Golden Assistant Chapter 7

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

“Tomorrow I’ll go back to Beijing.” Lin Yao said,“If there is too much work, just order the assistants, even driving, you can hand over to them. Try to reduce your own work or else I’m worried you will be extremely busy.”

Xiao Yi realized that it was true, but yesterday he had only met the five assistants once, till now he still hadn’t called them.

Luzhou said: “If there isn’t any business don’t bother calling them over, it’s annoying to death.”

Xiao Yi got caught in the middle, he had to play the ball and said that he understood.


(T/N: to agree to do something the way someone else wants you to)


After they arrived at the hotel, Lin Yao had to leave right away. The producer’s assistant called inviting Luzhou to a celebration dinner. Xiao Yi immediately notified two assistants to come and help him pick out Luzhou’s outfit in the wardrobe.

Luzhou finished dressing, he was standing in front of the mirror letting the two assistants fix his sleeves. Xiao Yi informed them to order their own lunch and then head back to their hotel, as tomorrow filming would start and he would call them.

That afternoon was filled with countless social interactions, gossiping, laughing, looking from one side to another. Originally Xiao Yi didn’t know how to react to these kinds of situations, he was afraid that Luzhou would hate him. He could only bow and bend the knee occasionally he would put on a cold expression, when he returned he was tired to the point of dropping on the ground.

The next day Xiao Yi opened his eyes, it was half past six.

‘This is bad!’ Xiao Yi thought, ‘At seven we have to be at dressing room’, he immediately rushed into Luzhou’s room, squeezed the toothpaste and turned on hot water. Luzhou was still asleep he was lying on his stomach. Xiao Yi shook him awake and said: “It is 6:30! Get up!”

Luzhou looked edgy wearing only a pair of underwear, turning over he lay on his back with both hands and legs wide open like the ‘da’ character (大). His ‘thing’ was pointing straight up and there was also a stain on his underwear.


Xiao Yi: “…….”


Xiao Yi put a hot towel on Luzhou’ eyes causing him to wake up, but surprisingly he wasn’t angry.

Xiao Yi thought that if the fans saw what Luzhou looked like when waking up in the morning, he didn’t know if they still wanted to jump on him. While getting Luzhou’s clothes, he said: “I’ll go get the car!”

“What’s the rush,” Luzhou looked helpless, “It’s only half past six, going at 8 o’clock isn’t too late.”

“On the first day you’re going to try on clothes and test makeup, you also have to take pictures for the poster.” Xiao Yi said, “I’m afraid we’re going to be late! It’s the end if we’re late!”

Xiao Yi called the group of assistants,


assistant A bought lunchbox,

assistant B bought foods,

assistant C brought a cooker over to his room, he gave her the card to his room and let her prepare the dishes, lastly, assistant C and D would follow them to the studio.


When he came back he saw that Luzhou only wore a pair of underwear sitting in the living room sofa, like a child who hadn’t completely woken up yet.


Xiao Yi: “……….”


‘It’s 6:45 already!’


Xiao Yi pushed him into the bathroom to brush his teeth, he really wanted to cry at the spot. After changing the clothes, it was 6:55.

Luzhou got in the car, leaning in his seat and said: “Go.”

Xiao Yi was on a rampage, fortunately when they arrived at the dressing room, they were only 10 minutes late. All the actors had already come, one by one the make-up artist greeted them, especially the apprentice in charge.

Yesterday Luzhou already met their teacher and exchanged a few words. Without saying anything, Luzhou just headed toward the middle of the room and sat on a swivel chair.

Dressing division brushed Luzhou’s hair, putting on a headgear, the co-ordinator came over with a single page script. A few actors were still outside eating breakfast when the assistant brought the lunchbox over, Xiao Yi opened it for Luzhou, he took a few bites and didn’t touch it anymore.

After the makeup came clothing, the assistant was holding the outfit and Xiao Yi followed in himself, helping Luzhou put on the traditional robe of Liao. Seeing that, the stylist and dressing members were whispering on the side.

“Too small.” Luzhou said, “It’s hard to move in the fighting scenes.”

“This is the only one we can find.” The stylist said, “Mr. Lu, we couldn’t find the exact outfit that match your height, this one was borrowed from the manufacturer that cooperates with the studio.”

Luzhou, although not satisfied with the outfit, still had to accept it, he then turned toward Xiao Yi and asked: “Do you think I look like a teenager?”

Luzhou wearing an ancient costume his imposing manner was different than before, Xiao Yi who stood next to him instinctively had hearts popping out of his eyes, looking at Luzhou’s appearance and manner, he decided to forgive all his viciousness and madness.

“Really…..Really suitable.” Xiao Yi muttered, “Very impressive!”

Xiao Yi was unable to control himself, making the stylist laugh.

Luzhou still wasn’t satisfied and said: “A Baoji of Liao is a teenager, he isn’t serious at all in the beginning, lacking the image of a young man.”

The stylist said: “Mr. Lu is right.”

Luzhou although still dissatisfied, didn’t make things difficult and said: “When the moment comes, we’ll see if the expression and dialogue can compensate or not, let’s do it like this first.”

Luzhou went to greet the director and producer, everyone would praise his appearance, he then simply expressed his opinion to the director, the director said: “Yes, we’ll negotiate with them to change it.”

Luzhou then came back to his seat, letting the make-up artist toss themselves around, changing his hat, eye-liner and lipstick, changing everything.

Xiao Yi learned a lot but because of that he felt that Luzhou wasn’t just a bag of straw, he really did have power.

The male god took less than forty minutes to get everything fixed, Luzhou finally felt satisfied. When they shot a few pictures for the posters, the photographer was repeatedly praising how good he looked while bringing the props over. He let Luzhou carry a quiver on his shoulder while holding a bow in the ready position to fire. Then he switched to holding a spike, then empty-handed throwing punches like an martial artist.

Then Luzhou held both hands behind his back, he was like a grown jade tree which had faced the wind, all the females in the crew surrounded the scene to watch, for most of the people in the crowd it was their first time cooperating with Luzhou.


(T/N: means handsome, generally, it’s not only good looking, but also tall and good shaped. This word is only used to describe man, NOT woman. His figure is being compared to a jade tree. Imagine a tall man with a good bodybuild standing with his sleeves and robe blowing in the wind. A man with such a build and temperament was considered handsome)


Small voices emerged from the crowd saying “Male god! handsome!”

Xiao Yi had been paralysed completely because of the male god’s handsomeness, Luzhou came down and asked: “How is it?”

Xiao Yi immediately applauded, Luzhou’s face changed and he said: “If it isn’t attractive enough then say it! This is going to be posted on the internet! Let me see, did you take it?”

Xiao Yi didn’t take it, Luzhou said: “Overall, is there any problem?”

Xiao Yi thought, he wanted to say Luzhou’s nostril looked a little bit big and said: “Do you want me to say it?”


Luzhou: “……..”


Xiao Yi: “Your head rose a little too high…..your nose looked…. Like a wind coming out of an empty cave.”

Luzhou said: “They’ll fix it later, what else? Is the outfit short, is it obstructed?”

“No, it’s not short and not obstructed.” Xiao Yi quickly shook his head, he understood what Luzhou meant, some people looked like a grown jade tree which had faced the wind in the ancient costume and others looked like a pillow.

Luzhou totally dominated the costume.

Lin Yao was looking at the picture for the poster, he was preparing the plan for the promotion period, posting on popular sites and the sidewalk after the draft went through the PS revision.


(T/N: PS: Photoshop)


The director said: “Luzhou, familiarize yourself with the script, we’ll discuss it later. I’ll go look at Ning Yaqing’s transformation.”

Luzhou casually made an agreeing sound then sat down and played on his phone. Xiao Yi kind of wanted to see the picture, when he came over the photographer’s assistant immediately stood up.

Xiao Yi was shocked and thought it was confidential, but the assistant said: “You can sit.”

Luzhou said nothing on the side and continued to play games on his phone. Xiao Yi sat next to him looking at the assistant revising the image, he was also waiting for his request, Xiao Yi said: “Ah…can you fix the side of the face a little bit? Nose…Make it more narrow.”

Luzhou glanced at Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi thought ‘Did I say something wrong?’, Luzhou gave him a meaningful glance indicating for him to continue with the revision. Xiao Yi then made more requests, like, the facial skin didn’t need resurfacing, the contour of the eyes needed to be adjusted slightly and so on. Looking closely at the picture, Xiao Yi thought ‘Luzhou really is f****** handsome, how can a person be this handsome this is completely unscientific, 360 degrees and there wasn’t even any crack.’ After the image was PS-ed, Xiao Yi on the contrary thought that the first one still looked better.

By noon all the actors finished taking their pictures, everyone got on the train and headed to the shooting location.

The director informed them that they’ll film the first scene in the afternoon and shoot for the 2nd  poster tomorrow. When they arrived at the location, lunchboxes were passed out to everyone.

After eating, lights, video and props members headed back to work. Xiao Yi just found out that this studio was set up two months ago, after four days of filming they had to demolish everything and create a new scene.

“Lunch?” Luzhou asked

Xiao Yi: “……….”

Xiao Yi snapped out of it and immediately gave the assistants a call, however, Luzhou’s separate meal couldn’t be made in time, Xiao Yi thought ‘My life is finished’. Surprisingly Luzhou didn’t get angry and said: “Forget it, eat your lunch.”

Xiao Yi said: “Wait ten minutes! Only ten minutes! I’ll go pick it up!”


Luzhou: “……..”

Xiao Yi: “……..”


While everyone was eating lunch, the female co-ordinator was nowhere to be found. Xiao Yi and Luzhou were hungry, they only took a few bites out of their breakfast, all the cameras were prepared, Xiao Yi prayed thousands and millions times that the assistant would not appear at the same time as filming began or everyone had to wait for Luzhou to finish eating.

Xiao Yi rushed out, almost crying, thinking ‘Luzhou didn’t say anything, tonight I’ll certainly be dead.’

Fortunately, the lunchbox arrived in time.

Xiao Yi opened the lunch box, it contained minced eggplant, braised fish, fried chicken mixed with cucumber, egg fried with tomatoes and soup. There wasn’t anything different compared to the crew’s lunchbox, only the amount was larger.

“Where’s yours?” Luzhou asked.

“I’m eating the lunch box.”


(T/N: Lunchbox Xiao Yi refer to is the one at the studios. Luzhou’s lunchbox was prepared by Xiao Yi)


Luzhou: “Where’s your lunchbox?”

Xiao Yi: “……….”

Xiao Yi went to get his lunchbox but the people who passed out lunch, wasn’t there anymore.

Luzhou then readily gave Xiao Yi a portion of his lunch, Xiao Yi laughed embarrassingly, fortunately Luzhou helped him out.

“Others’ assistants brought lunch for their idols while I have to give you my lunch.”


(T/N: The ‘I’ in Luzhou dialogue is being used arrogantly)


Luzhou chose the foods he wanted and left the rest out while speaking, Xiao Yi smiled thankfully, he held the lunch portion and sat on the side to eat.

The producer saw it, smiled  and said: “Ah, Xiao Zhou is eating a love-filled lunchbox?”

Luzhou looked at the producer, smiled and said: “Teacher Wang.”

Luzhou didn’t need to remind Xiao Yi, he knew that the middle-aged man in his fifties possessed a high status, others called Luzhou “Mr. Lu” while he called him “Xiao Lu.” and in return Luzhou referred to him as “teacher.”

According to the  hierarchy rules in the entertainment circle, he was still a low rank person, he could only bow and bend his knee, greeting the producer with a smile. Luzhou introduced him: “This is my personal assistant Xiao Yi, he is from Hubei.”


(T/N: Hubei is a province located in central China)


“Oh!” The producer and Xiao Yi shook hands, Luzhou said: “He was the one who cooked the foods, I’ll tell him to prepare some Hubei dishes and bring it over next time.”

Luzhou introduced the middle-aged man to Xiao Yi: “This is teacher Wang, he is from Wuhan.”

“Yes, definitely!” Xiao Yi laughed.


(T/N: Wuhan is the capital of Hubei)


Xiao Yi remembered what Lin Yao said before, the person who had the highest rank was the producer, even higher than the director. He was someone who held the position to subdue and yell at the director, definitely not someone to offend.

The director, producer, and screenwriter have to determine if the idols are popular or not before deciding to bow and bend the knee or socialize normally. It was best to use the crew members’ attitude as a reference.

After dinner Luzhou looked at the mirror putting on makeup, then the director announced that they’ll begin the shooting.

“This scene is focused on A Baoji and his cousin Shulu Ping, A Baoji is furious with the interference of Shulu Ping’s family, yelling at Shulu Ping, then later the couple reconcile…..”

“Talk less and show more feelings, lastly Luzhou will hold Shulu Ping in his bosom, also exchange eye contact….”

Luzhou listened impassively, the director said: “If it’s convenient guide Yaqing too, we can do retakes several times if needed and act as you see fit.”

Luzhou absently let out an approving sound and stepped forward.

Xiao Yi quickly finished his lunch and came to see.

The decorated indoor scene was magnificent, 3-2-1, the camera then started rolling, moving forward.

Luzhou angrily swept everything off the table, letting it hit the floor.

Xiao Yi: “!!!”

“I put up with you for too long.” Luzhou shouted with a commanding tone, “What your father and elder brother did,  I always turned a blind eye and endured. But you, look at yourself, how can this fit the image of an empress consort–!”


(T/N: When filming, the ‘I’ in Luzhou’s dialogue are all used in a superior way)


Everyone in the crew was captivated for a moment, the director gave a thumbs up, indicating that everything was great so far.

“Khan–!” Ning Yaqing was on her knees in front of Luzhou, crying out loud without any tears, “I’ve known Khan since I was thirteen…..”

Xiao Yi: “…….”


(T/N: In Mongolia, Khan is a title given to the ruler/emperor)


Ning Yaqing’s knees touched the ground, she started to crawl closer her hair ornaments were dangling, Xiao Yi almost let out a laugh.

Ning Yaqing: “Did your heart turn to stone! Why is it so hard! Even if it’s like that I’m confident that I can soften it, but you never even visited my bedroom even once in the whole three years….”

Xiao Yi almost dropped the script in his hand and nearly couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“Cut.” Director roared.

Luzhou’s face twitched wanting to laugh out loud, but he tried to endure it and bent down to retrieve the ornament on the ground.

The props division came over to set up everything again, the director said to Yaqing: “Yaqing, when you crawl over, just move a little to symbolize it….”

“Luzhou’s acting is really good.” The female recorder whispered to Xiao Yi

Xiao Yi nodded afraid to say something, she continued: “This f****** script made me want to ascend to heaven to see Buddha.”

The female co-ordinator said with a smile: “Contriving the ideas is good enough, I’m just afraid it isn’t catchy.”

Xiao Yi didn’t dare to comment on anything, in case the screenwriter or anyone heard it. A moment later, the director announced that filming was starting again. Luzhou then walked over, bitterly said: “I have put up with you for too long!”

The speech was even better this time, Xiao Yi discovered that when people perform, speaking a sentence immediately clarified the hierarchy, that person definitely came from the big screen, their voice, even when recorded directly won’t be a problem.

Ning Yaqing threw herself over and cried out loud without tears again, while repeatedly shouting: “Khan, Khan.”

As a result, the Shulu Ping of Liao was first harmed by the screenwriter then later got stabbed by the female lead.


(T/N: Xiao Yi mean Shulu Ping in the script the screenwriter wrote is ‘different’ than the actual Shulu Ping. Then the female lead act as her, make it even worse with her acting)


“Your servant believe in Khan, you [Crying in mid-sentence]…..”


(T/N: Everyone under the emperor will addressed themselves as servant or subject toward the emperor)


Luzhou’s opened eyes looked straight at Ning Yaqing till she finsihed speaking, Ning Yaqing then hid her face behind her sleeve, let out a painful cough then sat on the floor.

Luzhou slowly stepped forward, his eyes were red looking at Ning Yaqing.

“You already knew, An Duan and I are good brothers, this conspiration was informed by his wife. As a child, I had promised him that regardless of what crimes he committed, I’ll never hold him accountable for it!”


(T/N: ‘You’ is informal)


“But……” Ning Yaqing said, “Khan, do you know what the outsider said? Why did his wife reveal the matter, it is precisely because she and khan…… have an improper relationship…..I can’t talk about it anymore, if Khan feels like…..”

Xiao Yi thought to himself, ‘With that kind of acting and no one call NG? The director’s endurance is truly amazing.’


(T/N: NG = No Good)


“Cut.” The director finally said, “NG, start over.”

Luzhou waved at Xiao Yi, when he rushed over Luzhou shouted: “Eyedrops!”

Ning Yaqing was taken aback, a little afraid of looking at Luzhou Xiao Yi hurriedly went to get the eyedrops. He waited for Luzhou to sit down and dropped a few drops in each eye. Because he opened his eyes for too long it had turned red, he rubbed his eyes. Xiao Yi gave his shoulders a massage, when the director announced that they were starting again, Xiao Yi left the scene as the filming began.


Half an hour later.


Luzhou swept everything on the table, making it crash on the floor.

“I put up with you for too long!” Luzhou said word by word.

Xiao Yi really felt bad for them they had to repeat the process over and over, he said to the female co-ordinator: “Sister An, filming like that we’ll run out of time right?”

The female co-ordinator said: “Look at the current situation it’s like that in the beginning, later we will catch up, the male and female lead need sometime to improve their cooperation, to find the right mood.”

“How will we chase after the speed?”

“We will just wing it”  the co-ordinator casually said: “The one who’s tricked isn’t us anyway, it’s the audience.”


Xiao Yi: “……..”


“I’m just kidding,” the female co-ordinator said: “No matter what we have to finish filming, if not this sister here will suffer.”

Xiao Yi thought ‘It is really tiring’, no wonder Luzhou said that joining the crew would be very exhausting, one scene kept filming repeatedly it’s boring and tiring.

The director let everyone rest for a while, Luzhou came over and said: “If it doesn’t work then divide the big part into two.”

Director said: “Okay, I’ll do that.”

As a result the big scene was divided into two parts, the first part was Luzhou releasing the might of the dragon to suppress Ning Yaqing, the other part was when he hugged Ning Yaqing.


(T/N: The might of the dragon – Powerful wrath)


Luzhou leaned against the table hugging Ning Yaqing in his arms. Ning Yaqing was delicate and innocently nestled in Luzhou’s embrace.

At that moment Xiao Yi could almost hear the staff crying out internally- ‘Release my male god!!!!’

Straight to the evening the first scene finally finished, the director wasn’t really satisfied with Ning Yaqing. The co-ordinator glanced at her watch and said: “What are we going to do, there are 3 scenes in the afternoon, 2 scenes isn’t even complete, we also have to film a night scene.”

“Second scene,” The director said, “Use 40 minutes, the this last scene we will film Luzhou, try to film it once and then move on. At 6 o’clock we’ll get on the train and head to the garden of Ming and Qing dynasty.  Now, get into your positions.”

There was a trace of eyedrops on Luzhou’s face, his voice was heavy as he said: “Over the years, I…*puff*”

Director: “Cut!”

Luzhou couldn’t help but laugh, he said: “If you stare at me like that,  I’ll want to laugh.”

Ning Yaqing quickly apologized, Luzhou waved toward the crowd, apologized and then started again.

“Over the years I asked myself, I hadn’t ill-treated anyone even a little, the relationship with my brothers and friends is like the eagle’s wings.”


(T/N: Eagle’s wings mean the bond/relationship is strong)


“These, I do understand.” Yaqing said: “But Khan, now it isn’t the same, your servant have to take care of it on your behalf, even if you cut me in thousand pieces, your servant will….will”



She forgot the lines.


Luzhou released Ning Yaqing, exhaustion was clearly visible on his face.

“I’m sorry Mr. Lu.” Ning Yaqing quickly apologized.

Luzhou waved his hands and said: “You acted very well, give it up.”

Ning Yaqing was very touched, Xiao Yi could sense that Luzhou’s tears was overflowing inside, ‘if it isn’t for 450,000 who would want to associate with you’


Half an hour later:


Luzhou used his index finger to play with Ning Yaqing’s hair, her hair glued to her face, three consecutive times Luzhou still hadn’t moved it aside for her, the screenwriter and Hou Qin were about to laugh out loud. Finally, Luzhou put the strand of hair aside, Xiao Yi curiously whispered: “No NG?”  

The recorder waved his hand and whispered: “The editor will fix it.”

Luzhou picked up Ning Yaqing’s chin, whispered: “My beloved wife.”

At that moment Xiao Yi  was in shock.

Luzhou’s eyes really showed the deep feeling of love and repentant, thought he said only two words but his movements and facial expressions could convey his heart.

“I’m really sorry, everyone, I’m really sorry.”

“At this moment I just want to peacefully stay together with you, just wish to be with you………”

Everyone was very nervous, fearing that Ning Yaqing would laugh or forget her lines, Ning Yaqing partly watching Luzhou and mumbly said: “Khan, your servant will forever be with you, no matter where you are…”

Xiao Yi felt relieved, he suddenly had a good feeling toward Ning Yaing, she was serious and became the character very quickly.

“Cut.” The director said, “The next scene.”

Everyone was pardoned, Ning Yaqing rubbed her foot, because she was slanted for a long time, Luzhou helped her sit down.

Ning Yaqing nervously said: “I’m sorry, I was too nervous in the beginning.”

Luzhou didn’t speak, just smiled toward Ning Yaqing giving her a thumbs up then turned away.

The studio once again prepared the props for a new scene, the male supporters who waited for the whole afternoon finally were able to film, the guards got into their positions. Luzhou wiped his eyes sitting in his imperial chair and read over the memorial.

The supporting male actor entered, he had a supporting role but he was pretty famous, he was a young actor who rose to fame recently, he looked handsome and came from an ethnic minority group, his name was Wu Heng Gu.



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