Golden Assistant Chapter 6

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

In the evening Xiao Yi received a call from Lin Yao who asked him to come over to get the car and also to greet Lin Yao’s five assistants, four men and one woman.

Lin Yao told his assistants: “During this time you guys will listen to Xiao Yi, do what he tells you to.”

The assistants excitingly greeted Xiao Yi, he immediately had a feeling of  the fox exploits the tiger’s might——–Now I can control people?

(T/N: The fox exploits the tiger’s might – Use powerful connections to intimidate people)

However, the facts proved that Xiao Yi was thinking too much, all the assistants were young people and soon they would become familiar with Xiao Yi.

Lin Yao informed him that these assistants were only temporary and Xiao Yi’s position was completely different from theirs, every month their salary would only be 2 or 3 thousand, everything depended on them. “However don’t be too familiar with them,” Lin Yao warned, “because with more people more mouths will blabber, the more they talk the more wrong it will become, don’t let them gossip online.”  

They would be responsible for Luzhou in this period of filming, one person would be responsible for cooking, one would massage Luzhou, one would run errands, one would hold the umbrella and fan and one would be responsible for the schedule. They would also carry everything outside the studio, even serve Luzhou’s meals…..

“Will they even be responsible for feeding him?” Xiao Yi asked curiously.

“You can ask if there aren’t any outsiders.” Lin Yao replied, “I don’t think Luzhou will feel comfortable with unfamiliar people feeding him, you can give it a try but think about your personal safety first, pay attention to the appropriate time before feeding him, if he shows an obvious reluctance then don’t even try it.”

Xiao Yi: “………”

That night the assistants followed to Luzhou’s hotel, Xiao Yi saved five phone numbers and received a SUV to drive Luzhou back and forth while they film. Lin Yao knew that Xiao Yi didn’t have money, however he couldn’t give him his salary in advance. Instead he gave him a credit card which contained the amount of 50,000 and 20,000 cash and told him to carefully hold onto it, and if it was insufficient the company could give him more.

Xiao Yi was busy running around in circles, after he drove Luzhou to the restaurant, Lin Yao thought of sending his assistants to take Xiao Yi around to familiarize himself with the place, then he won’t get lost while in a hurry.

The assistant director was from Hong Kong, the whole time he spoke Mandarin and even after half a day passed, Xiao still couldn’t understand a sentence he was saying. He was afraid that when they had to communicate, if he still couldn’t understand him, all he could do was nod in approval.

Following the assistant director for half a week, Xiao Yi started to become crazy,

First of all: He wasn’t familiar with the area.

Second: He was completely clueless of what the assistant director was saying.

The phone suddenly rang, Luzhou called to tell him to come to the restaurant and Lin Yao also wanted to introduce him to some people he knew. Xiao Yi quickly headed back to the restaurant, he waited outside for a moment before Lin Yao told him to come in. The female lead, the director, the female lead’s manager, the executive producer, and the producer were all present.

Luzhou introduced Xiao Yi and referred to him as his personal assistant, when he heard the names of all the supporting actors/actresses, it was like thunder piercing the ear, he carefully nodded and nodded, watching Luzhou who seemed to be unhappy.

(T/N: Thunder piercing the ear – Shocking/surprising)

“Good, you can go now.” Luzhou said.

Xiao Yi then left.

Outside, there were tables filled with crew members. Someone called out to him: “Did you eat? Let’s eat together.”

Xiao Yi smiled in a humble way and sat down, the female co-ordinator he met earlier warmly greeted him. She introduced him to the make-up artist, stylist, photographer with his apprentice at one table, lights and props at another….Xiao Yi felt dizzy from trying to absorb all the information, he basically didn’t know who was who.

“You are……”

“Hou Qin.” A young elder brother sitting next to Xiao Yi said with a smile.

Xiao Yi chatted a few words with the crew, it seemed that they were all familiar with each other, moreover, they arrived earlier than him.

The female co-ordinator said: “Mr. Lu isn’t arrogant, making me feel at ease.”

Xiao Yi thought to himself, if being like that isn’t arrogance…your requirement is quite low…..He smiled and said: “Ah yes, brother Zhou treats others very good, never hits me, scolds me or yells at me, he speaks very gently not even a hint of hatefulness. This is my first time joining the crew, please take care of me. If I did something wrong, please feel free to scold me.”

“Oh–” Everyone seemed to have an understanding expression on their faces, he could hear the loud OS sound inside his heart beating out of his chest clearly inside his head.

For example, they were thinking this person who reached heaven in a single step, probably was Luzhou’s male gigolo, who knew that Luzhou was also into this kind of thing he actually know how to pick.

Is he the attacker or the receiver?

He probably is the receiver by the way he looks, aiya, nowadays if one wants to blend into this circle, they have to sell their body blah blah blah…….

Xiao Yi thought, ‘these f****** people, you can’t even control your inner thoughts? Your expressions are clearly shouting out what you are thinking.’ In order to clarify the misunderstanding, he said: “My college classmate is president Du’s nephew.”

“Oh–” Their expression changed again, the female co-ordinator smiled and said: “You have probably seen sister Xinran.”

“Yes, I have.” Xiao Yi said, “Sister Xinran is very pretty and possesses great characteristics.”

The female co-ordinator said: “I am her fan, if one day I could be able to work with her that would be great.”

“I’m very excited to see Mr. Lu and Ms. Xinran working together.” The make-up artist smiled and said, “Definitely very compatible.”

“Ah yes, yes.” Xiao Yi said with a smile.

“In the film studios everyone feels like a family.” the co-ordinator said in heartfelt way, “A lot of newcomers feel reluctant to leave after they finish their jobs, they even cry, the relationship between the crew members and the director is very good, spend a certain amount of time in the studio and you will get used to it. You’ll get to know others, make some connections and you’ll gradually blend in.”

Xiao Yi was indeed looking forward to make good connections with the crew members, even if it was a short period of time, hanging for 10 days to a couple of weeks they would be able to become good friends, all the crew members were going through thick and thin together, of course they would build up feelings.

Luzhou waited for everyone to finish their meal then exited, everyone wanted to get up along with him but the producer said: “Everyone eat slowly, I’ll go have a talk with director Li.”

Everyone could eat slowly but Xiao Yi didn’t have that privilege, he couldn’t even touch a piece of chicken in the bowl, he stood up to follow Luzhou out. The two of them bid the director goodbye, entered their car and went away.

Lin Yao also got into the car, Xiao Yi asked: “Where should we go?”

“Back to the hotel.” Luzhou’s face was dark.

Xiao Yi thought to himself, ‘I’m done for, who stepped on his tail this time.’

Lin Yao suddenly laughed and said: “What are you competing with the newcomer for.”

“Oh.” Lu Zhou exhorted coldly, “Fen Fen Zhong wants to become the movie queen, do I dare to not cooperate with her? She has her godfather carry the sky for her.”

(T/N: Carry the sky – Support behind one back with power and money)

“Alright, alright, calm yourself down.” Lin Yao said.

Xiao Yi couldn’t guess what the female lead had said, he suspected that she might have been kneeling and turning her face upward while speaking with Luzhou, making him feel uncomfortable. As he thought about it he started chuckling quietly, Luzhou noticed and tapped him on the head, almost making his head fall into the steering wheel.

He angrily said: “You’re on my side, when you went in why did you keep bowing and bending your knee! Making me lose face!”

(T/N: ‘You’ that Luzhou use is in an informal way)

(T/N: Keep bowing and bending one knee – Showing exaggerated flattery or affection toward someone)

“I I I…I didn’t know.” Xiao Yi thought to himself, cursing at Luzhou ‘You even know about the idiom to bow and bend the knee, very cultural’, but he said: “I didn’t think about it, I’m sorry brother Zhou, I’ll correct it next time…..”

“Don’t pour all the blame on him,” Lin Yao said, “He performed well, modest and prudent, it isn’t common for a new person.”

“I’m sorry.” Xiao Yi quickly explained, “I’ve only seen them in television…I really didn’t know how to react.”

“There are many people.” The arrogant expression on Luzhou’s face made Xiao Yi want to punch the heck out of him, Luzhou continued: “Who is more important than me? Ask yourself that, who is more popular than me?

Xiao Yi: “………..”

“Yes, yes.” Lin Yao said, “New people don’t completely understand, look at Huang Jun, isn’t he very respectful toward you?”

“Just one of the suckups.” Luzhou sneered, “And you, look at yourself, chatting all happily with the female co-ordinator outside, what do you want to accomplish?”  

(T/N: Again the ‘you’ in Luzhou dialogue is informal)

“Ah?” Xiao Yi didn’t know what he did to provoke this man.

“Why don’t you pay more attention?” Luzhou said, “Most of the scandals on tianya were all started by staff members.”

(T/N: ‘You’ is informal)

Xiao Yi thought ‘If you would be more careful, then everything will be good, don’t look down on my ability like that’ he then quickly said: “Next time I won’t socialize, I’ll pay more attention.”

Lin Yao said: “The entertainment and television circle is very messed up, just remember to not gossip about Luzhou to the staff members.”

Luzhou asked: “What did they say about me?”

“Nothing.” Xiao Yi thought, ‘Even if there was any criticism, they won’t tell me, you really……’

“They said that you are great and that you aren’t an idol who plays around, well-matched with sister Xinran.”

Luzhou said: “Minus the time I’m not there, otherwise you always need to follow me, if the manager invites you to eat, you can go, but you have to inform me about everything the staff members say. Be more careful when you speak, don’t just socialize with just anyone.”

(T/N: ‘You’ is informal)

Xiao Yi: “Yes.”

Lin Yao had to head back to Beijing on the next night, when they arrived at the hotel he carefully reminded Xiao Yi again: “Tomorrow the filming is postponed, it is moved to the day after tomorrow. Remember for thousands and millions times, don’t be late and don’t let everyone wait for one person, that is a taboo.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yi started to have cold sweat, Lin Yao gave him a few encouraging words before leaving.

When they arrived home, Luzhou immediately dialed a number. Xiao Yi sat in his suite, prepared to follow orders and wait until Luzhou fell asleep. Luzhou received a few more phone calls, Xiao Yi temporarily didn’t have anything to do, therefore he cooked instant noodles.

Luzhou said: “Why are you eating instant noodles? It smells to death!”

Xiao Yi immediately grabbed the bowl and fork and headed into the WC where he continued eating, but Luzhou ordered: “Come back here! You haven’t eaten yet?”

“Not yet.” Xiao Yi said.

“Call takeout.” Luzhou threw the menu at him, Xiao Yi quickly said: “No it’s alright, it is currently night, I don’t want to bother anyone, beside I like to eat instant noodles.”

“You have money, how will they be bothered?” Luzhou said without looking at him, “Throw away the instant noodles.”

Xiao Yi had to call takeout, he sat on the couch eating while Luzhou was still talking on the phone. He looked at Xiao Yi from time to time. Xiao Yi was very hungry he was eating without stopping. Luzhou spoke on the phone with his friend, he was laughing, but in spite of being busy, he still found the time to scold Xiao Yi: “Why are you eating so little!”

Regardless of what Xiao Yi did, he always got scolded, he obliged and braced himself he opened the lunchbox and continued eating.

Luzhou spoke to the other line: “I was scolding my assistant, he’s like a child. Zhang Xinran…..Don’t even speak of her…..I already had enough of her….”

Xiao Yi listened to Luzhou complain on the phone while he cleaned up after himself. He poured an ice water for Luzhou, fortunately Luzhou was a little tired today and didn’t toss him around for too long, after the phone call he immediately went to bed.”

“Tomorrow we’ll be turning on the equipments, prepare an appropriate outfit.” Luzhou cautiously reminded

“Tomorrow…..” Xiao Yi thought and said, “Do you want to wear this scarf?” Xiao Yi held up the scarf on his left and another on his right hand, he thought Luzhou was going to choose the expensive one, but Luzhou just glanced at it and casually said: “Okay.”

“Where’s the clothes?”

Xiao Yi laid off three different outfits for Luzhou to choose, he chose one, then finished and went back to bed.

The next day.

Xiao Yi drove Luzhou to where the crew assembled, a table was prepared with a wide rectangle plate of roasted pork (whole) on the table. It was packed with people, media, fans, staff members and security, they were pushing Xiao Yi, even his mother wouldn’t recognize him. The camera took pictures of Luzhou non-stop, the light flashed continuously and the weather was cold and wet. Luzhou wore a scarf and sunglasses, the scarf was very fancy it was the one Xiao Yi chose for him. It was woven and given by a fan of Luzhou, Xiao Yi secretly hid it wanting to wear it, but unintendedly Luzhou somehow understood what Xiao Yi wanted but he didn’t say anything about it.

The scarf was made with full of love, on the scarf there were chibi versions of Luzhou and Zhang Xinran. Countless of fans were crying happily, the fans shouted “Luzhou, Luzhou!” loudly the whole way. Being pushed in the crowd, after five minutes the fans started to riot. The media and reporters were pushed back and forth, as a result a reporter was pushed below the alter.

Xiao Yi and Lin Yao were so scared that their souls flew away, they hurriedly ran over and apologized to the reporter.

Luzhou and the female lead, Ning Yaqing, lit the burning incense, poured the wine and turned the equipment on.

“The scarf was a good choice, it leaves a good impression to the fans, you prepared it for him?”

“He selected it.” Xiao Yi said in a low voice.

Lin Yao give a thumbs up, Xiao Yi asked: “Because of starting the equipment, we have to organize the God Worshipping Ceremony?”

(T/N: Before turning on all the cameras and equipments they have to have a God Worshipping ceremony for good luck in the whole process of filming)

Lin Yao replied: “No…..It is a custom, Worshipping God on the starting day will bring good luck, if we don’t do that and bad luck occurred, they will blame us because we didn’t perform the ceremony.”

Xiao Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, the media began the interview. Luzhou stood in front of the camera, he immediately changed his expression, talking and laughing, from time to time he complimented Ning Yaqing. The expression on Ning Yaqing was like a fawn, several times she mentioned about her dream of cooperating with the male god nervously.

Luzhou smiled and nodded, after the interview the director led them out. Luzhou entered the car, in the blink of an eye his expression took a 180 degree turn, he angrily said: “F***, earlier who laughed at my fans fighting each other? Did you hear them?”

“I don’t think so ah…Your fans fought?? No no….They just gave each other a friendly push….???” Xiao Yi heart was thumping, he felt like he was finished, Lin Yao then said: “Quickly, greet the fans over there, put your head out and say something.”

Luzhou wiped his face and instantly switched to a cordial smile, he took off his sunglasses and rolled down the window to stick his head out, blowing kisses at the uproared fans.

“I love you!” Luzhou said loudly.

Outside, the screams were like a zombie attack or when an atomic bomb fell, Luzhou pulled up the window and his face changed instantly, he said to Xiao Yi: “From now on pay more attention, listen for who talks about me behind my back, I suspect that in the studios, there is someone who is trying to mess with me.”

“Yes, I will.” There were three black lines going down Xiao Yi’s forehead (-_-|||), he thought to himself ‘You are thinking too much, how can there be that many anti-fans.’


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