7 Days

7 Days chapter 5

Translator: Polarbearadise


The Fifth Day




If Ouyang and I fought, to be fair, to make Ouyang lose in my hand at least would take 30 rounds.

But if I kill him, I will be dragged out to feed the dogs.

But if I was killed by him, I will still be dragged out to feed the dog.

Everything turned in a blink of an eye. Breaking the fight between Ouyang and I is a shout belong to Shen Pian.


“Second brother, I listen to your order and brought the clothes –*Surprise*, Qi Qi why are you here?”


(T/N: Qi Qi is short for Ouyang Qi)


The target of the murderous intent suddenly shifted.


“How can you say that, Pian Pian aren’t also coming here?” Ouyang hissed out the words, because of that Shen Pian also have murderous air around him.

I took the opportunity and take the clothes in Shen Pian’s hand, jump to the stack of straws, hugged Yin Cheng, also hide the bun, quickly moved to another place in the stable.




Ouyang and big brother is very friendly, with Shen Pian he won’t attack, when seeing him he’ll sweetly called: “Pian Pian ah ~ Pian Pian—-”


Anywhere Shen Pian goes, he always make people like him, but he doesn’t like Ouyang much, that’s why when seeing him he also softly said: “Qi Qi ah~ Qi Qi—-”


(T/N: They both dislike each other very much, but faking it, to intimidate the other)


The distance between the pig-pen and kitchen is very far, but in between the two is the stable.


I guessed that big brother placed me at the stable, isn’t because Ta Xue liked me the most, but because he want this pair of destined enemy to be separated.


I looked up and listen to the noises on that side, probably if it isn’t reach a few hours, then it won’t quiet down, I then lower my head and patted Yin Cheng’s back.


“Can you moved, I’ll put on clothes for you .”

He didn’t look at me, even forgot to struggle, just like that he leaned on my shoulder, his death eyes watched the others two other there attentively.


“So, that’s young master Qi?



I also looked up, Ouyang turned his face to the side, in fact, even if wanting to see couldn’t even see clearly. However Ouyang’s look is very handsome, currently putting on his normal cold look as usual, plus he is really famous, if you ever met him once or directly needed his help, then will realize he isn’t that surprising.


But when Yin Cheng asked, my heart sink.


Ouyang usually travel in Jiang Hu, beside saving people he also destroy evil sect.


There is scar on Yin Cheng’s body, but isn’t critical, a flower thief can’t possibly have any close friends to ask about him and the chance of asking Ouyang to save someone is very low……Thinking like that, the only way Yin Cheng could recognize him, 8 or 9 or 10 parts is…..”


“It’s him.” I cough then replied; conveniently pulled his shoulder back and putting the servant outfit that Shen Pian brought on him.


He still stared at Ouyang, seem like his soul disappeared, in the end, allowed me to do whatever I wanted, this make me unable to hold it in and let out a sigh.


He finally turned around and look me, his eyes appeared a bit hostile.


“What do you want?”


“……nothing.” while helping him fixing the front piece of his outfit to make it look better,

“the current you, look a bit like my third brother when he was a child, he listened more back then compared to now, tell him to wear something he’ll wear it, tell him to go somewhere he’ll go, unlike now, always cause others headache, arrived at the pig-pen and even colluded with the mother pigs……”


He froze for a moment, then turned to look at the two men, at the same time Shen Pian turned his head, exposing the side of his face. Because of that Yin Cheng cry out in surprise.


“So, that’s Shen Pian, Shen’s third young master?”

“Yes, that’s him.”

I said while fastening the belt for him.

He turned around and looked at me, this time there isn’t hostility or murderous intent in his eyes, only full of shock.


“Then, this place is Shen Zhuan Jia?”




“You lied to me.”

He took a few step away from me, his face seem alert.


I’m frustrated, I, when first met him already go against my family because I didn’t report about him, but when he saw Shen Pian and Ouyang he finally react, even turned his back, saying I lied to him. I feel a bit wronged.


“I lied to you?”  I took the bun out, breaking half off and throw it to him. He reached his hand out and catch it, kind of want to throw it aside,  but in the end, he has fainted for many days, glancing at it will make one feel hungry.


He hesitated, took a bite, then deathly stare directly at me, wanting to confirm the authenticity of my words.


For a long time, until I almost finished eating half of the bun, he seem determined, the murderous intent appeared in his eyes again.


“You, villain, probably find someone to fixed their appearance, want to make me loosen up right?”


Why are you angry again?


I almost got choke by the last piece of bun, but seeing Yin Cheng stood up, looking down from the top, he have a cold smile on his face.


“Shen Zhuang Jia is famous in the righteous sect, Yin Cheng, since a child already wanting to visit, but you villain, with skill incomparable to others, place like Shen Zhuang Jia, how can there is someone shameless, indecent, immoral, and taking advantage of someone who’s injured like you!”


I carefully thought, indecent is Ouyang, immoral is Shen Pian, taking advantage of someone who’s injured and kicked him is Ta Xue, I tried to roll around with him, called shameless isn’t overstate.


I can’t help but admire Yin Cheng a little. I spent many years in Shen Zhuan Jia, this is the first time hearing someone only used a few words but the meaning is concise and comprehensive, adding all our nature together, to sum up it is like drawing blood on the first prick.


(T/N: Drawing blood on the first prick – Exactly what one said/hitting the target precisely)




I was still secretly admired Yin Cheng, however his last sentence seem as if thrown me into a bottomless abyss.


“You people from evil sect, not only wounded me, even want to use these shameless method tricking me into opening my mouth; Let me tell you, even if you killed me, don’t even dream of taking a words from my mouth.”


Evil Sect.?!


I vaguely feel there is something wrong.


I swallowed my saliva, my throat felt unprecedentedly dry, I looked up at him: “Do you……Know Shen Ke?”


“This method again?” Yin Cheng sneer coldly, “Miss Shen in this world who doesn’t know, how can I not know. Just that you guys need to dropped your intentions…..”


His body sways a little, he seems tired, can’t even stand, but quickly adjust his position, very awe-inspiring.


“If you want to use Miss Shen name to pull something from my mouth, then don’t even think about it! Even your master, I, Yin Cheng didn’t hesitate to kill, then how can this childish love make it any difficult.”


(T/N: Yin Cheng believe Shen Heng is from the evil sect, he refer to Shen Heng ‘master’ which is the head of the evil sect, who he already killed)


I opened my mouth half a day, and finally, choked out a sentence.

“You’re not a flower thief?”

Yin Chen was enrage till the point his face turned purple.

“F***, your sister is the flower thief!”




Zen saying repeated as can’t really impact people serious, very often, it even interfere with their future.


(T/N: Zen saying repeated as can’t – Catch Phrase, saying something that one already said before)


Yin Cheng is a good example.


afterward listened to Ouyang’s analysis, roughly because Yin Cheng borne naturally like that, his physique seem delicate, his martial art ability just happened to walk on a flexible and agile route. In order to show his masculinity, it is natural to come up with a method. For example, wearing a relatively scary mask, or mouth full of curses, or holding a book, tricking young women.


The last one seem to have a hidden meaning, I don’t want to think about it, but after Shen Pian heard it he immediately enrage, chase Ouyang to the kitchen, those two use the broom to battle several hundred rounds, in the end got dragged out by big brother to feed the dogs, that will be happen later, let’s leave it aside for now.


However at that time, I can only think of standing up, squeeze out a smile with great effort, while desperately attempt to wipe the cold sweat on my back.


“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding……it is really misunderstanding.”


I said, taking out a piece of jade pendant from my waist and throw it at him.


“Before I really just misunderstood, the truth is……this place is truly Shen Zhuan Jia, this is an object that entrust to us brothers in Shen Zhuan Jia, you can take a look.”


He raised his hand and caught the jade pendant,  holding it on his hand and scrutinizing it, then raise his head to glance at me with a meaningful look and somewhat despicable.


“The evil sect. today is truly making great effort, to trick only me, even imitate the real thing…..”


I cried without any tear able to come out.  




Until the evening, those two tired of quarreling, then shake their sleeve and leave, with many of my patient persuasion and teaching, Yin Cheng finally accept the fact that this is all misunderstanding.


However his eyes that looking at me when eating the steamed bun, is quite on alert, this make me very sad.

Although he already inform his full name to me, but he didn’t mention his martial art sect, I on the other hand bring out  my whole family from the youngest to oldest and told him everything.


I could see, he doesn’t trust me.


I can only roughly wait until tomorrow, Shen Pian or Ouyang, one out of those two come, and let him examine their face, then he could tell me his sect.


I thought about that, while hugging the straws—the previous event of almost got buried alive, with Yin Cheng is a major trauma, he quickly take three steps back: “What are you doing?”


“It’s getting late, your wound isn’t heal yet, go to sleep early. Tomorrow I’ll bring my third younger brother or Ouyang for you to meet.”


I put forth effort to look and sound amiable.


He looked at me, suddenly snatched the straws, then raised his hand, the straws is like the the heavenly maiden scattering flowers, in a blink of an eye it already covered all the  comfortable and safest space in the stable.


“If you really a person in the righteous sect…….” when said the two words “Righteous sect” there is a little sneer at corner of his mouth, “Tonight l’ll sleep here, you go over there and sleep!”


He raised his chin, I followed his instruction only turned my head, at the same time with Ta Xue four eyes looking each other.


The latter make a disdain snort from his nose, digging with his hoof threateningly.


When I turned my head again, I saw Yin Cheng is lying on the straws, with his back facing me, his body is stiff, I thought, if I just take one step in his direction, he’ll immediately jump up and use his eyes to make a sieve out of me.


In short, that night, I slept well.

The bones on my body, roughly only be trample with three broken bones.



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