7 Days

7 Days Chapter 2

The Next Day


Capturing a flower thief is a major issue, how to dispose of him isn’t a decision I can decide myself.

However reporting to big brother isn’t good, because with brother’s temper, he will impatiently waved his hand and said: “Dragged out, chop into pieces and feed it to the dogs.”

Therefore I buried him with straws, asked Ta Xue to looked after him, then turned two corners and head to the pig-pen to find Shen Pian to discuss.

Shen Pian is my younger brother, my sister third brother, out of all three brothers he is the most intelligence and have predestined affinity with woman; Although three of us grown up with similar looks, yet he always is the one, just walk on the street, the group of young girls already flush and didn’t dare to take the second time.

In the end, how much affection did the girls have for him?

When arrived at the pig-pen, he was leaning against the edge of the circle pen reading, while surrounded by all the mother pigs in their prime of youth.



Generally, to dispose of a person, the most appropriate way is to handed him over to his enemy.

Shen Pian is liked by women, naturally hated men; of course other cases is the same. I think handed this pretty flower thief over to him is very appropriate.

But I miscalculated one step, when Shen Pian moved the straws aside, seeing the jade-like face of Yin Cheng, immediately take three steps back, grabbed me who standing beside him, after a long while, slowly opened his mouth.

“Second brother, I’m unable to deal with him.” His face fill with grief and regret,

“Although he is a flower thief, but his looks is really beautiful, even if it a man, I really can’t heartlessly, use such cruel method……”

Before he could finish, I quickly bent over, holding thick straws to cover Yin Cheng’s face, then from the neck to his knee cap, leaving a space for him to breathe then pulled Shen Pian over and let him take another look.

I suddenly felt a surge of murderous intent arises continuously from him.



Someone who hate men to the bones like Shen Pian immediate give me a good plan. He proposed to castrate him. I listened and feel it is a wonderful plan, I thought if I fainted while someone did something like that, I would rather die than continue living.

“But such things need skill and weapons.” I said, “In order to get these two things we need to inform big brother.”

“Big brother will definitely support us.” Shen Pian said casually.

“I think big brother will support us killing him, but wouldn’t support such a troublesome way.”

Shen Pian and I glanced at each other, imagine in our head the image of our big brother waving his hand, with a twitching face and shouted: “Dragged out, chop into pieces and feed to the dogs,” the picture was that extraordinary.

Shen Zhuang Jia is a major manor in Jiang Hu, enemies isn’t a small number, the enemies that got capture isn’t a small number either, the enemy got caught and killed also isn’t a small number either.

Since big brother hold power till now, outside Shen Zhuang Jia, there isn’t any enemies appeared to take revenge.

They was substituted by a group sleek dogs.



Shen Pian then change the plan.

“We can chop him into pieces.” He suggested that, “Throw it out to feed the dogs and that will satisfy big brother.”

“But the dogs would unlikely agree.” I said sincerely.



All the plans got rejected continuously, Shen Pian seems to lack the patience. He anxiously pacing around inside the stable floor, at the same time received several harsh glances from Ta Xue.

Finally, he joyfully clapped his hands: “There is a way!”

“What’s the way.” I quickly came over to listen.

“The plan is easy, it’s just that, second brother you have to sacrifice a little.”

I could vaguely guessed the plan he is thinking of.

“Since he is a flower thief and isn’t sticking to one flavor, it is better if second brother use the method of ‘give him a taste of his own medicine’, how about that?”


Sure enough.


In a sense, Shen Pian is actually have a high potential to be an official.

Caught a sight of someone and dislike, then cut; If cutting isn’t working, then do it.

If it can’t forever disappear in front of your eyes, then it have to forever appear beneath your body.



However I was a bit hesitant, because I grew up only wholeheartedly practice martial arts, never even called a housemaid into the room, unlike my big brother who sleep with flowers and willow like veteran of a hundred battles; Even I couldn’t even compared to my sister, she at least, don’t know where, sneakily bring back from the street a stack of love novels filled with  grieve over the passing of spring and sad in the advent of autumn; However if I want to see the two words affection and love, it have to be from martial art competition to obtain the “Heartless knife” or “Broken love double-edge sword” and others messy literary works to ponder about.


(T/N: sleep with flowers and willow like veteran of a hundred battles – Having lots of experience sleeping with many women.)


(T/N: grieve over the passing of spring and sad in the advent of autumn – Sad/tragic)


(T/N: “Heartless knife” or “Broken love double-edge sword” – Wuxia drama with tragic love story.)

In fact, I don’t quite understand, even I can’t break my sword, how can I break something call love.


Shen Pian deeply said: “In the least he can castrate himself.”

The concern for men forever can only stay at this limit for Shen Pian; But this time is an exception, he didn’t just teaches all kind of skills, even adding explanation on the side, “It is not because I interest in this business, it just that the tide in Jiang Lu, not knowing the truth when being exposed will be really embarrassing,” he also enthusiastically propose to stay and watch on the side.


I don’t mind being seen, but Yin Cheng seems to mind. Because he woke up.





When his legs was lifted up by me, Yin Cheng look bitterly, yelled, bloods spray all over my face, then his head crooked and fainted yet once again.


“Second brother, I think you should change position.” Shen Pian suggested.


“Third brother, I think we should find him a doctor.” I wiped the blood on my face and sincerely said.



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  1. “If it can’t forever disappear in front of your eyes, then it have to forever appear beneath your body.”

    i’m dying xD

    thanks for the chapter! how long is this story? (´o`)?


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