yi immediately wanted to shout out loud, it’s the king of the silver screen! The one who took the Golden Rooster and the Venice International Film Festival award for best actor, the one who twice earned the title king of the silver screen, Li Chang Zheng ah ah ah!

Xiao Yi’s mind was only filled with ah ah ah ah, Luzhou clenched his jaw and whispered in his ear: “You don’t want to live anymore……”

Xiao Yi immediately regained his composure. Luzhou changed his expression, he smiled and said: “Yes, ah, this is my assistant.”

Xiao Yi immediately shook hands with the girl in front of him, there were several people who smiled and said: “I thought he was a new artist in your company.”

“Hello everyone…..hello, hello.” Xiao Yi felt extremely flattered.

“Hello officer,” The director teased.

The entire crew laughed uncontrollably, on the side of Xiao Yi’s forehead there were 3 black lines going down. He felt like Luzhou’s blue veins was appearing, if they weren’t in the film set, Luzhou would probably have punched him all the way to Hollywood.

“Come, Xiao Yi you come with me.” A girl said: “My name is Li Ye, just call me sister Li.”

“Hello sister Li,” Xiao Yi bowed and bent the knee, then said: “I just saw the king of the silver screen, I’m a little excessively frightened.”

“Do you want an autograph?” Li Ye was actually very frank and straightforward, conveniently pulling his arm, “Later sister will ask for one for you.”

At once there were fireworks shooting inside of Xiao Yi’s head, throwing  him into confusion as Li Ye pulled him away. Xiao Yi turned his head and looked at Luzhou, Luzhou was glancing back at him indicating for him to be calm. Xiao Yi understood immediately, he couldn’t say for sure but maybe a special task was given to him.

“Yesterday, president Du gave me a call,” Li Ye said: “Today the media will come to interview, the two of us will arrange it as later Luzhou will participate.”

Xiao Yi asked: “The……the media?”

Li Ye said: “Yes, do you understand? Yesterday the matter of Zhang Xinran became a hot topic, today Luzhou coincidentally went to visit Director Luo’s film set, get it?”

“I understand.” Xiao Yi said.

“Our team doesn’t give out a manuscript,” Li Ye said: “It’s an on-the-spot interview, we will give you guys 10 minutes. If they ask any inappropriate questions, remember to interrupt or help Luzhou make up another topic, everything will depend on you.”

“Thank you, sister Li.” Xiao Yi felt a thousand thanks and ten thousand gratitudes toward her and said: “Thank you! Thank you sister Li!”

“Aiya, we are all on the same side, you don’t have to be polite” Li Ye said: “I have been irritated when looking at Zhang Xinran for a long time, Sister Du also knew that for many years.”


Xiao Yi: “……”


“I’m just kidding.” Li Ye smiled wholeheartedly.


Xiao Yi: “Ha ha ha……”


(T/N: Imagine Xiao Yi laughing with a poker face)


Li Ye was capable and experienced when handling her job, she really had the image of a senior. She only said a few words and her subordinate obediently handled the cleanup. There were several reporters coming over to interview, Li Ye immediately gathered people to take pictures. When they saw Luzhou walking behind the crew, they seemed not the least bit surprised at all.

Li Ye said: “Everyone please feel free to do as you wish.” then she softly whispered a reminder to Xiao Yi: “Your posture doesn’t need to be too low, president Du have already prepared everything.”

Xiao Yi hurriedly nodded, then he brought the reporters to Luzhou. Luzhou’s manner was very good-natured as he faced them and greeted. A reporter began to ask if Luzhou really broke up with Zhang Xinran, Luzhou replied: “Our personalities don’t match, actually it is also buffer period because from the beginning we agreed to part without hard feelings.”

“What about Ning Yaqing?” some people laughed and asked: “Ning Yaqing is a good girl.”

Luzhou hurriedly waved his hand and said: “We are just colleagues, there is no other relationship beside that.” After he finished his sentence, he sent Xiao Yi a meaningful glance, Xiao Yi then immediately said: “In the crew brother Zhou mostly spend his time alone.”


Another reporter said: “What about the remaining time?”

“The remaining time he is with me.” Xiao Yi hurriedly added.

Everyone laughed.

Luzhou said: “Sit down, it has been hard for everyone, New Year is approaching and the weather is too damp, Xiao Yi……”

Xiao Yi rushed out to get them hot drinks.

A reporter asked: “Mr. Lu, what is your next goal?”

“Nothing in particular,” Luzhou said: “I want to focus on doing well in my acting career.”

After they finished speaking, Luzhou stretched his sleeve and wiped his face, exposing the scar on his wrist.

A reporter asked: “Did you get hurt while filming?”

Luzhou smiled embarrassedly.

“He got bitten by a dog.” Xiao Yi said with a smile: “Last time he was scared, so we drove to the CDC at midnight to get an injection for disease prevention.”

Everyone at once put on a thoughtful expression.

After the interview was done, Luzhou left the film set first. Xiao Yi went to find Li Ye, she gave him a first draft and said: “Take a look at it.”

Xiao Yi looked at it, it was a short manuscript.

Li Ye said: “When president Du want to issue this, tell her to contact me in advance. This manuscript will be sent ahead of time, today we can’t catch up to the headlines on Monday so how about tomorrow noon? On Friday you guys will re-issue this draft and then friday afternoon many people will visit weibo.

“O-……okay.” Xiao Yi said: “Can we still adjust it?”

“Sure.” Li Ye readily said.

Xiao Yi used a pen to change a few words. The contents of the manuscript was entirely pushing the blame onto Zhang Xinran’s head, Xiao Yi thought that this wasn’t very good. People will easily feel that they are purposely pushing every fault on Zhang Xinran so he changed a few words.

Li Ye smiled.

“Sister Li……can you take a look,”

“Smart.” Li Ye then handed him an autograph and said: “When you’re free come find me!”

Xiao Yi thought she was just casually saying it, he really didn’t expect that Li Ye would actually get Li Changzheng’s autograph for him, not only was his signature on it also said “To Xiao Yi.” My God! Xiao Yi’s tears suddenly rushed out, he was happy to the point of going crazy.

A stranger that he just met actually treated him well, Xiao Yi thought that in this world there wasn’t anything as beautiful as that. ‘By coming over here we already added so much trouble for them, but they even give me an autograph……’ after feeling moved, Xiao Yi felt a deep remorse, he didn’t know when he could repay her kindness.

Xiao Yi felt guilty about it while Luzhou looked at him with unfathomable mystery. Xiao Yi was driving.

“Sister Li is very nice!” Xiao Yi said.

“You’re crazy.” Luzhou’s mouth was twitching, he said: “If it’s not to respect me, who would be kind to you?”

Xiao Yi already knew that he would get an answer like that and reluctantly replied: “Oh—”

Luzhou suddenly snatched the autograph, Xiao Yi quickly pleaded: “Don’t—Brother Zhou. I beg you……”

Luzhou said: “Who!! The biggest star is sitting beside you and you still ask for someone else’s autograph?! Who can be more popular than me?!!”

After he was done speaking, Luzhou took a look at the autograph and didn’t say anything else.


‘Li Changzheng is really more popular than you……”


Luzhou readily discarded the autograph, it drifted under the seat next to the gas pedal. Xiao Yi thought ‘At last you can’t talk back’. However, Xiao Yi remembered when he just became an assistant, Li Yao repeatedly reminded him that he had to endure all the bitterness. He forced himself not to pick up Li Changzheng’s autograph to avoid stirring up irritation inside of Luzhou. While driving he stepped on the gas and every time he put his foot down, he stepped on Li Changzheng’s face making shoe prints appear on the autograph.

‘The king of the silver screen, male god, my beloved Li Changzheng, I’m sorry male god my boss can’t be offended, please bear with it a little’ Xiao Yi thought silently to himself.

Xiao Yi: “Are we going back?”

Luzhou: “Going back? To go on a date with Ning Yaqing?”

Xiao Yi: “……”

Xiao Yi: “Go……”

Luzhou: “Up to you.”

Xiao Yi drove the car around the fountain.

Luzhou angrily said: “Change direction! Are you controlling the ferris wheel or spinning the roulette!”

Xiao Yi: “I don’t know where to go……”

Luzhou simply couldn’t  do anything with Xiao Yi: “Don’t you have an opinion of your own? Are you even a man? If I don’t tell you a place to go then you don’t know where to go???”

Xiao Yi thought ‘You are even more whiny than Law Kar-Ying, are you even a man……’ he thought, since you don’t have a destination, then we’ll go play.


(T/N: Law Kar-Ying is a Hong Kong actor. In the film called The Chinese Odysseus 1&2 [Journey to the West, but like a parody] his role was the Longevity monk, he lectured his students [Wukong] non-stop. Xiao Yi is comparing Luzhou to him)


4:00 in the afternoon, Pingtung Dong Fu cableway.

Luzhou was expressionless while sitting in the cable carriage compartment, Xiao Yi called Du Mei to report that the counter-attack plan was completed.

“Is it fun?” Luzhou said with a bored expression.

“Hehe, really fun,” Xiao Yi said: “Let’s take a picture.”
Luzhou: “Get lost!”

The two of them rode the cable car down, it was cold today and it was also the off-season time so there were very few tourists. Xiao Yi found a space with fewer people, Luzhou took off his sunglasses and the two sat looking at the entire Hengdian from a high place.

“I came here before to film <<Blue Mountain Sentiment>>.” Luzhou said, “It was raining heavily, we stayed here for five full days and I was freezing to the point my mother couldn’t even recognize and I still had to hang on the cliff. You watch out for the fans.”

“If someone comes just take a picture with them,” Xiao Yi said: “They love you so much.”

Luzhou said: “What do you know, stop talking nonsense.”

Xiao Yi has been less afraid of Luzhou, Luzhou thought about it then realized and said: “Your gut is getting bigger and bigger these days, you even dare to talk back to me?”

Xiao Yi said: “No, no, I love you!”


Luzhou: “……”


Xiao Yi knew that Luzhou didn’t allow himself to be pushed around, as long as you truly care about him he will only say a few words no matter how you provoke him, and as long as the starting point is good, Luzhou will not become hostile.

Maybe Luzhou lacked a little love in his childhood.

Luzhou sternly said: “I must explain it to you in case you go out and spout nonsense.”

Xiao Yi said: “I never talk nonsense……You shouldn’t feel bothered by the fans, jus hit me if you are in a bad mood.”

“How can I dare!” Luzhou said: “You’ll cry and I’ll lose my image!”


Xiao Yi: “……”


Xiao Yi blushed all over his face, he just got roasted by Luzhou, he thought, ‘This matter when I cried will certainly become a lifelong black history’

Luzhou walked while talking: “I don’t feel bothered, I just want them to be rational.”

In fact, it is hard to find a solution for this proposition.

Luzhou said: “You’re also a fan, why do you love me? You tell me.”

Xiao Yi said: “When you act in a drama, it’s really good, those nonsense drama was saved by you. In the beginning I became your fan because of your beautiful acting.”

Luzhou said: “That’s it, understand? First, doesn’t matter if those dramas are nonsense or not, when little kids see them I want them to watch it, learn from it and do well in school and advance further, not brainlessly chasing their idol around.”

Xiao Yi was a bit surprised, Luzhou pointed to a small stall in the distance and told him to buy some beverage. Xiao Yi bought Luzhou a can of Coke, he took a sip then waved his hand and said: “Don’t say these words to anyone.”

Xiao Yi said: “Can I have an autograph, brother Zhou.”

Luzhou held a pen, looked at Xiao Yi for a moment and attempted to write on his face.


Xiao Yi: “……”


Luzhou only pretended to sign as he only wanted to tease him, he had not touched Xiao Yi’s face with the pen but had already pulled it back.

Xiao Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Luzhou said: “Go find your king of the silver screen.”

‘Don’t be so stingy’ Xiao Yi thought, then left to chase after Luzhou.

They went back after eating dinner, Xiao Yi parked the car then went to the backseat to gather their stuff. Luzhou got off the car but before he get off he glanced over to the driver’s seat and picked up Li Changzheng’s autograph. He got out and shoved it into the trashcan in the corner. After Xiao Yi went back to his room, he suddenly remembered Li Changzheng’s signed autograph and went back to the car.

After looking for a long time he still didn’t find it, Xiao Yi wanted to cry but no tears came out, ‘why isn’t it here? Where is it?’

Xiao Yi lowered his head and headed upstairs, as he walked he saw the corner of a picture sticking out of a trash can in the hallway. He carefully took out the picture and found Li Changzheng’s face covered with his countless footprints from when he stepped on the gas, the following reads: “To Xiao Yi.”


Xiao Yi: “……”


Blue veins popped up on Xiao Yi’s forehead, he violently cursed Luzhou in silence then took the picture and walked up.


Pingtung Dong Fu cableway




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  2. Just imagine how luzhou would pursued xiao yi into bcome bottom…
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  3. hehehe the story is funny … thank you for translating it ….

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  4. I just found this story and I skipped sleeping just to binge read it. It’s really fun, I just couldn’t force myself to stop reading! I love the chemistry between our two main characters. My, how Xiao Yi has grown! He’s super adorable~
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      1. I hope u can continue this story 😊
        Actually I just came here to read Feng Mang but suddenly I found this story so it make me interested to this storyline..


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