Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy (袁先生总是不开心)

Title: Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy
Author: 徐徐图之
Genre: Modern, BL

86 chapters long


Mr. Yuan been FA for 27 years, having unrequited love for N times without any result. At last he finally met his true love Mr. Zheng, but Mr. Zheng is a breast enthusiast, therefore he have no choice but to buy boxes and boxes of ……pasties breast.

Mr.Zheng is 186 cm, like white skin and big breasts for 30 years, unexpectedly fall in love with Mr. Yuan, wheat color skin and flat-chested, moreover he is 189 cm. Since then he and the insoles have to be kind and love one another everyday.

Mr. Zheng is an illegitimate child from a rich and powerful family, Mr. Yuan is rank 3 celebrity. However, this story doesn’t involve family grudges and barely involved the showbiz world.【Ha Ha Ha

Sweet love story, day-to-day account, pampering each others, affection increases everyday.






11 thoughts on “Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy (袁先生总是不开心)

    1. I would love to, but I have to think about it because I currently have a project I’m translating and barely have time to translate. I’ll see how long each chapter of LMW is and if within my ability to translate. Plus I also need to ask S3ri for her permission 🙂

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      1. I send msgs to s3ri. But she isnt onpine this days since her last update. I really loved the novel. Huhuhuhu tnx senpai. Ill try to read your works later. After im done re-reading TLMW. Im currently in chapter 150


      2. I don’t know or speak Chinese either, I use Chinese dictionary translation site and Vietnamese source to translate my novel, maybe she use the same method like my (w/ different language source) or some other way to translate, I’m not really sure 🙂

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      3. Have you finish the novel yet? I heard from a frwnd that the paradise realm arc will end at 205. I asked him to maybe translate it but said his busy. Huhuhuhuuhu have you considered translating it? 😜😝😝😝😭😭😭😘😘😘


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