Golden Assistant Chapter 5

Translator: Polarbearadise

Luzhou went to sleep very early that night. Xiao Yi didn’t urge him to read over the script, they didn’t have to go to the company tomorrow anyway. Staying in bed, he could finally have a good night’s sleep—In fact, the life of an assistant is pretty good.

2:30 a.m.

Du Mei called, Xiao Yi informed her that Luzhou looks better now.

Du Mei replied ‘better is good’, and then told Xiao Yi to take a trip to the company tomorrow.  

Xiao Yi laid in bed, playing on his phone, looking for posts related to Luzhou and Zhang Xinran’s relationship. Scrolling down, there were a bunch of fans cursing at Zhang Xinran, saying she isn’t good enough for Luzhou.

Zhang Xinran’s fans defended her, eagerly cursing back, making the corner of Xiao Yi’s mouth twitch, he then decided to put down his phone and sleep.

The next day, at the company.

“He’s probably still sleeping, if noon doesn’t arrive, he won’t wake up.” Du Mei said, “You can head back after eating lunch, take these gifts from fans home to him on your way.”

Xiao Yi then looked at the heap of gifts in the corner.

Yesterday, he already thoroughly explained what happened, Du Mei got a headache after hearing it. Xiao Yi didn’t dare to intervene and just sat there quietly.

“Did he say anything about Zhang Xinran?” Du Mei asked, “After that, did he say anything to her?”

“He said……” Xiao Yi thought for a moment and said, “During the fight, brother Zhou said something about you inviting some hacker……No, no, I mean the PR team in the company to join into the public discussion.”

“This is a really hot topic.” Du Mei said, “We don’t want to do it, but this topic will create a scandal to boost his popularity even more. This child, can’t he just coax her a little?”

Xiao Yi sigh, thinking to himself, ‘that’s the reason? It turns out, you guys actually want to cling onto Zhang Xinran’s thigh, her getting angry isn’t ungrounded’ Presumably, Du Mei turned a blind eye, letting the fans believe Zhang Xinran helped him rise to fame, and after both sides finish fighting, this will create a long-term topic. Therefore, Zhang Xinran is just being deceived by Luzhou, and in the end, this is just a game.

Xiao Yi didn’t eat lunch, he received a call, Luzhou shouted: “Where did you run off to! Do you still want to work!”

Xiao Yi answered, words filled with panic: “I’m helping the fans move your company….Wait no! I’m at the company, moving the fans gifts, I’m almost there!”

“Psycho.” Lu Zhou said and then hung up.

Du Mei had told him to hurry back, and reminded him again to urge Luzhou to read over the script. Xiao Yi mumbled to himself ‘you’re the crazy one, you’re the crazy one…you psycho’ while loading all the gifts in the company car and drove home.

Back home, the auntie was cleaning and preparing food. Xiao Yi stood in the living room, holding the pile of gifts. When Luzhou got out of bed, he wasn’t fully awake yet, seeing the presents caused him to frown and say: “Didn’t I say not to bring these things home?”

“It’s from your fans,” Xiao Yi said, “The gifts are from their heart, how….how….” Xiao Yi was about to said ‘How can you say that!’, but after thinking carefully, he decided not to and said: “How could I reject them, the fans all gathered at the company, I didn’t have a choice but to put it all in the car, and there isn’t a trash can close to the house.”

“There’s one in the garage, throw it all away, it’s taking up space!” Luzhou said bluntly.

“Ah, yes.” Xiao Yi said, but after Luzhou went back upstairs, he didn’t throw it away. Instead, he tore open all the presents to the point of his hands ached. Inside, there are lots of fan-made albums, books, and lots of fan letters. Xiao Yi slightly glanced at it and spotted a letter from a junior high school girl addressed to Luzhou, he couldn’t help but smile.

The pink letter was folded very neatly and carried a sweet fragrance, every word and sentence filled the heart with awe—–like the first time Xiao Yi met Luzhou, the feeling of trepidation, of being unable to crawl down into the ground and come back up as an adorable sprout for him to look at.

(T/N: Remember how embarrassed Xiao Yi was in there first meeting ^^, he want another chance to make a perfect first impression in front of his male god.)

Sadly, it was ruined by that Kuang Quan Bing!  

(T/N: Kuan Quan Bing = someone who have rabies, technically saying he is a crazy mad dog)

While Xiao Yi was busy cursing at Luzhou for feeding his fans feelings to the dogs, he let out a deep sigh and put the letters in a box.

(T/N:  feeding his fans feeling to the dogs – Throwing away his fan’s feelings)

“Didn’t I tell you to throw those away?” Luzhou suddenly appeared on top of the stairs and angrily shouted.

“I……” Xiao Yi said “I already threw away all the things that took up space! These are the tissue boxes you bought on Taobao”

“Tissue boxes?” Luzhou was surprised at first, then regained his composure and said: “Nevermind, that isn’t important, quickly clean the table, we’re eating.”

The phone rang, causing Xiao Yi to think ‘thank god’, Luzhou then disappeared, ‘why don’t you throw yourself out, the one that takes the most space is you…..……Chocolate, handmade candies, a fluorescent mushroom lamp, pot of bonsai, letters, Jiaxiang specialty, Xiao Yi really wanted to scream, how can you throw away all of these stuff, you’re wasting it!’

Xiao Yi tried to decide what will stay and go, already opened over 40 items, he wasn’t willing to throw anything away, therefore, he sneakily carried a giant doll while biting a pile of letters, looking like a thief in the living room. Seeing as Luzhou turned his back towards him while on the phone, he ran to his room at full speed, hiding everything. Just like moving into a new house, everything was completely transported.

Walking downstairs once again, all the boxes and wrappers were cleaned up by the auntie. After Luzhou ended his phone call he let out a deep sigh and entered the dining hall. The auntie then served the food and the two began to eat their lunches.

“What did sister Du say?” Luzhou asked warily.

“She talked about what happened yesterday.” Xiao Yi followed what Du Mei taught him and said: “Today, Zhang Xinran couldn’t bare it anymore and called the company several times….”

“She called the company?!” Luzhou roared, “What a joke! Yesterday, she and her friend was very HIGH! I don’t know which director she enticed, but they keep calling me!”

“Because….sister Du said.” Xiao Yi said, “I don’t know.”

Luzhou didn’t speak again, after finishing his lunch, he sat on the couch and read a book.

Xiao Yi took the script while coming over and carefully said: “Brother Zhou.”

“Don’t want to look at it right now.” Luzhou said, “Stop the idle chit-chat.”

Three in the afternoon.

Luzhou was exercising in his gym inside the basement, listening to music while running on the treadmill.

Xiao Yi took the script over while Luzhou was wiping off his sweat, but still didn’t speak to him.

Luzhou exhaustedly took off his short-sleeved shirt, sweating and panting while opening the bathroom door, the water was ready for him this time.

After bathing, Luzhou laid on the sofa and said: “Read.”

Xiao Yi: “????”

“Read the script!” Luzhou yelled.

Xiao Yi went to pick up the script, thinking to himself, ‘you probably can’t read, Luzhou, you really are arrogant.’

“First act: daytime, prairie, shattered mirror…”

“Skip that part.” Luzhou said impatiently, “The first act has nothing to do with me.”

Xiao Yi took a look farther down and said: “Second act: day, at Xilamuren, storyteller, Shulu Ping has three female companions….”

(T/N: Xilamuren is a grassland located in inner Mongolian region, there will be a picture of it at the bottom ^^)

“In the vast prairie, filled with mist, Lu Ping was taking a bath, a teenager was watching her on the side…..”

Xiao Yi: “…….”

Xiao Yi thought, ‘What kind of drama is this?’

Luzhou: “Read my part!”

Xiao Yi: “Brother….Zhou, what is your part?”

Luzhou: “……..”

Luzhou looked at Xiao Yi and said: “The Emperor A Baoji of Liao.”

(T/N: He is also known as  Emperor Taizu of Liao)

Xiao Yi is a student of art, completely clueless of who the emperor A Baoji is, Luzhou said: “He is the founder of the Liao dynasty, did you read the history book on the cat’s back!”

(T/N:  Read the history book on the cat’s back was refer to a person who born in their birthplace, but doesn’t know the history of it.)

Xiao Yi: “Who is Shulu Ping?”

Luzhou snapped at him and said: “His wife, also his cousin, Liao’s law allowed relatives to get married.”

Xiao Yi made an agreeing sound and replied: “The one that peeped at Shulu Ping while she took a bath, is ABaoji…..”

Xiao Yi thinks about all the history books he once read, this drama is about the original history! It seem to be filled with 3L, he then looked down below and said: “There is your part, second act

(T/N: 3L is a slang term for Luxury, Large, Level up. Use to describe/complimenting or criticizing something.)

consists of a teenager spying on the girl while she bathed, and then….his friend came running in the distance, holding bows and arrows while shouting.”

“Baoji! A Baoji!”

Luzhou looked like he was struck by lightning, grabbed the script, glanced at it, and shouted: “What kind of play is it! The emperor Taizu of Liao started as a boy who peeped on his cousin bathing??!”

Xiao Yi: “………”

Luzhou: “………”

Luzhou: “I’m not reading anymore.”

Xiao Yi: “I’ll reread it, sister Du said…*hiccup*…..”

Xiao Yi continued: “A Baoji rushed into the tent, kneeling in front of his grandmother.”

“You Baoji felt wronged and shouted, Why can my friends be allowed to play outside, go hunting! And I’m not allowed to do anything! Why! Why! Why!”

“Grandmother (Speaking with earnest): Baoji ah, there is a saying from Han people, when the gods gave a person an important duty, that person first has to suffer a bitter hardship…..”

Luzhou couldn’t hold it in, and feebly waved his hand, indicating for Xiao Yi to stop reading and at the same time, the phone rang. Xiao Yi got up and answered the phone, whoever called was probably looking for Luzhou. When Luzhou started talking on the phone from south through North, while talking, he motioned Xiao Yi to bring the script over, and read over the script absent-mindedly.

(T/N: Talking on the phone from south through North mean talking for a long time)

Xiao Yi sat at the table while playing on his phone, when he overheard Luzhou talking about investing in a red wine manor. The person on the other line was probably a friend inviting him to collaborate. The manor involved a clubhouse, the price was more than 10,000,000. Xiao Yi thought to himself ‘he’s really rich, How much is his net worth? Wealthy people really have  strange habits, surfing Taobao and investing in a wine manor’

(T/N: Clubhouse – It is not a club/bar, it a place where people/organization set up an event like charity, celebration, etc.)

Xiao Yi was somewhat curious about Luzhou’s net worth. Certainly, it is impossible to ask him about it, after all, it is very impolite to ask. In Xiao Yi’s whole life, he never held more than a million, of course, 1 million or 2 million isn’t any different with Luzhou, even 5 million and 10 million are only a symbol for another zero.

Luzhou often filmed tv dramas, probably making tons of money, this house of his is  probably over 100 million? Xiao Yi looked around, 100 million seemed a bit too much, minus 50%, 50 million is about right.

He estimated Luzhou’s wealth, if he had given Xiao Yi even a fraction, he would live very well off in Beijing.

Some people were born to be bright and beautiful, they could get anything they wanted, and some people’s lives were mediocre, it is very unfortunate. Xiao Yi took a deep breath, thinking his luck isn’t that bad, thanks to Duma giving him such an opportunity, or else he would be a frog that stayed at the bottom of the well his whole life.

(T/N: Be a frog stay at the bottom of the well, mean he just stay where he is in life and never attempt to rise up.)

Luzhou turned three pages of the script while on the phone, then threw it on the sofa, and didn’t even touch it for a couple of days. Xiao Yi wanted Luzhou to read it over the next day,

Luzhou replied: “Already read it.”

Xiao Yi tried to read slowly, but still wasn’t able to understand it, therefore he looked up Emperor A Baoji.

This is a historical drama, although it is implausible…..Luzhou played A Baoji, the female lead playing Shulu Ping is the popular newcomer in Li Star entertainment. Shulu Ping is Baoji’s cousin, a woman who could stir up bee and butterfly, every young man feels affection for her, just like the image of Mary Sue who suffers because of love.

(T/N: Stir up bee and butterfly – Make people attract to you)

(T/N: Mary Sue – A fictional character who is perfect in all aspect)

Xiao Yi usually watched American tv shows, it was his first time experiencing the impact of a domestic drama, the drama rating is only part of Luzhou’s many dramas.

Even though it was implausible and contrived, it was still very attracting, in the end Xiao Yi finished reading the script. Luzhou exercised frequently everyday, played games and occasionally went to karaoke with his friends while Xiao Yi waited for him inside the car.

The whole week passed by in a blink of an eye, and monday morning came. The company car came to pick them up and drive them to the airport. Lin Yao was waiting for them at the airport and said: “I assigned 5 assistants for you, they already headed to Hengdian yesterday.”

Xiao Yi thought to himself ‘five….five people for 1 Luzhou, do you need that many people to serve you.’ Yesterday, Luzhou went out drinking and got a hangover when he woke up, so he casually said: “On the plane, don’t call me to eat.”

Xiao Yi, sitting in the first class for the first time, felt extremely excited inside, but he had to put on a straight face. On the plane, Lin Yao handed him a stack of schedules and precautions to look over, so when he arrives in Hengdian, he’ll call Yao’s assistants and plan about Hengdian in detail.

Hotel arrangement, accommodation, cars, spending……Xiao Yi looked at the list that made him feel dizzy, he understood that his status is equivalent to Luzhou’s butler. Originally, most actors filming in Hengdian aren’t allowed to pick the hotel they want, they’ll be staying where Hengdian’s crews will be staying. However, A-listers like Luzhou and Zhang Xinran are allowed to pick whichever hotel they want.

That’s why Luzhou didn’t allow the company to arrange a five-star hotel, he just took the money out of his pocket and gave it to Xiao Yi to arrange a hotel.

Xiao Yi glanced at Luzhou, and at the moment, he was tilting his head, mouth slightly open, sitting against the seat, snoring with his glasses gradually falling off his nose.

The flight attendant came over to inquire, seeing the sleeping Luzhou, she at once recognized him and put on a shocked expression, “Male God!”

Xiao Yi quickly put Luzhou’s sunglasses back on, waved his hand to indicate ‘don’t disturb him, he is sleeping.’

After settling in the airplane, Lin Yao ordered food and ate while talking to Xiao Yi.

“When the filming starts, I can’t be there for the entire process. At that time, you’ll have to work hard.” Lin Yao said, “The first time at Hengdian is confusing, if you don’t understand something, just ask Luzhou.”

Xiao Yi quickly nodded.

“Hold yourself back from asking for signatures from other stars.”

“At night, unless it socializing, the majority of matters are absolutely unnecessary. So if someone wants to see him, say he’s tired from filming, and to meet him some other time, we’ll take the initiative to contact them. For fans or friends that came to visit, you have to clearly identify them, stop them if it is appropriate, don’t be rude…”

Lin Yao talked all the way and finally said: “It’s not that I’m worry about your temperament, I’m just afraid you wouldn’t be able to refuse them.”

“I will remember.” Xiao Yi said, “Assistant Lin, you seem to be very familiar with this stuff.”

“I’ve also worked as his manager.” Lin Yao laughed, “President Du was Luzhou’s manager when he debuted, but since she is always busy, she passed the job to me.”

When the airplane arrived in Yiwu, Luzhou was barely waking up, so when they entered the car he continued his sleep. When they arrive at Hengdian, the co-ordinate picked them up. Xiao Yi didn’t know what to do, instead Luzhou smiled and greeted, “Where is Li Dao?”

(T/N: Yiwu – A city located in central Zhejiang province, China)

(T/N: Li Dao is director Li real name)

The co-ordinate is a female, she smiled and replied: “Director Li is currently in a meeting with a few writers, he’ll meet with you at 6 o’clock for dinner tonight. will be shooting for two months, Mr. Lu has the most lines, so it is going to be very exhausting for you. This is this week’s schedule, but the script hasn’t been put together yet.”

“There isn’t a script yet?” Luzhou slightly frowned, the co-ordinate said: “God worship day is tomorrow, so your first scene will be filmed the day after tomorrow. We will film the flying scene first.”

“Will not—–” Luzhou said, “What’s happened?”

The female co-ordinate apologized: “The project was in a rush, right now we only have the script for that scene since the script isn’t finished yet.”

Xiao Yi: “……….”

‘That is possible?’ Xiao Yi was speechless.

Luzhou said: “Forget it.”

The co-ordinate then guided Luzhou and Xiao Yi out of the room.

Xiao Yi took the schedule, his head filled with many questions, while Luzhou sat on the sofa, “Tea.”

Xiao Yi got up to boil tea, since Luzhou still hasn’t completely awoken yet, he yawned. He then went to the bathroom to wash his face.

“Ask if you don’t understand.” Luzhou said impatiently.

Xiao Yi finally spoke up.

“Without the script, how can we shoot?” Xiao Yi asked.

“Film randomly,” Luzhou said, “All the implausible dramas are filmed like that, even actors change the script.”

“What is the…flying scene?” Xiao Yi asked.

“Filming the later parts first, jumping off the cliff, crying, kissing, so on.” Luzhou finished washing his face, took off his shirt and walked out of the bathroom with his upper half revealed, and asked: “Where’s my underwear?”

Xiao Yi hastened to find a change of underwear while asking: “You don’t like filming flying scenes right?”

“Don’t like it at all.” Luzhou said impatiently, “I don’t even know the actor yet, and already have to film a kiss scene with them in the beginning, who can stand that?!”

Xiao Yi let out a agreeing sound, Luzhou turned on the water, the sound of water crashing down resound throughout the room.

Xiao Yi asked: “Do we need to prepare anything for tomorrow’s shooting?”

“No need.” Luzhou said, “When the time comes, just block the fans. The crew is responsible for security, but just pay more attention and don’t let fans rush in.”

“Yes….yes.” a black line went along Xiao Yi’s head (-_-|||)




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