Golden Assistant Chapter 10

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

A month ago, his hair was disheveled, he was sitting wearily at home and feeling dispirited.

Everyday he sat in the office like a good-for-nothing piece of log and suffered from the scolding and spitting from his leader. Now he was next to the male god, pushing the car together with him, even though he still got scolded everyday but the happiness was incomparable.


‘I love this job’ Xiao Yi thought.


“Thank you, brother Zhou.” Xiao Yi said, then he turned around and exerted all his strength to push the car. Anger was clearly visible on Luzhou’s face, he also used all his strength to push the car, with the combined power of two people they managed to remove the car from the ditch filled with mud.

“Stop, stop,stop!” Luzhou was overwhelmed with shock, “If we push the car any more, it will roll down the mountain!”

The two were exhausted and struggled to drive from the hillside to the parking lot at the foot of the hill. Luzhou went to take a bath while Xiao Yi was still wearing his clothes that stank of the smell of sweat mixed with rain. He went to cook, after he finished preparing he retreated to his room to take a bath.


The crew arrived back at the hotel.


Xiao Yi’s hair was dripping wet and still hadn’t been wiped dry. Wearing a pair of slippers, his hand lightly flushed from the cold, he grabbed a steel tray and lined up in the canteen. Earlier when he pushed the car with Luzhou, he unexpectedly realized something, the feeling of happiness for his current job made him brim with vitality.

He began to understand why he couldn’t move forward in his previous job, because he felt that the prospects for the future were slim and vague……Not only didn’t he have the passion or love for his job, even if he loved his job it was still far from enough.

“Xiao Yi, everyday you look so happy.” The stylist’s assistant teased him, “You’re really hardworking.”

“Ah!” Xiao Yi laughed, “You’re flattering me.”

“His character is very good.” Ning Yaqing’s activities assistant, an older sister, said: “Because of Luzhou, you are always busy hurrying forward and backward, this is your first time and you already understand how to take initiative like that, it really has been hard on you.”

“Everyone is the same.” Xiao Yi said, “It has been hard for everyone, but it is also fun.”

Xiao Yi received his meal portion then sat near the doorway to eat.

After he was done eating, he washed his tray and cleaned up Luzhou’s leftover food.

Luzhou was lying in his bed, Xiao Yi said: “Do you want to use the phone? I already told Xiao Lin to buy you a new one and immediately send it over.”


(T/N: Xiao Lin is one of the assistant name)


“Tell him not to come,” Luzhou said, “Talk to me about it later when we go back, these days I’m not in the mood to contact the outside world.”

Xiao Yi let out a sound of approval, he then took out the Ipad, Luzhou suddenly said: “Is my acting in the romantic scene that bad?”


Xiao Yi: “……”


Xiao Yi thought ‘Why do you still care about this?’ However, since Luzhou said that, Xiao Yi quickly used the Ipad to search for several previous MV clips that he edited before for Luzhou to view.”

Xiao Yi said: “Brother Zhou, I previously was an editor for this music clip site, editing MV, in fact I think the subject of love, try to look at the emotions showing in the person’s eyes and their actions, as well as the atmosphere from beginning to end.”

Luzhou glanced at the Ipad indifferently. Xiao Yi clicked on an MV that portrayed love, all of the scene involved a male and female kissing, while the background music played Summer Love by Enya, Xiao Yi said: “Look at this, take this scene as an example, it is very classic the love between human and ghost still hasn’t ended.”

“They only pay attention to one another, the male and female are very intoxicated.” Xiao Yi said.

Luzhou somehow looked at the MV, but also at Xiao Yi, he said: “Isn’t Zhang Xinran and I also like that? What’s the difference?”

“Ah……” Xiao Yi said: “One thing is different, I feel like when you face her, you’re a little nervous.”

Xiao Yi picked another one, ‘Love of Siam’, the scene of two teenage boys kissing is also a classic, Luzhou suddenly realized something.


Luzhou said: “I don’t like looking face to face with my enemy.”


“Haiz!” Xiao Yi laughed: “Yes, a little.”

Luzhou entwined all of his 10 fingers together, he was wearing a bathrobe and a pair of slippers, he sat on the couch lost in thought. Xiao Yi turned on the dehumidifier, after a moment Luzhou got up and paced around the room, Xiao Yi said: “Actually I feel like there are many ways to express love, some people like being pressed against the door, some like hearing flirtatious words next to their ear…… There’s also another way……”

Xiao Yi grabbed the collar of Luzhou’s bathrobe, he used him as a demonstration in bed, he lowered his head close to Luzhou then got up and shyly said: “My girlfriend liked that. This kind of method……is very urgent, looking at each other face to face, ah, everything will be forgotten, the world inside their eyes is really beautiful……”


Luzhou: “……”


Xiao Yi: “……”


Luzhou got up, one hand wrapped around Xiao Yi’s waist he pushed him down on the table, staring attentively into his eyes, he raised his eyebrow and said: “Like this?”

Luzhou suddenly leaned against Xiao Yi making his heart jump, the way Luzhou looked at him was completely different, but with the emotion showing in his eyes even men would fall into their enemy’s hands. He immediately pushed Luzhou away and said: “No……No not like that, but your expression is similar.”


Luzhou thought for a moment and said: “Your work is done.”


Earlier when Luzhou pressed against him, his heart raced crazily, he was moved. Xiao Yi thought that Luzhou really was an idol of the entire population of both male and female, he was very hard to resist. Being pressed down by him, there was nothing to ‘that’, Xiao Yi just instinctively felt he was being controlled and would happily submit.

This feeling may be because he worshipped the male god, nothing to do with ‘that’. Just outright admiration.

“I’ll…… go to sleep now” Xiao Yi said: “Tomorrow we will wake up early right?

Luzhou said: “Wait, come here.”

Xiao Yi: “??????”

Luzhou: “Sit.”

Xiao Yi followed his order, Luzhou then pulled a chair and sat in front of him, held his hand and said: “I want to try, don’t be nervous.”


Xiao Yi: “!!!”


Xiao Yi: “No, no male god, although I admire you brother……brother Zhou, my love for you won’t fade even if I die, but this isn’t really suitable……”

“What are you talking about!” Luzhou said: “Don’t tell me I have to fall in love first to act?! I, when acting even monkey and dog, I had held before, the one that is being taken advantage of is me, I was being taken advantage of all right!”

Xiao Yi was motionless, Luzhou said: “Show some reaction, imagine yourself as the female lead.”


Xiao Yi: “Yes……yes.”


Luzhou seemed deeply in love with him, he gazed attentively into Xiao Yi’s eyes, wrapping his big hand around his and caressing it with his finger, Xiao Yi got goosebumps all over his body.

“Pay attention.” Luzhou said: “Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking about.”

*Puff*……Xiao Yi couldn’t hold back his laughter, looking at Luzhou’s bored face and said: “Didn’t you laugh while acting?”


(T/N: Xiao Yi refer to when Luzhou laughed while acting a scene with Ning Yaqing)


Luzhou said: “Only useless people laugh while acting, laughing everyday, believing they are cute, cute my a**! Everyone in the crew works hard the whole day, a laugh will ruin everything, they hate anyone who laugh while acting, if you like laughing that much, why don’t you go eat some Xiao Yao San! Be serious!”


(T/N: Xiao Yao San – It a poison called Three-death laugh powder, the ingredients is snakes, scorpions, poisonous toads, centipedes and poisonous spider. When taken your body won’t feel any discomfort but peculiar laughter will appear. When laughed three-times it will become immediately fatal. )


‘Really?’ Xiao Yi thought. Everyone actually hated actors who often laughed, indeed actors could think that they were funny,  but once NG’ed, the whole scene had to be repeated and the staff definitely didn’t think that was funny.

Luzhou took a deep breath, Xiao Yi realized he was serious, he then adjusted his mentality and imagined that he was Luzhou’s lover.

Although this was very strange, but toward Luzhou, Xiao Yi had a little bit of admiration, it was easy to substitute it with love.

Luzhou was silent, he lowered his eyes and looked at the back of Xiao Yi’s hand then tightly grabbed ahold of it.  

“For life or for death, I’ll hold your hand, and age with you, Shulu Ping……” Luzhou’s voice was magnetic, he than looked up at Xiao Yi’s eyes. Xiao Yi held the back of Luzhou’s fingers, Luzhou moved closer to him, their breathing intertwined.


Xiao Yi: “……”


The gentle eyes that could mesmerize people only appeared from distinctive men like Luzhou, it forced Xiao Yi’s breathing to stop. He stared into Luzhou’s eyes, the occurrence that followed after that threw Xiao Yi into chaos.


They were holding each other’s hands, breathing intertwined, Xiao Yi became ‘hard’……


Xiao Yi’s whole face flushed red. His reaction wasn’t that bad, but somehow Luzhou was influenced by it and also flushed, he then immediately released Xiao Yi’s hand.


Luzhou: “You……”


Xiao Yi was embarrassed to death, he said: “I’ll go back to my room.” He then got up and quickly ran away.

Xiao Yi went back to his room, while taking a bath there were three black lines  (-_-|||)

going down his forehead. This was the first time he had ever felt like that, it was too strange! Luzhou was really evilly charming ah ah ah! Even men would respond to him.

After the bath, he suddenly remembered that he forgot his phone. He carefully went into Luzhou’s room and saw that the window was open while Luzhou sat on the bed in a daze and trembled a little.

“Why didn’t you closed the window?” Xiao Yi said: “Be careful or else you’re going to catch a cold.”

Xiao Yi went over to close the window, Luzhou looked at him.

Xiao Yi still feeling a little awkward, said “I’m going to sleep, good night brother Zhou.”

“Uhm, go to bed early.” Luzhou said.

After Xiao Yi came out he was relieved, he thought he was fortunate. That evening, Xiao Yi surfed the site on his phone, because the signal was unstable, pictures would take a long time to load. He then looked at the picture that the fans posted when visiting the studio, when he was getting ready for bed, Du Mei called.

“What is the situation over there?” Du Mei asked.

Xiao Yi truthfully reported the situation, Du Mei said: “Tomorrow, I’ll come to Hengdian, at that time I’ll go find you.”

Xiao Yi at once felt like the mother-in-law was coming to investigate her daughter-in-law, he thought to himself ‘I’m dead, why is she coming for an inspection?’ Du Mei said: “Did Qi Quan call you?”

“Not yet,” Xiao Yi said: “Do I need to call to apologize?”

Du Mei said: “Call later. If Qi Quan calls then you have to use your words carefully, apologizing is your priority, but even if you apologize it is no use, leave it for now.”

Xiao Yi hung up the phone, tomorrow was monday, another week had passed again. If he calculated the time he had been in Hengdian for nearly a month, in less than two months Luzhou’s schedule would be over.

This time when following Luzhou here, he learned a lot and later there was still much to learn……Xiao Yi thought while turning off the light, he then entered dreamland.

The next day at eight, after he drove Luzhou up the mountain, the coordinator Lu approached Xiao Yi and asked: “Xiao Xiao, do your phone have any signal?”

Xiao Yi immediately took it out and said: “Yes, do you need it?”

The coordinator whispered: “Look at Weibo.”


Xiao Yi: “??????”


Xiao Yi was planning to drive down to the market and buy some ginger. In the morning when Luzhou woke up, he had a runny nose, buying ginger soup could help him and the entire crew to fend off the cold.  Xiao Yi was surfing Weibo while driving down the mountain, suddenly his brain immediately buzzed—-

The major headlines on the entertainment site were pictures of Ning Yaqing nestled against Luzhou!

Xiao Yi didn’t know what to say at the moment, ‘Wasn’t the plan postponed?! How did this issue appear?!

Xiao Yi immediately called Du Mei, the other line was busy. After a while Du Mei finally picked up: “I have seen it, you have to be calm no matter what, don’t let Luzhou know about this, I will go find the head of the entertainment section.”

Xiao Yi said: “Then on Zhang Xinran’s side……”

“First we’ll do that.” Du Mei said.

Du Mei apparently didn’t even step foot onto the airplane and immediately had to handle the matter regarding Luzhou. Xiao Yi was still amidst the clouds and mist, he thought, ‘Right now Tianya is probably in an uproar’.


(T/N: Amidst in the clouds and mist – Feeling puzzle)


Normally, when seeing news about celebrities, he only looked at it for fun. But right now when seeing news regarding Luzhou online, he felt like a personal story of his family was being exposed on the internet or like a thief being caught.

Or also like something you didn’t want other to know about the most was revealed to everyone.

Xiao Yi felt a little confused, he hurried down to buy ginger, at noon Hou Qin brought food over, he took a lunch box back, Luzhou said: “You didn’t cook?”

Xiao Yi said: “I went to buy ginger and was delayed.”

“Forget it.” Luzhou said: “Eating a lunchbox is fine.”

Luzhou coughed a few times and wiped his nose, he only ate a little then stopped. Today the crew was uncharacteristically quiet, no one spoke, everyone just ate and surfed on their phone. Luzhou also felt that something was strange, he looked around his surroundings but couldn’t seem to figure out what had happened.

In the afternoon it was sunny, the lake was clear and sparkled beautifully, Luzhou and Ning Yaqing began to shoot a romantic scene between A Baoji and Shulu Ping. Under the sunshine, a handsome man and a beautiful woman stood in front of the transparent lake wearing the costumes of Liao. Luzhou affectionately held Ning Yaqing’s hand, Ning Yaqing flushed red, her eyes shyly looked somewhere else.

“For life or for death, I’ll hold your hand and age with you.” Luzhou said in a deep voice, eyes filled with grief while rubbing Ning Yaqing’s nose.

“Cut!” The director said: “NG, Luzhou your eyes aren’t affectionate enough.”

Luzhou’s whole body was exhausted, he was afraid of this kind of scene, the more he acted the more he failed. All the other scenes he could find a way to act, only the affectionate scene full of tender feelings, even if the atmosphere was right, even if his expression was right, it was still like following the practice.

Even if Ning Yaqing turned into a tree, a gold bar, or a lollipop, Luzhou’s eyes would still fill with gentleness, like drawing a dipper with a gourd as a model.


(T/N: to copy slavishly, meaning he would just copy the emotion he showed when act with Ning Yaqing, if he were to act with someone or something else, without actually feeling that emotion. Make sense????)


The nasal mucus started dripping down Luzhou’s nose, he tapped Xiao Yi in the head and said: “What are you doing! Towel!”

Xiao Yi immediately pulled out a large roll of paper towel, everyone around them was laughing, Luzhou went to one side to wipe his nose, his cold increased another level.

After wiping he readily flung it aside, Xiao Yi rushed over to pick up the towel and threw it out, then he continued surfing Weibo.

Today’s major headlines were the photos of  Ning Yaqing and Luzhou, even worse, in the afternoon, Zhang Xinran even commented on Weibo:


@Zhangxinran: Two people walk separate roads, everyone is happy.


Xiao Yi once again heard cracking sounds in his head, like thunder rolling down.


Xiao Yi: “……”

Everyone: “……”


Everyone surfed Weibo for the spectacular news while sending Xiao Yi a sympathetic look. Not far from the lake, Luzhou was still trying to use utmost affection and gentleness to kiss Ning Yaqing.

“Cut!” The director shouted: “NG, take a break.”

Ning Yaqing was a little tired, they had been standing in front of the lake the whole afternoon.

Because of the cold Luzhou felt a little dizzy, he stood under the tree and wiped his nose and continuously sneezed. When Ning Yaqing came over, everyone immediately hid their phone.

“I’m going to take a look at the next several scenes.” The director said.

The coordinator went over to discuss with the director. A moment later the sun ascended, in the whole afternoon they only filmed one scene repeatedly. The situation really turned upside down, before it was Ning Yaqing who slowed down the filming progress, and now it was Luzhou’s turn, no matter how Luzhou acted in a romantic scene it was all wrong. He felt completely muddle-headed, he tried to stand straight and maintain his consciousness.

“For life or for death, I’ll hold your hand and age with you, Shulu Ping……” Luzhou tenderly said: “I’d give up the country, all lands under the heaven if I could spend my entire life with you……”

“Baoji……” Ning Yaqing looked away, her gentle eyes filled with a little sentiment.

Luzhou lowered his head, nasal mucus streamed down his nose and dripped on Ning Yaqing’s face.


Ning Yaqing: “……”


Luzhou: “……”


“I’m sorry……*sneeze*!” Luzhou blocked his face, Ning Yaqing just smiled then went to fix her make up. The makeup artist came over to fix Luzhou’s makeup, everyone didn’t say anything, it was completely silent.



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