7 Days

7 Days Chapter 6

Translator: Polarbearadise

The Sixth Day




Waking up in the morning, my body feel very painful, forcing myself to stand up, my head touched against Ta Xue’s belly.


I rolled away to escape, but discover the straws on the safe zone on the other side already been organized, piled in one stack, next to it there isn’t even a shadow.


My heart sank.


He probably didn’t think because this place is Shen Zhuan Jia, he could feel relieved and boldly roam the place right?”


If he run into Shen Pian or Ouyang than it is good, but if he run into the servant, then he will be dragged over to see big brother, big brother won’t manage someone who personally charge into the manor even if that person is pretty or ugly, is from righteous sect Or evil sect. without any exceptions their fate is “Dragged out, chop into pieces and feed to the dogs” that’s all.


Thinking about that, I can’t help but bursting with anxious; although the area was kicked is terribly painful, but I have to bear with it. I readily patted Ta Xue’s bottom, then brush the dust away from my body, immediately rushed out.


Don’t know if I should be happy or sad, I hasn’t even taken a few steps, I immediately bump into Ouyang.


If talking about happiness, I really happy, because next to Ouyang, is Yin Cheng.


But if talking about sadness then it is also really is sad, because Ouyang is smiling indecently, coming closer to Yin Cheng with inappropriate intention, the other person is clearly got his acupoint poked, his expression filled with grief and indignation.


After much thought, I concentrate my attention completely on walking behind Ouyang, patted his shoulder, at the same time coughing heavily.




You!” Ouyang look resented

“You lied to me!” Yin Chen look enrage.




I spent 300 hundreds strikes to make Ouyang run away; and then 3 hours to convince Yin Cheng that shameless man, that using all the indecent methods to assault him is indeed is ‘Qi Bu Xiao’,  young master Qi that is famous throughout Jiang Hu.


“In fact, he wasn’t like that, when he was 13 years old, all the rumors outside is almost all correct.” Seeing Yin Cheng  had calmed down, my heart also at peace, on one hand I was telling him about the past, while on the other treated the injuries on my body.


“……” he sat on the other side, turned his head to not face me.


When I was a child, I always tell stories about the past to Shen Pian and Shen Ke, I know his face doesn’t shown any interest, but inside he is very intrigue. A little childish personality everyone have it, he just acting all proud and arrogance that’s all, I also doesn’t want to exposed and tease him, just continue telling the story.


“His martial art is good, he have a little of youthful characteristic, doesn’t make any facial expression, making other having difficult to fathom. Seeing a normal beauty, or even an extreme beauty standing in front of his eyes, he won’t even spare them a glance.”


Like that I finished the story, my hand also stop moving; my eyes seem to see the image of Ouyang back then.


A handsome young boy, 3 meter tall, the sleeve of his robe flutter in the breeze, as if free from the restrain of the mortal world.


If only that year ‘that’ doesn’t happened……………..


“Then, why is he become like this?”


There is some hesitant in Yin Cheng’s voice when asked, I then finally react, only been thinking about his past, my spirit wasn’t completely return to the present.


I feel a bit embarrassed, coughed once.


“To continue……in fact it is very normal……he, when he was 16 years old, something happened.”


“……What happened?!”


I let out a long sigh, my eyes glance at Ta Xue and the fence around the stable, looking further, at an unknown distance.


“He……at the age of 16, accidently met my big brother.”




proximity to cinnabar makes you red, to pitch makes you black.

Big brother is the pond that Wang Xizhi rinse his brush.


(T/N: Proximity to cinnabar makes you red, to pitch makes you blackdifferent environments provide different influence to one personality/lifestyle)


(T/N: Wang Xizhi is a famous calligrapher in Chinese history)


(T/N: When comparing Shen Heng’s big brother to the pond that wash Wang Xizhi’s brush, because the brush is covered with black ink it is mean that he got a dark side)




I treated the wound on my body thoroughly, then take care of Ta Xue for a while. Yin Cheng also is very well-behaved, probably because he got scared directly by Ouyang, he sat in the corner of the stable, give him steamed bun he’ll eat it, give water he’ll drink, extremely quiet without any movement.


He is quiet like that, I’m quite happy. But I still feel a bit worry, I have to fetch water and left for a while, deliberate tell him


“Currently the manor isn’t peaceful, it is best if you don’t roam around the place recklessly.”

He look to the side and didn’t answer. But I know he heard it.


I let out a long sigh, picking up the barrel of water and quickly left — people are like that, staying silent, will prevent any big trouble.


But I was too naive, when I come back, the straw scattered all over the floor, Yin Cheng’s acupoint was block, there is something stuffed in his mouth, the front piece of his jacket was torn in half, his face is  red through and through.


I looked up to the other side, Shen Pian is leaning against Ta Xue and biting on the steamed bun, waving his hand toward me.


“Second brother you are too careless, even his acupoint is undone you not even aware, if by any chance he ran away then what.”


I didn’t even answer yet, he break half of the steamed bun and feed to Ta Xue, then briskly head over to my direction, smiling just like Ouyang.

“One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels, big brother hurry up and have a taste if it.”


(T/N: One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels – The honeymoon night is priceless)




“I didn’t lie to you, really.”


I used up all my words to sent Shen Pian away, then apologize to Yin Cheng and emphasising my innocent, repeatedly until the evening, he finally reluctant to eased up. I quickly pour a bowl of water for him, he accepted it, also glared at me, but still drink it.


“Actually, my third brother isn’t used to be like that, he actually is……”

“Actually is what?” He put down the bowl of water, faintly smiled at me, “You’re not going say, something happened to him right?”


I nodded guiltily.


“What happened to him?”


I swallowed my saliva.


“He……when he was born……he accidently met big brother……”




That night I sleep together with Ta Xue, although I already apologized to Yin Cheng many times, he still refused to shared any straws with me.


I, once again because of Shen Pian and Ouyang, was unjustly blamed thanks to those two.


Yin Cheng didn’t asked me, but I actually want to tell him, I wasn’t like this before.


It just that when I was innocent and naive, accidently met my big brother, Shen Pian and Ouyang that’s all……



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