Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days (协议搅基30天)


Title: Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days
Author: 林知落
Genre: Modern, university, comedy, sweet

63 chapters 


Two hot boys in F university———Wang Guang Ning and Zhang Ling Yi always compete with each other regardless of any aspect.

From appearance to talent, from popularity to the amount of abdominal muscle, they even pursue the same woman.

Who could have thought the two hotboys, who self-proclaim that they are a lady-killer, was rejected by the same woman completely.

Therefore, they decided that they must take revenge on the socitey——by turning gay.

These two youngster use flipping coin to decide who will be gong, who will be shou and set an agreement of 30 days to be gay together.

(T/N: In Danmei (Chinese BL) Gong = seme/attacker and Shou= uke/receiver)

(In the end they decided who is gong, who is shou based on how much abdominal muscle a person have)

In addition they’re very professional by following《 30 things lover should do》 downloaded online and carefully prepare their first time of being gay.

For example:

Watching movie together……Hey, shou shou, when the scary scene come in remember to lean on my shoulder, understand?

holding each other hand inside a pocket to warm themselves up……Hey, don’t wear that giant military jacket outside, it really embarrassing!


Two straight guys collide with each other and learn how to be gay by studying an unreliable lovers guidebook.

After 30 days, the agreement ended. However, can the two of them return to their normal life like before?



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