7 Days

7 Days Chapter 4

The Fourth Day


The forecast of the highly skilled doctor remain accurate, Yin Cheng in the next morning opened his eyes; I finish pulled him out of the straws, didn’t even begin to move him to another place to give the spot for Ta Xue yet, our eyes already met again.

This is the first time him and I facing each other like this, at this moment I realized, although he is a flower thief, but his martial art isn’t definitely weak;

In his eyes, it revealed the ice-cold murderous intent, even I couldn’t help but feel chilly from head to toes.

He actually isn’t being impulses like yesterday, didn’t even immediately opened his mouth and curse, but just staring at me with a deathly eyes, not even blink once, I feel even more guilty.

For a long time, he finally speak, with a faint tone, the tone that is scarcely cold.


Subconsciously I answered loudly: “Hey!”

His eyes suddenly became colder.

I thought of wanting to punch his mouth.




Shame is shame, the matter that needed to be done have to be done.

I carried him horizontally, placed on the other side of the stable–Previously I already spread my robe out, however it isn’t soft as straws, but good or bad it is better than leaving him lying directly on the mud.

Although his acupoint is undone, but yesterday don’t know what drug Ouyang given him, it make his hands and feet all hanging loosely, with one look you could already know he couldn’t use any strength.

In the end, the overall result have to wait for Ouyang to come and conclude.

I placed him down straightly, thinking he is probably is a major figure in Jiang Hu, only just lying there naked isn’t very elegant, I take off the short garment I was currently wearing——Anyhow, later I have to bathe Ta Xue, being shirtless is nothing.

When seeing me taking off my shirt, the murderous intent in Yin Cheng’s eyes went up a level.

“Villain, today you insulted me, this debt in the future Yin Cheng will paid back a hundred times!”   

He spoke with hatred, I took my clothes off, he stunned.




He has probably misunderstood, but this misunderstanding really makes me feel very uneasy.

Currently he just lying there with the appearance of rather die than submit.

If not topping, then it will seem like the methods to deal with the enemies of Shen Zhuan Jia is too soft, when being spread out, how can I travel in Jiang Hu, even Shen Zhuan Jia will become the center of mockery for others;

But if I topped, I think that person, Ouyang will peel me into pieces and feed to the dogs as snack.

I’m really hesitant.

Finally, I thought of a compromise approach, simply solved this headache.

Not making it difficult for him, not making it difficult for me, when spread to the world it will be pleasant to hear.

I think I’m really great.




When I carried the water back, I found Ouyang has come, he is currently touching Ta Xue’s mane. He saw me, his expression is still fill bitterness, conveniently thrown two steamed buns at me. I put down the bucket, flying closer to catch the steamed buns, first shoved half of it in my mouth, then looked at him: “What are you doing here?”

He looks left and right then said.

I decided to ignore him, placing the steamed bun in the left railing to snack at lunch, and then picked up the bucket, getting ready to bathe Ta Xue.

“I came here to inform you about that beauty.”

Saw that I didn’t pay him any attention, Ouyang become a bit anxious, although he still have the look of dislike, but his tone was much better.

“How’s he?”

I was curious.

“The road of practicing medicine, simply is see, hear, ask and feel.” He shake his head and looked at me with an expression filled content. “I yesterday I examined his whole body carefully, from head to toes, there isn’t a place I overlook……”

In fact, I felt from yesterday until now, he have a lustful smile across his whole face, comparing to Yin Cheng he look more like a flower thief than him.

I grunted, picked up a brush to comb Ta Xue’ mane: “And then?’

He mysteriously lowered his voice,

“I think he is from the evil sect.”

The brush in my hand make a sound as it fell on the floor.




In fact, last night while in bed i thought, Yin Cheng although he have bad temper, but after all he just entered the manor, also didn’t even do anything, he just have a little evil intention, but also injured, let him experiencing a little bitterness is good enough;

If I really wanting to let big brother “dragged out, chop into pieces and feed it to the dogs”, with that good-looking face of his, even I feel angry to the point of stomping my feet.

Ouyang’s obsession with his face before make me feel rejoice for him – If Ouyang showed interest, with the connection between him and big brother, opening his mouth to ask for a captured flower thief, isn’t really a big issue; If there is an escape route, it is better nonetheless.

It’s just that the sentence Ouyang said, it come out as a sudden clap of thunder.

(T/N: surprising turn of events)

Shen Zhuan Jia is just a small part of the righteous sect, with the people in evil sect., they would to pledge one’s life than coexist, even Shen Pian and Shen Ke had gone on a punitive expedition to evil sect many times.

If Yin Sheng really from the evil sect, than even if there is ten Ouyang added together, stood and sing in big brother’s ear, will still couldn’t able to exchange for his life.

“You have evidence?” I calmed myself then asked.

Ouyang stroke his chin, smile filled across his whole face.

“I walked in Jiang Hu for so many years, and still hasn’t seen someone like him, who even so white like that, it is better compared to a girl’s skin, appearance is so beautiful……”


“……The reason?”


“Ah! that’s the reason.” Ouyang, naturally, look at me, “ If it isn’t a person from the evil sect, sitting in one place everyday to meditate, how can he obtain such a pure white skin like that?”




I looked at him for a while, and then pulled out the leftover bun, throwing it at him, he raised his hand and able to catch it, glance at it with a hateful expression then throw aside.

“What are you doing?”

He spoke while wiping his hand, as if it isn’t clean.

I picked up the brush and continue combing Ta Xue.

“Didn’t you said he’s from the evil sect?”


“If you like, there is still the head of the evil sect.” I raised my chin toward him.


(T/N: What Shen Heng mean is that since Ouyang is obsess with Yin Cheng’s beauty and thought that he is from the evil sect, if Yin Cheng is that good-looking than the head of the evil sect will be even more good looking.)


On the other side, there is still one bun that I hasn’t touched yet, lying on the railing, it’s white and round, look extremely attractive.




Ouyang and I stare at each other for a while, in the end he, himself  kind of understand he is indefensible, personally ended the battle, then start looking around again.

“Bringing up the subject, where did you hide the beauty?” He circled the whole area one time, ”When I arrived I hasn’t seen him.”

“Oh, wait a moment.”

I moved the brush aside, calmed Ta Xue a little, then rubbing my hands on my pant, walked pass Ouyang, to the piles of straw next to his feet, moved all the straws aside and pull Yin Cheng out.

Previously to prevent misunderstood, I buried him in the straws, others won’t be able to see him, naturally won’t come up with inappropriate thoughts, for me and him it is a good plan.

But now when pulling him out, even I was shocked to the point of jump up once.

Yin Cheng, before I buried his face is filled with ferocious, murderous intent, currently when pulled out, there is some bits of straws on his head and body but it isn’t bad, but what’s bad is his whole face is flaming red, his eyes is watery, when revealed he couldn’t stop coughing, breathing is also in a rush.

It isn’t because there is too much straws right?

I feel a little guilty. But then Yin Cheng raised his eyes to look at me, his voice is extremely weak.


“……You……just kill me……”


The sentence hasn’t even finished, he already closed his eyes, two lines of tear rolled down, at first glance compared to before it is even more tragic.


“What did you do to him?!”

I can’t help but shiver.


Yin Cheng really want me to kill him, I don’t know; But I know that currently behind me, Ouyang, at the moment mostly likely want to kill me.



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