7 Days

7 Days Chapter 1

This is the first BL/Danmei novel that I read, I just found it recently, got excited and decide to translate it :). In later chapter, there is some phrases or sentences that is hard to understand, just tell me and I’ll do my best to explain it ^^.

Translator: Polarbearadise

The First Day


The first time I saw Yin Cheng was behind the stable of my house.

I was sleeping on a pile of straws and suddenly I felt a gust of wind from the overhead. My experience of sleeping in the stable for days let me swiftly roll aside, then, something rattle and as soon as I moved to the side, something crash at my previous spot.

In the beginning, I though Ta Xue belonged to my brother is kicking backward again. Later, I discovered I was wrong; the something that dropped onto the straw is a person. However, in fact I wasn’t all wrong, that person fell onto the straw make Ta Xue to kicked with it hind legs.

(T/N: That person mean Mr.Right that he been looking for)


Later on I learned that Yin Cheng actually was a very powerful martial artist and also famous in Jiang Hu.

(T/N: Jiang Hu is the pugilistic world, consist of martial artists)

However at that time I didn’t realize it.

First of all, Yin Cheng originally being hunted, fled to my backyard, his strength was drained while air pedalling in the sky and fell into my stable. When he fall down, even the strength to counter was gone, that’s why he fall exactly flat on the surface of my stable, facing upward.

And because of that, he didn’t have enough time to moved aside and got kicked by Ta Xue.

And also because of that, originally he could maintain a little consciousness, but suffering from that kick, he fainted.


He woke up once at dawn.

I woke up before him, observing him properly and clean the blood on his face and body completely. All the valuables on his body, I buried in a hole, then covered his body with straws.

I was looking at him and can’t help but sigh.

Hero is truly a hero, even lying on the straw still look elegant.

I hasn’t said it yet, the most valuable item on Yin Cheng was his ragged white garment?


Fortunately it is currently summer, therefore Yin Cheng won’t catch a cold. After he was stripped off, an hour later he opened his eyes.

Breathing weakly, he asked me: “Where is this place? Who are you?”

“This is Shen Zhuang Jia, I’m Shen Heng, also the second young master, conveniently speaking the master of this manor is my father, the Ministry of Affair is my big brother, he is called Shen Ping, you probably know him.” I proudly introduced my family, then asked him: “What are you doing here?”

(T/N: Shen Zhuang Jia is the manor name, Shen is their family name)

He stare deadly at me, blood drip out from the gap between his teeth, his head crooked and then fainted once again.


This is the first time hearing an intention that is clear and easy to understand.


I have a sister called Shen Ke, people said she is the only 1 out of four of us siblings that look like mother, that’s why she gain special favor from father, she also is a minor celebrity  in Jiang Hu. At the age of 13, men start storming into Shen Zhuang Jia to propose to her. That very same year, my mother was the number one beauty in Jiang Hu; after she and my father married, my father became Jiang Hu number one cow’s dung.

Now the young lady already turned 16, us three brothers also have a small reputation in Jiang Hu.

In the world of Jiang Hu, easily got attracted by beauty isn’t only the son of an official or son of nobility,  it isn’t young chivalrous hero or wealthy and powerful people, it is the flower thief.  In a month, dealing with the case involve small or big flower thieves no less than 40 cases. Big brother bitterly ordered younger brother, Shen Pian and I to guard and never let anyone step foot in Shen Zhuan Jia, constantly monitored.

As a result, I, the magnificent second young master have to guard the stable, everyday using my bare hand to move straws, sometimes I accidently looked up and faced the belly of big brother beloved horse, Ta Xue.

However, I’m quite satisfy because Sheng Pian have to take care of the pig-pen.

People say that big brother want to seize authority and power by force, but the rumor was soon being pressed down because no one would believe that big brother want to fight for power with someone who take care of the horses and someone who take care of pigs.


Therefore after hearing Yin Cheng’s intention for coming here, I feels ecstatic.

I finally caught a flower thief, he is also seriously injured, also completely naked and also he personally said he especially come to Shen Zhuang Jia to f***.

Moreover, his look very beautiful, the kind that young girls will like and young boys will also like.

While being injured, there isn’t any blood, when being stripped clean, his whole body is pure white. Under the light, penetrate from a big hole on the stable roof he appear to be pure and translucent, even occasionally get bitten a few times by louse while being covered by straws, it only showed flush of red.

The reason why Ta Xue and I dislike him because for me it’s my sister and for Ta Xue it’s the straws.

The hatred in Jiang Hu is in fact like this, if it weren’t for a woman or to feed themselves, then there isn’t anything else.


In the afternoon, Yin Cheng woke up, when he about to opened his mouth he started coughing continuously, then spit out a large amount of blood.

I fixed his broken rib, but he still have internal injuries. He speak very intermittently, very much in a wounded state.

“……Take all……clothes……out now……!”

My heart isn’t only in shock, but also full of emotions.

Truly a dedicated flower thief, not even sticking to one flavor, even in this kind of condition he still won’t let the person in front of him go, which is me.

At that moment his face filled with 4 giant words, broken body firm spirit.

I decided to fulfill his wished then killed him, therefore I took off all my clothes and looked at him amiably.

“You want to do it?”

I used the most understandable and refined words to asked him, in order to prevent his unusual taste and misunderstand the target, which will made Tan Xue’s virginity unsafe, I even specifically pointed to my chest.

His stared deathly at me, eyes almost spit fire.

“Do……your……sister……” he grinded his teeth and then passed out again.

His purpose was confirmed once more.

But I don’t know why, I’m a little unhappy.  


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  1. HAHAHAHA OH GOD. Misunderstandings indeed. If I hadn’t read my fair share of Chinese novels, I would’ve misunderstood the “do your sister” too XD
    I die. I love it. Thank you.


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