You Shu (有姝)


Title: You Xu
Author: 风流书呆
Genre: Travel through time, transmigrate, rebirth, going through different time period from ancient—->modern, using Qing dynasty book of tales of the supernatural as reference, ghost, magic, love story stretch over many lifetimes, through time and space, incantation, exorcism, MC from  weak->strong.

You = There is

Xu = a beauty

the title could be translated as There is a beauty, but I feel like I should just leave it as You Xu.

148 chapters long


There was once a beauty, he keep having bad luck, therefore he urgently need to held onto a golden thigh……

Ik the summary doesn’t really tell you guys much, so here is my summary: 

Coming from the future period when the world is ending, our MC have supernatural power of extremely high IQ, he LOVE to eat and always think about eating and surviving. He travel through time to the world where supernatural exist, fortunately, not only he have a high IQ, all of his attribute is showed on his face (Which mean he is a beauty), letting him find a sturdy golden thigh. One lifetime passed then another pass, from a tiny pitiful person getting bully by demons and ghosts, he evolved into devil, making demons and ghosts sad/afraid when seeing him. The MC is astute but occasionally clumsy.

Golden Thigh = someone extremely powerful

There is 8 or 9 lifetimes they will go through, the two always stay loyal to their lover.

Each lifetimes = 1 books

The MC lover is born under the emperor constellation, that’s mean he will be a king in his lifetime.

Every lifetimes start after 600 years passed, both MC will then meet again in a new lifetime.

I really don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll leave it here. Hope it give you a little something about this story.

I’m thinking of translating this one after GA, from what I read so far, it really interesting ❤ ❤

If you guys want to know more about this story feel free to ask me 🙂





20 thoughts on “You Shu (有姝)

    1. I want to translate two at the same time, right now my three choice are
      Waiting for you Online, You Xu and agreement of 30 days being gay, I had read a couple of chapters for each and they are all good. I’m currently deciding 🙂


      1. Hmm i think just choose youxu because polarberadise doesn’t have one of translated ancient theme in this site . I want to help but i couldn’t read chinese hahaha and my english is poor too


      2. I really like you xu, when I read the review for it, I really want to start translate it immediately but I stop myself because my schedule is tight. In June I’ll be free and at that time, I will post the my final decision 🙂


  1. You always find such amazing sounding novels and there is no one to help you translate them. I wish I was able to translate because I would totally help with all these amazing books!! But I guess I can also just support from the side and cheer you on XP


  2. I love all of this author’s novel. (both normal and yaoi)
    I’d read this in raw too. (i.e. read by using google translate)
    it very long but engaging. I’m eagerly waiting for her new novel. this author very famous, right?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. for yaoi, I’d recommend “Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil” 《快穿之打脸狂魔》 but many people had said about it. so the next enjoyable novel
        1. 末世重生之少主横行 .. ancient wear modern in eschatology time. NP. a bit drama.
        2.《神造》 future+armor. a couple of first chapter I’d read with boredom, think it rather cliche. after unexpected twist it became a nice read.

        for normal MF novel, I strongly recommend 宫斗不如养条狗 when the Emperor wear a puppy ….
        all of her works at风流书呆/


  3. This novel looks really interesting! I should go read it XD. By the way, isn’t 姝 pronounced as shu rather than xu? Or is there some special meaning here? Sorry to be picky, it’s just I happened to have a friend with that name.


    1. Yes yes, you’re right! I don’t know why I put Xu instead of Shu when their meaning are different 😅😅. I’ll fix it soon, thank you for pointing out my mistake ❤❤


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