Golden Assistant Chapter 12

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

“President Du said not to tell you!” Xiao Yi said: “She doesn’t want it to affect your filming……”

Luzhou was clearly unable to control his anger, he grabbed Xiao Yi’s collar and threw him at the car door. Xiao Yi knocked against the door, the sky spins and the earth goes round.  Earlier when he was pushed down by Luzhou, his elbow scraped against the ground. It was still bleeding.


(T/N: The sky spins, the earth goes round = head spinning around)


Luzhou shouted: “Give me the key!”

Xiao Yi didn’t know where he got the strength from, while muddleheaded he suddenly roared at Luzhou: “I’m not giving it to you–!!!!”

He knew that if he gave the car key to Luzhou, Luzhou would certainly race down the highway at high speed. He was unable to control his own impulses at the moment, it would be troublesome if he by any chance got into an accident.

Luzhou was shocked when Xiao Yi roared at him.

Xiao Yi furiously pushed Luzhou back and kicked his foot.

“You dare to kick me?!” Luzhou bellowed in rage: “Get out of here! You’re fired!!”

Xiao Yi then shouted toward him: “Do you believe that I will run you over and crush you to death!!”


(T/N: The ‘I’ Xiao Yi used is superior)  


Xiao Yi staggered to crawl up, he opened the door to the driver’s seat and got in. Luzhou was surprised, he subconsciously walked toward the curb as if to avoid something, Xiao Yi then drove away leaving Luzhou who was now standing alone in the rain.


Luzhou: “……”


This was the first time Luzhou was being mistreated to this level. He was speechless, he thought for a moment and suddenly found this situation absurd.  

“Good, very good,” Luzhou yelled toward the darkness: “Get out of here!”

After a while the tail light flickered and the SUV slowly reversed.

Xiao Yi opened the door to the passenger seat and glanced at Luzhou.

“Get in the car,” Xiao Yi said.

Luzhou’s impulses disappeared in a split second, in fact, this matter had nothing to do with Xiao Yi, he was just very unfortunate to become Luzhou’s underserved target to vent his anger on.

Luzhou got in the car, he noticed that Xiao Yi’s action was very strange. His movement of steering was very stiff, moreover he was also panting heavily. Luzhou glanced at Xiao Yi and saw tears streaming down his face.

“Are you even a man,” Luzhou had a hard time believing what he saw and said: “You cried just because of this?”

“Say you’re sorry,” Xiao Yi trembled while driving, “Say you are sorry and I’ll forgive you……”

“Fine, fine.” Luzhou said: “I didn’t control myself, I shouldn’t get angry at you.”

Xiao Yi’s face was full of tears, he said: “Uhm.”

Luzhou didn’t speak instead he turned to look at Xiao Yi, he didn’t expect Xiao Yi to actually cry.

It had been a long time since he cried, crying loudly without tears while depressed didn’t count. After graduation he had cried out loud once, 4-5 years has passed since.

‘This is stupid ah……’ Xiao Yi thought, ‘I obviously didn’t do anything wrong, why should I receive a beating, am I an M…..this is stupid.’


(T/N: M = Masochist)


Xiao Yi was panting and panting, then he finally calmed down.

“Pull up ahead,” Luzhou said.

These days Xiao Yi’s mental state was stretched to the point of snapping due to high-intense work, lack of sleep, and stress and fatigue. At this time his limit had reached the end and coupled with what followed he finally had a mental breakdown, but afterward Xiao Yi felt as if he was relieved from a burden.

The car stopped. “I’m sorry,” Xiao Yi said.

Luzhou didn’t reply, he looked a little unnatural.

The two men entered the convenience store, Luzhou said: “Go make two cups of hot coffee.”

Luzhou rubbed his temple tiredly.

Xiao Yi didn’t know where his phone went, he went to pay for the two cups of coffee as Luzhou exited the restroom. They stood outside the convenience store, in front of them is the dim light of the highway they stood side by side before the rain and drank their coffee.

Earlier in the car Xiao Yi had a feeling of being at home, this made him actually cry. ‘It must be an illusion, just forget it.’ His elbow was still bleeding from the time he fell and scraped his skin earlier.

“What are we doing now?” Xiao Yi tried to change the subject, he asked Luzhou carefully. Luzhou looked at Xiao Yi’s bleeding elbow, he immediately went to buy a bottle of distilled water and washed his wounds.

“What can we do?” Luzhou said

“President Du is in Hengdian right now.” Xiao Yi said: “We can find her at night, she must have an idea how to solve this.”

“I’ll see.” Luzhou told Xiao Yi to turn his head toward him and with apologetic eyes he said: “I’m like that, when angry I can’t control myself……I’m sorry, I was too impulsive.”

“It’s nothing.” Xiao Yi said: “Getting beaten by the male god is my honor ah ha ha.”

“You are an M right?” Luzhou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After that they didn’t speak they just drank their coffee. After finishing the coffee Luzhou squeezed the paper cup and threw it into the trashcan, he said: “Let’s go back.”

Xiao Yi suddenly felt tired, the kind of tired after relaxing and releasing all the emotional pressure, he felt very comfortable. He was driving on the way back, Luzhou found the phone that was thrown under the seat, his face was gloomy as he continued to look through the online comments.

“Don’t look at it anymore.” Xiao Yi said: “The more you look, the more it will make you unhappy.”

Luzhou put the phone away and looked out the window in silence.

Xiao Yi said: “You don’t need to pay attention to what people say online. My former editor said: there are all types of people online, they just like to criticize others. If you take it serious you’ll lose.”

Luzhou took a deep breath and replied a little emotionally: “I’m not that kind of person but if worse come to worst we’ll just expose all the stories of Zhang Xinran online, let’s see who is more afraid of who.”

Xiao Yi didn’t answer he was driving attentively through the toll station, he glanced at Luzhou once and then said “Later on don’t quarrel with president Du.”

“I know.” Luzhou said impatiently: “I’ve known her for ten years, I followed her after my debut until now, who do you think you are?”

Xiao Yi gave a self-deprecating smile and said: “Exactly, I’m just ranked as a shrimp who only acts as your punching bag.”


(T/N: Shrimp = small fry)


“I already apologized,” Luzhou said: “Do you want me to kowtow to you?”


(T/N: Kowtow = bow down)


Xiao Yi smiled and waved his hand but he still feel a little sour inside

Luzhou can’t get angry at Du Mei, also can’t get angry at Ning Yaqing’s manager, even more he can’t get angry at Zhang Xinran, without any better option he had to vent his anger on a small assistant like him.

Before in his previous company Xiao Yi was being bullied often, he was cursed at every turn by the editor: ‘don’t want to work anymore then pack up your stuff and leave’. Now even when he changed to a job that makes a lot of money, he still gets scolded, but the boss was more ruthless, beside scolding he even wanted to raise his hand.

Fortunately, Luzhou didn’t aim at him. Some people after getting scolded would think up every possible method to give another person a hard time, Luzhou at least apologized. Xiao Yi optimistically thought, ‘that’s why this job is still better’.

When they arrived in Hengdian it was already 2 o’clock at night.

Du Mei was waiting at the hotel, seeing that Luzhou brought a gloomy expression back, she said: “Have a late meal first then we’ll talk.”

One side of  Xiao Yi’s forehead still had red marks. After the valise was moved, Du Mei glanced at the marks, then she looked at Luzhou with eyes meaning to blame, Luzhou didn’t say anything, he just sat down and ate.

Du Mei’s assistant had fallen asleep. Xiao Yi grabbed a partitioned box and wanted to take it back to his room as Luzhou said: “Wait, sit down.”

Du Mei asked: “You already know?”

“I know.” Luzhou casually ate a few bites then pushed the partitioned box aside, he opened his valise and looked through it. Xiao Yi said: “What are you looking for? I’ll look for it.”

Luzhou said: “You just eat.”

Du Mei said: “It was Ning Yaqing’s manager who spread the news, today I talked with Qi Quan to see if there was anyway to fix this. Qi Quan was completely indifferent, I think he is reluctant to solve this situation.”

“Can we just let it be?” Luzhou suppressed his anger and said: “Can’t I do what I want to?”

Du Mei sighed, she was rubbing her temple with one hand and said: “Think about your image, I know all these years you worked very hard.”

“Are you saying that without her I can’t possibly act?” Luzhou said: “I’ve had enough of these people! No matter what I do they will say I climbed up by clinging to a woman’s thigh! Sister Du, can you endure it?”

While talking Luzhou  pulled out a bottle of Shuang Fei Ren ointment and rubbed it on Xiao Yi’s elbow.


Xiao Yi: “……”


The char siu that filled half of Xiao Yi’s mouth almost fell out.


(T/N: Char siu = barbecue pork)


“What’s the matter?” Du Mei asked.

“Earlier I couldn’t control myself and hit the little brother.” Luzhou pushed Xiao Yi’s hair up, he saw a red spot then pressed his hand down and rubbed it with his palm a few times.


Xiao Yi: “……”


‘What did you say? Little brother? This shouldn’t specifically refer to the “Ma Tsai” kind of brother, right?’ Xiao Yi at once felt a little elated, not only overwhelmed by the favor from a superior but also touched.


(T/N: Ma Tsai = the little brother (underling) of the mafia leader)  


Luzhou finished rubbing the ointment on Xiao Yi’s forehead then sat down on the sofa, he took a deep breath and tirely said: “Whatever, do as you see fit, just don’t let me shake my tail in front of Zhang Xinran, everyone is happy, that’s what she said.”

Du Mei said: “Then you need to think about it, find the right wording to get your point across and gain sympathy. Wait until <<Ironhorse Glaciers Dream>> begins broadcasting, it shouldn’t affect it too much. The mothers like your drama, they won’t be too concerned with what the netizens said.”

Luzhou said: “I don’t want to pull this kind of thing to get promoted again, not with Ning Yaqing, not with anyone, we are all human beings put yourself in someone else’s shoes. I don’t want to get promoted by using a scandal.”

Luzhou rubbed his eyes, then he suddenly said: “Damn it!”

The ointment went into his eyes, Luzhou, like a gust of wind rushed into the bathroom. Xiao Yi laughed, he placed the partitioned box down and went to find a towel for him.

Du Mei said: “Xiao Yi, what kind of person do you think Ning Yaqing is?”

“He doesn’t understand.” Luzhou said impatiently

“Eh.” Xiao Yi said: “My opinion isn’t very reliable……Why not let the PR team discuss it……”

Du Mei said: “You are the PR, there isn’t any PR network, only an outside firm.”

Xiao Yi nearly slipped and said: “Is……that right?”

Du Mei said: “The PR is sleeping in the next room, all day long he keeps suggesting bad ideas, I want to replace him.”

Luzhou said: “I already told you to build a responsible PR team earlier but you don’t listen.”

“In this work, having more people means more mouths.” Du Mei frowned: “The mobility of the staff members is very strong, 8 out of 10 already publicized the information outside, the culprit is that assistant and PR, I’m doing this is for your own good.”

“Can we spend some money to delete the post on Tianya?” Xiao Yi asked: “If not we can look for dian shui jun? I can introduce one to President Du, it’s not expensive, before a singer comes out with a new song, they would look for them.”


(T/N: diǎn shuǐ jun = people who get pay to spam. In English it either mean water army or navy, these are the two translation I got.)


“We have fixed partner companies.” Du Mei said: “It doesn’t matter if I tell you but you have to keep it to yourself, we partner with the same company as Zhang Xinran, they have a good relationship with that sissy Qi Quan.”

Xiao Yi immediately laughed, Du Mei pinched her fingers in the orchid handstyle and said: “He is a sissy but in this circle even straight men act like a sissy, ahem, how can they compare with our Luzhou, our Luzhou is a man that is able to support both heaven and earth——”


(T/N: Able to support both heaven and earth = having indomitable spirit)


Xiao Yi laughed until his stomach ached, he collapsed on the sofa then came back up, he didn’t expect Du Mei to also have such malicious intention. Luzhou sat down on the sofa with a black line going down the side of his forehead, Xiao Yi asked: “Why do straight men want to act like sissies?”

“Because of the female boss, manager, PR, ah, producer and so on.” Du Mei said: “Girls are usually more friendly with GAY men, they get along better when talking and also…….their tone is different, they get along more naturally with other women.”

“Oh……” Xiao Yi thought ‘So this is the case, lan hua zhi could also be a woman’s best friend’


(T/N: Lan Hua Zhi: it mean orchid handstyle which refer to gay)


Du Mei said: “Wait until the drama broadcasts, we still have to plan a mai fu with Wung Heng Gu, post some hints on weibo, find a couple of VIP ID to promote the CP, you should be mentally prepared Luzhou.”


(T/N: Mai fu is fanservice between two men)


Luzhou: “……”

Xiao Yi thought, ‘people really want to maifu with Luzhou, for what reason is Wung Heng Gu allowed to maifu with Luzhou, ah!!!’

Du Mei said: “You don’t need to worry about this, when that time comes just control your blood pressure and pretend that you didn’t see anything.”

Xiao Yi looked sympathetically at Luzhou, Luzhou said: “You want me and that guy from xuan xiu to appear together, kissing on the lips and face?! This is sick!”


(T/N: Xuan Xiu = competition on TV like American’s got talent and so on)


(T/N: Xiu Xing = a person who gain fame from xuan xiu)


Xiao Yi thought ‘how did that xiu xing offend you, that xiu xing also have fans okay, his fans love him very much, they even put money together to build him a house and bought an ancient phone for him, unlike you, you can’t even coax your fans, news just came out today and a whole group of fans turned into anti-fans, wanting to come and splash paint at your door’


(T/N: Xiu Xing = a person who gain fame from competition (xuan xiu)


Du Mei said: “I won’t ask you to kiss on the lips or face.”

Du Mei had a resigned expression on her face, Luzhou said: “Forget it, let it be, tomorrow I still have to film.”

Du Mei said: “The whole script is complete but there are some problems, the screenwriter and producer will make several changes, tomorrow you guys can take a day off.”

When Xiao Yi heard this, it was like a welcomed rain after a long drought.


(T/N: Welcomed rain after a long drought = A desire that been keep for so long finally it is being fulfilled/satisfied)


“Have have have……a day off?” Xiao Yi even suspected that he heard it wrong.

“You have worked hard.” Du Mei said: “Tomorrow take a day off, let Luzhou take you out to play.”

Xiao Yi’s eyes turned hollow at once, before when he had a week off he didn’t cherish it and complained that it was too short! Now when hearing about having day off, he couldn’t believe his own ears.

Having Du Mei here in the evening, she could appease Luzhou so Xiao Yi wasn’t worried at all. The next morning Xiao Yi was still asleep when there was a brutal knock on his door.

Luzhou wore a black tank top with briefs standing barefoot outside, looking straight at his face.

“Oh.” Xiao Yi was also wearing briefs, his eyes going around in a circle.

Xiao Yi: “?”

Luzhou pointed to the watch on his wrist, as Xiao Yi sobered up, he thought ‘Getting up early in the morning and you still remember how to put on a watch ah, you got up and then came over here with your watch to intimidate me?’

Xiao Yi: “What are you doing?”

Luzhou who stood in the hallway, shouted: “What time is it! You’re still sleeping! Do you want to get fired!”

The opposite door is opened, Luzhou immediately pushed Xiao Yi inside and moved inside with him.

Xiao Yi was leaning against the sofa drooling, he was still immersed in his dream of becoming a big star. He was serving as Luzhou’s cannon fodder, displaying a rich expression and agile skill in front of the camera—— A producer with a keen perception for heroes had taken a fancy to Xiao Yi. As a result he was given a supporting role in a movie, the movie then become popular and Xiao Yi rose to fame. The tide rises, the boat floats, he then obtain a leading role. After taken the rough and rugged paths of life, Xiao Yi eventually won the acting king award, holding a golden statue with the left arm around Ning Yaqing and the right arm around Zhang Xinran, standing on the Oscar-winning stage giving a short speech……

“A thank you, to my assistant Luzhou! Without him I wouldn’t be here today……:”

And so on, but it seems like there is something wrong.

“Isn’t today a day off? Xiao Yi tried to restore his focus with great effort. Luzhou stood in front of him with his long legs, sturdy chest, feet curling upward, looking at Xiao Yi with a bored to death expression.

“The day off is for me.” Luzhou said: “I’m still alive, who allowed you to have a day off?”


Xiao Yi: “……”


“Yes.” Xiao Yi said: “What are his majesty orders, your servant will do it at once.”

Luzhou said impatiently: “Go brush your teeth and wash your face! Then lunch! What are you thinking!”

Shuang Fei Ren ointment


Thank you for waiting <3<3



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  1. suddenly yi yi’s dream remind me of a korean movie about a manager that became an actor and have more popularity than his assigned actor.. heheh
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      1. ahh the actor is not too handsome… but the ending is rather unexpected.. so it’s pop into my mind XD but seriously it’s not that good 😦


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