Golden Assistant Chapter 9

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Xiao Yi glanced at Luzhou, Du Mei and Luzhou had been talking on the phone for awhile. Up until now Zhang Xinran still hadn’t visited the studio, probably because she was tired of playing the love game with Luzhou. When Du Mei told Luzhou to call and apologize to her, it caused him to angrily shout, as a result he threw his phone aside.

Xiao Yi said: “Brother Zhou, afterall you guys love each other, why bother with these small issues?”

“We are not even in love!” Luzhou felt wronged and shouted.

Xiao Yi didn’t know what to say, Luzhou looked angry as he sat down, Xiao Yi was putting on the warm pad for him but he was pushed away.

“Don’t be noisy!” Luzhou said, “It is a bother! I don’t know what kind of horrible sin I have made in my previous life, since this life I just had to be an idol.”

Currently Xiao Yi wasn’t aware that he had touched Luzhou’s last nerve, if a person next to him accidentally said something wrong, the most they’ll get was a scolding from him, Luzhou’s temper came fast and also left fast, he didn’t scold anyone for long.

But if that person carried a despising and mocking attitude or possibly exposed unspoken criticism, Luzhou would become enraged, thinking that you were not complying to him and making a huge scene, quarreling until there was a winner. That was why Xiao Yi always had to conceal his inner self that had many different ways to roast the other man up.

Tomorrow the crew would film outside at the mountain located in the North of Hengdian. They stayed for a total of one week, the living condition wasn’t good, Du Mei was afraid that the phone would lose it signal, therefore she called beforehand to tell Luzhou to hurry up and apologize. The concise reason was because they wanted to collaborate with Ning Yaqing’s company to create a scandal to promote those two. The perfect and ideal plan was that, the people in Ning Yaqing’s company would spread the rumor that she and Luzhou were involved in a secret affair while filming together. Then waiting until the topic became burning hot, they would ask Zhang Xinran to visit the studio and set up some people to act as the ‘fans’ to take a couple of pictures as proof that the relationship between Luzhou and Zhan Xiran was still perfectly good.

Of course, this was just a ‘perfect ideal’ plan, in reality the two main leads didn’t plan to ‘reconcile’. Sometimes Xiao Yi was even more anxious than the other two, he thought to himself, ‘The rumor isn’t going to collapse before becoming the hot topic right?”  

Xiao Yi received a message in his phone, it was Du Mei.

[Call Xiran’s manager on Luzhou’s behalf]

Xiao Yi sneakily glanced at Luzhou, he was still sitting and getting all agitated by himself, he didn’t even know what he was thinking.

“Hello~Zhou Zhou ~ah~”

“Manager Qi hello!” Xiao Yi said with a smile, “I’m Xiao Yi.”

“Hey yooooo!” Qi Quan smiled and said: “I told myself, how can your brother Zhou have the mood to call my Xiran.”

“He is embarrassed.” Xiao Yi laughed, “I am calling on his behalf.”

“Come, come.” Qi Quan was clearly a person who understood the degree of seriousness, he said: “Xiran is sitting next to me. Xiran come over here.”

Xiao Yi handed the phone over to Luzhou, Luzhou angrily snapped and said: “Alo!”

“Don’t be angry anymore.” Luzhou pressed his tone down to the lowest volume, his voice was magnetic, very pleasant to hear.

Xiao Yi suddenly thought that his voice made others very comfortable, very soft and very elegant.

Luzhou sweetly said: “I admit I was wrong, staying in Hengdian these last couple of days, I’m really regretting, what can I do to make you forgive me?”

“You just keep talking nonsense—” Zhang Xinran’s voice was sharp and penetrating, at once breaking Xiao Yi’s deed. Luzhou glared at Xiao Yi, he made a gesture of ‘I’m going to hit you’ then he took the phone and continued the conversation in his bedroom.

Xiao Yi rechecked the clothes that the group of assistants prepared. Tomorrow Luzhou would be filming outside, therefore there was no need to bring many people along. Xiao Yi let them rest, they only needed to stay and wait in Hengdian.

Almost all the items needed to be prepared. Filming outside was very exhausting, the hotel on the mountain was very lacking, there wasn’t any good meals, it was boring to the point one wanted to sleep early and wake up early. Fortunately, there were a lot of snacks that fans gave to Luzhou, they could bring it along to munch. Xiao Yi felt that the fans were very attentive about Luzhou to the point of making others feel touched, although Luzhou himself didn’t really care.

Suddenly a roar could be heard from inside.

“You, get lost! Who begs for your forgiveness again is a dog! I’m Luzhou, how can I be afraid of not receiving any drama?!”

Xiao Yi’s whole body immediately stiffened.

“OK! You better remember!!”

Followed by a loud crash.

Xiao Yi: “……………………………”

Xiao Yi knocked on the door, he went in and saw that Luzhou was lying in his bed, the phone was embedded in the lampshade, broken glass was all over the floor.

‘How am I going to survive through this night, how am I going to compensate for the hotel’s lampshade, how am I going to ask people to clean this up, how am I going to persuade Luzhou to sleep without talking anymore, the more he talks the more my tears will come out.’ Early next morning Luzhou’s phone could no longer be used, Xiao Yi asked an assistant to purchase a new phone for Luzhou while discussing with Du Mei on how to solve this problem.

Du Mei was unable to help however much she would like to, she could only tell Ning Yaqing’s manager to postpone the plan.

Luzhou was practically like gunpowder, he hadn’t spoken the whole day, around 4 o’clock Xiao Yi drove, following behind the crew, all the way into the mountain.


6 o’clock.

At the hotel Xiao Yi handed his own phone over for Luzhou to use, Luzhou didn’t even spare him a glance.

“Before filming,” Xiao Yi said, “Do you want to eat something?”

Xiao Yi was holding a jar of candy, Luzhou pushed it away impatiently.

“Bring the script over.” Luzhou said.

Xiao Yi: “I’ll act with you.”

Luzhou looked at the script, Xiao Yi leaned over lying on the hotel carpet, the hotel’s condition was very extraordinary, there was mushrooms growing everywhere on the wall, Xiao Yi lay on one side like a beauty and said: “A Baoji……”

“Damn!” Luzhou tossed the script and said, “You say, do I look like someone who live off a woman?”

(T/N: I swear he have a lots of issue lol)

“No, no!” Xiao Yi knelt while crawling over and said, “Your majesty! From the bottom of my heart, my eyes fills with worship for you! You are my male god!”

*Pop*, Luzhou finally couldn’t help but laugh, he didn’t know what to do and kicked Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi simply wanted to cheer Luzhou up or at least get him to cool his temper, after all, work was the most important.

Xiao Yi patted his knees and stood up, he said: “Brother Zhou, why did you fall in love with Zhang Xinran?”

“No reason why.” Luzhou said with a cold face, “To be on top, to be promoted. I admit I did cling onto her thigh to rise up, look at the entertainment world, is there anyone that gains popularity by clinging onto their girlfriend’s thigh without even a little acting skill?”

“No, no.” Xiao Yi shook his head.

Luzhou said: “Forget it.”

“Really there isn’t.” Xiao Yi said in a serious tone, “Brother Zhou, the first time I met you……I’m not talking about the time I saw you in real life but in the cinemas, the first time I saw you on the big screen, right away I felt that you were different from other people, you will definitely become popular.”

“But,” Xiao Yi feeling embarrassed, said, “Certainly all of your fans think that, just like me.”

Xiao Yi felt a little dreary, he sat down on the bed next to Luzhou, he said: “I feel like when you debuted, you didn’t really need to depend on sister Xiran to get promoted or become popular, you need to have confidence.”

“Right now, I’m even more popular than her.” Luzhou said, “She’s the one that needs to cling onto my thigh.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Xiao Yi hurriedly nodded and said, “but, no matter what……”

Luzhou looked at Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi thought ‘No matter what you and Zhang Xinran has been cooperating for a long time, since both sides are satisfied in the end there is no need to turn against each other, good or bad you guys spent quite some time being boyfriend and girlfriend, why not part without hard feelings.’

But he held back from saying these words, because he knew that these words were like teaching Luzhou a life lesson, at least he couldn’t say it right now, otherwise he could only pack up his belongings and roll out.  

“…..You still need to film the drama,” Xiao Yi laughed, “Don’t let it affect your mood.”

Luzhou no longer said anything, he took the script and looked it over.

Xiao Yi noticed that his mood seemed to become better, he then went downstairs and asked what he wanted to eat for dinner, he was planning to prepare a separate dinner for Luzhou.

In the winter it was moist, the clothing was all damp, even the quilt wasn’t’ an exception. The crew members were eating in the room, Xiao Yi lined up to buy  food for Luzhou then brought it upstairs.

In the afternoon everyone set off together. They drove to the mountain and walked in, the photographer, lighting and equipment were all transported up through the railway. All the actors were sitting in the car, putting on their make-up, they started their first scene surrounded by mist.

Luzhou was shot with an arrow, he was lying in the bushes holding onto the arrow.

Ning Yaqing: “A Baoji-!”

Her eyes were full of tears.

The first scene in the afternoon was already filled with strong feelings like that, Xiao Yi felt a little unable to bear it. Luzhou leaned against a tree holding Ning Yaqing in his bosom, one hand covering her tender face, intermittently said: “You’re all right…’s good……”

“Cut!” the director said, “Luzhou.”

Luzhou stood up, he walked over with the arrow still attached to his body.

The director and Luzhou exchanged a few words, Luzhou thought that everyone probably knew that he didn’t act well this time, finally it was his turn to get an NG.

The whole afternoon Luzhou continuously got NG’ed, every time the director wasn’t satisfied but Luzhou didn’t get angry and completely gave his full cooperation.

“His acting isn’t very emotional.,” The coordinator said.

“Uhm, whenever it came to the romance scene he would make mistakes.”

Xiao Yi looked at the girl beside him, the coordinator smiled, took the initiative and introduced: “This is sister Lin, the screenwriter.”

Xiao Yi could finally see the legendary screenwriter, he immediately shook hands with her, the screenwriter Lin greeted him with a nod. Xiao Yi racked his brain to search his guts and belly trying to find a sentence to compliment sister Lin, at the moment he hated himself for having a limited knowledge and couldn’t squeeze out a couple of idioms to flatter her, but all of her attention was carefully focused on every movement Luzhou made.

(T/N: To search one’s guts and belly = to racks one’s brains for a solution)

After several retakes, Luzhou seemed a little irritated and Xiao Yi knew that he was currently in a bad mood.

Sister Lin went over and said a few words to the director, he then called the two main leads over.

The scene was changed.

The scene changed to Ning Yaqing’s eyes filled with tears while holding Luzhou’s face. Luzhou closed his tired eyes, then Ning Yaqing tightly hugged him.

“Cut! OK!” The director said, “Luzhou, you can go back and rest, remember to express more feelings.”

The screenwriter laughed: “Mr. Lu, the next scene can’t be changed, it is necessary for the main male lead to take the initiative, when it comes to expressing A Baoji’s feelings, I believe no one will express it better than you.”

Luzhou looked resigned, he came closer to greet the screenwriter and politely thanked her while all the girls just stared at him and smiled.

Luzhou then brought his serene face and exited the scene, after leaving he immediately asked Xiao Yi; “What did they say behind my back?”

“It’s nothing,” Xiao Yi said, “They just said you’re weak when it comes to discussing passion and talks of love.”

“I have never talked about love” Luzhou said.

For, for, for……For real?! Xiao Yi was shocked like he had just heard some extremely important news, this would be an incredible piece of gossip. Luzhou was immediately aware of his own mistake and threatened: “Do not say anything!”

(T/N: To discuss passion and talk of love = To express love with terms of endearment)

Xiao Yi said: “But, I have seen your acting in movies several times……”

Luzhou impatiently said: “How can filming count?”

Xiao Yi was surprised and asked: “You didn’t have any romantic feelings while dating sister Xiran?

“No, forget it, don’t talk about it anymore.” Luzhou waved: “Drive.”

The crew still had several scenes they needed to film, it was mostly scenes for supporting actors,

An Duan went hunting and attempted to make a fire.

Also a scene of Shulu Ping being chased by assassins.

Xiao Yi heard a screech, making him jump with a scare, it turned out to be Ning Yaqing filming her scene.

Luzhou still minded his lack of passion and love talk, he said: “Dating Zhang Xinran was an act, even her I didn’t love, what can I do?”

“Huh?” Xiao Yi regained his composure, Luzhou was still pondering about this topic. Xiao Yi thought about it for a moment before saying something: “You just need to see her as someone you liked, eyes converging to her, aren’t you always able to enter your character?”

“The problem is that I can’t!” Luzhou said, “I have never liked anyone!”

The sky was getting dark,  Xiao Yi headed out first to start the car while Luzhou went to remove his costume and jewelry and changed into his outfit.

After that, Xiao Yi carefully drove down the mountain, he said: “Brother Zhou, you, don’t get angry, I want to ask, you never liked any girls before?”

Luzhou’s face darkened, he didn’t say anything.

Xiao Yi understood that this wasn’t the time to mention Zhang Xinran, he went around the corner and said: “A first love, someone you liked in junior high or senior high……You can see her as Ning……Shulu Ping.”

Luzhou carelessly folded his arm, casually placed his foot on the chair and said: “There’s none.”

‘How can you not have one? Who’s going to believe you!’ Xiao Yi silently spit fire at him, but Luzhou having said that, he can’t be blamed for being unable to follow the script. Xiao Yi must pursue further: “It’s like the feeling of compassion, heartache, of wanting to protecting her……”

Xiao Yi felt that he himself was being cheesy, his arms even had goosebumps, he thought again then said: “Have you ever watched MV?”

“What the hell.” Luzhou snapped angrily.

“Clip MV is an edited fragment of a classical movie,” Xiao Yi said, “When you see a pretty girl, you will get excited and get ‘hard’……Don’t tell me you don’t even know who Kaede Matsushima is……”

(T/N: Kaede Matsushima – She is a Japanese actress in the adult industry)

“Didn’t I get accused of being impotent?!…” Luzhou shouted.

Xiao Yi couldn’t hold in his laughter and stepped hard on the gas pedal, striking the steering wheel, Luzhou roared: “Careful! You want to die!”

Puff, puff, puff, puff, one of the tires was stuck in the mud, it couldn’t be moved.

15 minutes later Xiao Yi and Luzhou stood in the mud, leaning against the rear, clenching their teeth and stretched their legs.

“Push harder–” Xiao Yi yelled.

“I……” Luzhou was practically being driven mad by Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi then laughed, ha ha ha.

Luzhou shouted: “What are you laughing at!”

“You’re too funny!” Xiao Yi continued laughing, Luzhou angrily said: “Are you crazy!”

Xiao Yi waved his hand, he looked at Luzhou, he suddenly felt that he kind of liked him. Although being his assistant was both tiring and annoying, but this work opened the door to a new world for him.



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