Golden Assistant Chapter 11

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Xiao Yi admired Ning Yaqing, he thought ‘other people also want the male god’s nasal mucus to be dropped on their face……’

“Okay, this is the last time filming this scene, make it good!” The director said: “The sun is descending, we can’t film anymore after that!”

This last time filming Xiao Yi isn’t in the mood to watch, he is afraid Luzhou will find out that everyone is talking about him. Fortunately Du Mei will come tomorrow, everything will be fine when they leave after filming the outdoor scene.

When Luzhou was about to get into the car he sneezed, making Xiao Yi worry, he asked: “How did it get that serious?”

“I didn’t sleep well last night,” Luzhou said: “Is there any cold medicine? After one night of sleep it will go away.”

“I’m sorry for today,” Luzhou then apologized to the crowd, his voice was a little husky.

“It’s nothing!” The coordinator laughed.

“It’s nothing!”  The director said: “You did very well!”

Luzhou then went into the car and took off his costume and makeup, after that he tiredly leaned against the seat. The mountain was damp. When they arrived at the hotel, they had to turn on the air condition.

Xiao Yi headed downstairs to cook, the coordinator asked him to cook some ginger porridge. A few people in the crew caught a cold, each person then drank a bowl of ginger porridge.

Xiao Yi carried a bowl of porridge upstairs for Luzhou, then headed to his room and called Du Mei, she was probably on the airplane right now, her phone was turned off. He then called the company, Lin Yao picked up the phone. Lin Yao told him to not worry too much, Du Mei will clean up the mess.  

Xiao Yi went back to Luzhou’s room and saw that he was drinking the porridge, he asked: “You’re not taking a bath today?”

“Ah, no.” Luzhou looked weak and dispirited from the cold, like a tiger unable to spit its fire, he said: “You can go eat.”

“Du Mei is coming tonight.” Xiao Yi said

“I know.” Luzhou replied.

After drinking the porridge, Luzhou swallowed a cold medicine then fell asleep. Xiao Yi was afraid that his fever will worsen in the middle of the night, so he brought his blanket and pillow over and spread it on the floor. Xiao Yi poured a glass of water for Luzhou, then laid on the ground to sleep.

Two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, Xiao Yi heard a voice in the corridor and woke up in a daze. He looked at the time on his phone, then stood up and touched Luzhou’s forehead, no fever. Xiao Yi snuggled into his blanket again and surfed Tianya. On Tianya everyone was cursing Luzhou, often when an artist is cheating, having a break up or a divorce, it will turn into a grand feast of gossip.

“Wang Feng is in the headlines today?” Luzhou coldly asked in the dark.

Xiao Yi was shocked, he didn’t expect Luzhou to also wake up, he asked: “Are you feeling better?”

Luzhou turned on the light and said: “Earlier who was outside the corridor?”

Xiao Yi said: “I don’t know……it could be the lights crew.”

Luzhou said: “In the morning they didn’t film probably, now at night they’re making all kinds of noises, it’s annoying to death.”

Luzhou laid down, rolled up in his blanket, then extended his head out, it was messy like a hedgehog. Xiao Yi asked: “Are you thirsty?”

“Why did you run over to my room?” Luzhou looked Xiao Yi up and down suspiciously and said: “You’re not thinking of taking advantage of me right?”

“I was afraid your fever will worsen.” Xiao Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Luzhou wrapped himself in his blanket like a cocoon, Xiao Yi thought that if he have the strength to speak, then he should be recuperate. Xiao Yi turned off the light and surfed Weibo in the dark.

“Bring me the phone, what is the hot news today? Why is everyone surfing the site?” Luzhou suspiciously asked.

“Monday, ah, the major media headlines.” Xiao Yi said, “I’ll read it to you, the popular news are the following:”

“China’s most handsome elder brother in the convenience store with his baby younger brother…..”

“The story of a nanny impressed China……”

“Toilet cleaner contain white vinegar……”

Luzhou: “Entertainment.”

“#Iron_horse_glaciers, pictures of fans visiting the studio.” Xiao Yi opened a picture that a fan had taken secretly while feeling very scared and on edge, he said: “You look very handsome.”

Xiao Yi then got up to hold the cellphone for Luzhou to see. Luzhou was half-believing half-doubting as he took a look at the phone. In the picture was him wearing the costume of Liao, standing sideways and talking to Xiao Yi.

Luzhou was about to turn the page, but Xiao Yi took the phone away.

“See what the anti-fans said.” Luzhous said.

Xiao Yi thought ‘That was dangerous, just a little bit more and Luzhou will flip over to the comment section and see that people are cursing at him.’ He said without giving it a second thought: “How can there be that many anti-fans, you are even more popular than Yuan.”

(T/N: Yuan = Chinese currency)

Xiao Yi attentively scroll down the comment section and saw a comment from a fan, praising the person next to Luzhou as also very handsome, at once, making him feel elated. After that there is more than ten comments asking who he is. Xiao Yi thought to himself, ‘Is it possible, that I’m well-known now? They said I’m handsome!’ because of that he felt self-satisfied, his pair of green eyes was glowing, he then continued scrolling down thousands of comments to look for the one mentioning him.

Unfortunately the result isn’t much, almost all the comments was cursing Luzhou for standing with each foot in a different boat.

(T/N: Standing with each foot in a different boat = To have two lovers at the same time)

Xiao Yi wanted to say something but then heard a snoring sound, Luzhou was asleep.

‘Lucky’, Xiao Yi then snuggled in his blanket, the light coming from the phone shone on his face, he surfed Tianya, forum, Weibo. A whole group of people was accusing Luzhou of being a slag. These news is like a time bomb, he didn’t know when Luzhou would find out and flare up.

(T/N: Slag = a person who sleep behind his/her partner’s back with numerous men/women, with no feeling whatsoever for the people he/she is hurting)

Xiao Yi suddenly felt very, very hurt, he thought that Luzhou was actually pitiful.

Some people actually did nothing wrong but others always make their life difficult, while some people is unscrupulous, gain popularity, eat delicious food and drink hard liquor.

(T/N: Eat delicious food and drink hard liquor = To live well)


Another day passed, there was a large quantity of scenes they needed to film. After a month of filming, whether actors or staff members, they all already drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road. Luzhou has already restored some of his spirit, his first scene is riding a horse across the mountain, then an ambush scene, a marching scene and a killing scene.

(T/N: Drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road = To do something routinely and with ease)

Luzhou slowly swung his sword down, the cannon fodder exaggerated a *Pu* sound, then spun around and dropped to the ground. The scene was speed up by Hou Qi, that’s why the scene of Luzhou fighting against 5-6 people was completely in slow motion, Xiao Yi thought it was hilarious.

A moment later, the director and Hou Qin laughed and said: “Xiao Yi, why don’t you also join in.”

“What……what?” Xiao Yi was overwhelmed by the favor from a superior, he asked: “I can?”

“Go reveal your face,” The director said: “It’s alright.”

Xiao Yi stared dumbfounded, ‘I can really be on TV?!’

The supporting casts was changing clothes in a room on the other side. Xiao Yi immediately went over and changed into a soldier costume, on the back of it there was a giant ‘gold’ character. Xiao Yi was cursing inside ‘This looks ridiculous’ but being on TV was very exciting therefore he ran out of the make-up car like a wild dog.

Luzhou was in the middle of punching like a person from the nursing home in Nanshan and kicking like a kid from the kindergarten in Beihai. Suddenly someone jumped in, Luzhou was about to grab that person’s collar and punch in slow motion, when he saw Xiao Yi brimming of expectation with a sunflower like smile on his face.

(T/N: Luzhou is punching like an elderly person and kick like a kid)

Luzhou: “……”

Xiao Yi: “……”

They instantly looked at each other face to face

“Cut!” The director said: “That was good!”

Luzhou was still tugging at Xiao Yi’s collar, he tilted his head, said pitifully toward the director: “How can you cut! I, your servant hasn’t finished acting yet!!”

Luzhou: “Again!”

The director had no choice but to film the end of this scene again, Luzhou swing his sword a few times, Xiao Yi was immediately startled, he thought ‘Luzhou really has skill!’

They fought and Xiao Yi was being pushed back by Luzhou, exaggerated his scream and then lay on the ground.

Luzhou was taken aback and said: “This isn’t recording live, why are you screaming so hard?”

Xiao Yi was lying on the ground, motionless and hold up the ‘Yeah’ hand sign toward Luzhou.

(T/N: ‘Yeah’ hand sign = is the ‘V’ hand sign)

The director said to all the supporting role of cannon fodder: “Go up.”

Luzhou then took turns to strike a few of them down, the director then shouted cut, the scene of A Baoji being besieged was finished. Xiao Yi was still lying on the ground with his back facing up, fulfilling his part as a corpse and did not dare to move randomly.

“Let’s go eat!” Luzhou loudly said: “Get up!”

Xiao Yi chuckled as he got up and said: “How was the scene?”

The coordinator give Xiao Yi the phone and said: “Tomorrow you can come to the editing room to look at it.”

Xiao Yi was completely looking forward to it, Luzhou however didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Xiao Yi was aware that earlier Luzhou did a good deed to his benefit as a reward for him. Luzhou was especially clashing his sword with him a few times, after striking he even let Xiao Yi face the lens, this simply moved people! Because of that he brought along a thousand thanks and ten thousand gratitudes and hurriedly followed Luzhou.

Today there was still a night scene, all the outdoor mountain scenes already finished in the afternoon. Everyone was under great pressure including the director, they all began to catch up with the schedule a little, almost every scene was only filmed once then they moved on, if it wasn’t good then later it would be handed over to the editor.

Xiao Yi thought ‘What kind of director is this, why does he keep pushing everything to the editor, is the editor some kind of superhuman? Whatever turned out bad they will wait for the editor to fix it. It seems that in theatrical work, the one who is tough as a nail isn’t the screenwriter, isn’t the director, nor the main actor and actresses; the real BOSS behind the scenes is the editor ah! Why isn’t there an oscar award for best editor, the trophy could be shaped like a bear holding scissors……this is simply defiance of the natural order.

(T/N: Technically what Xiao Yi said mean that the director is responsible for making sure all the scenes are good, but instead of doing that the director pushed all that responsibility to the editor, which isn’t what the director should do. Make sense???)

Ning Yaqing has improved a lot, she was better than when she first entered the studio.

Only Luzhou was still flustered when filming the romantic scene with Ning Yaqing. Fortunately the scene was filmed at night, bonfire was lit, the light illuminated in all directions, with a reflective plate facing the two faces, moving from bright to dark. Because of that Luzhou didn’t need to emphasize his expression as much.

After filming the night scene, everyone headed down the mountain together, and after eating dinner it was already 7 o’clock. They then drove on the road back to Hengdian in the night, therefore tomorrow they could start filming immediately without resting.

Just before entering the car, Xiao Yi took a last glance at his phone.

The current trend on the forum is:

——Lu fa cai is a tyrannical evil mad dog.

——Two-timing male slag irresponsible in relationships with woman.

——LOW thunder drama lord Luzhou.

——News of ‘eating soft rice’ in the film and entertainment world, leader Luzhou, following the law left and right XX,XXX……

(T/N: Fa Cai = someone who want to get rich. They are saying Luzhou are thirst for money/riches)

(T/N: Thunder drama refer to a poor quality drama or a drama that was supposed to be about history but that history part was made up while using the same name of the historical figures)

(T/N: Eating soft rice = A man clinging to his woman and depend on them for benefits in life. In Luzhou case, the fans is saying he depend on Xinran for fame/promotion)

Three days of filming outdoors has ended, everyone hurriedly got into their car, driving back like fighting a battle to Hengdian. Xiao Yi drove while Luzhou sat in the back seat and said: “Give me your phone.”

Xiao Yi was startled, remembered the events and immediately said: “There isn’t any data.”

“Is there any game?” Luzhou asked

Xiao Yi said: “No.”

Luzhou said: “Give it, I will put my sim card in.”

“Your sim card is in the wallet,” Xiao Yi said

“Just give it!” Luzhou said

Xiao Yi had to oblige and handed over the wallet and phone to Luzhou while driving with one hand holding onto the steering wheel, Luzhou said: “You concentrate on driving.”

Xiao Yi said: “At night playing game without any lights is bad……”

Luzhou paid no attention to him and put in his sim card. Xiao Yi thought ‘This is the end, my life is finished, I’m not praying for much, please just play your game, playing the game is really fun……’ In the end Luzhou’s hand movement showed that he was surfing Weibo.

Xiao Yi began to pay silent tribute to himself.

“You……” Luzhou’s voice was a bit strange.

“Yes?” Xiao Yi said: “Brother Zhou……what happened?”

“Nothing,” Luzhou’s voice instantly dropped to freezing point, “You keep driving.”

Luzhou took a deep breath, Xiao Yi’s whole body trembled, but he had to focus on the road because the highway was very dangerous. Before he hardly ever drove, let alone driving at high speed? If they were driving inside the city then it is tolerable, but right now the roads are slippery due to rain.

“Stop, I’m driving.” Luzhou said

“No,” Xiao Yi replied

“You dare to oppose me!” Luzhou bellowed

Xiao Yi didn’t speak and acted like he didn’t hear anything. The yellow lights from the car illuminated the dark road ahead, Luzhou threw the phone and shouted: “I said stop the car!”

Xiao Yi said: “How can I stop on the highway?! Let me find a gas station then I’ll pull over!”

He didn’t know where Luzhou threw the phone, Xiao Yi just worried looked at Luzhou from the rearview mirror. Noises were coming from the backseat, clearly Luzhou was smashing something, Xiao Yi just didn’t know what he was smashing.

Xiao Yi trembled and stopped the car by the roadside stop, Luzhou got out of the car then went to open the door to the driver’s seat. Xiao Yi immediately pulled the key out and moved to the passenger seat and got off. Luzhou circled from the front to the back, Xiao Yi thought ‘My life is finished, this time Luzhou will vent all his anger on me’

“Where is the key?” Luzhou’s face darkened.

The sky was drizzling with winter rain and the wind was cold to the bone, Xiao Yi put away the key and said: “I can’t let you drive. President Du won’t let you drive, afraid that you will be impulsive!”

“Give me the key!” Luzhou bellowed

Luzhou pushed Xiao Yi making him fall down, Luzhou then grabbed his collar and shouted: “You already knew! You bastard! The whole crew are seeing me as a joke!”



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