Golden Assistant Chapter 4

Translator: Polarbearadise

The moment they arrived home, Xiao Yi immediately received a call from Du Mei.

“What happened?” Du Mei asked.

“Who allowed you to speak!” Luzhou roared, jumping up from the sofa and grabbing Xiao Yi’s collar.

He shouted, “Who allowed you to talk about what happened!”

“I didn’t say anything!” Xiao Yi said, “On the way home I didn’t call…President Du…..Brother Zhou!”

“Turn on the speaker!” Du Mei said.

Xiao Yi put the call on speaker, Du Mei continued: “Luzhou, today Zhang Xinran isn’t in a good mood, Qi Quan wanted to apologize to you, we’ll continue to discuss this tomorrow, have a good rest.” Du Mei then hung up the phone.

Luzhou was extremely angry, but couldn’t find a way to release his anger. The scene of Zhang Xinran screaming ‘premature ejaculation’ and ‘impotence’ echoed like a thunderclaps inside Xiao Yi’s head. Adding the image of Zhang Xinran’s scary expression and the argument with Luzhou, the picture of a golden couple was shattered until nothing was left.

Luzhou looked around, throwing a few pillows, and sat on the couch while breathing with indignation, he then poured himself a glass of wine and finished it in one gulp.

“My girlfriend also scolded me often.” Xiao Yi told him, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be better after she has calmed down.”

Luzhou didn’t even spare Xiao Yi a glance, that’s when Xiao Yi remembered Luzhou got bit by the Chihuahua. He went to get alcohol and cotton, then said: “Is it bleeding?”

Luzhou impatiently moved his hand away from Xiao Yi’s grasp. The bloody wound from his wrist stained the cuff of his shirt, Xiao Yi was startled and said: “You need an injection right now!”

“Don’t want to.” Luzhou immediately jumped up, moving farther away and sat back down again, he said angrily: “What kind of joke are you saying!”

“You need a vaccine injection just in case.” Xiao Yi said, “Otherwise, what will happen if you were to get rabies?!”

Luzhou: “Do I look like I have rabies?!”

Xiao Yi: “………..”

Xiao Yi thought ‘yes’, but his mouth said: “I mean the dog, it may carry the rabies virus, no matter what you need an injection.”

“Are you joking!” Luzhou roared, “Get an injection in the middle of the night?! You want to disclose this to the media!”

Xiao Yi remembered he had a friend who works at CDC and said: “Wait for me.”

(E/D: CDC – Centers for Disease Control, where you go for diseases and vaccines)

When Xiao Yi went to make a phone call, Luzhou said: “Who are you calling?”

Xiao Yi said: “Rest assured, I’m not calling President Du, I’m just calling a friend of mine who work at the CDC.”

Luzhou said: “Not even your friend are allowed! You already signed the confidentiality agreement, don’t you want to work here anymore!”

Xiao Yi stood, staring at Luzhou, he almost couldn’t help roaring at him, but thinking about it, ‘forget it’, instead he said: “I’m your assistant, protecting you is my priority. If you think I’m not doing my job right, you can tell president Du to fire me. But you just got bitten by a dog, and you need an injection just in case.”

Luzhou just stared at Xiao Yi, completely speechless.

An hour later, a car parked in the underground garage of CDC.

Xiao Yi pulled his friend over and said: “He doesn’t want people to see him…..”

The window lowered a bit, Luzhou bowed his head inside the car and extended his hand out towards them.

Xiao Yi’s friend: “…………”

“Let’s do it.” Xiao Yi said, “Please, I’ll take you out for a meal, thank you so much.”

Xiao Yi’s friend stared dumbfounded while standing outside the vehicle, he applied the alcohol and gave the vaccine. Luzhou let out a wild scream, making Xiao Yi immediately hold his wrist, pleading and saying: “It’s okay, it’s okay….it’s almost finished.”

Xiao Yi’s friend noticed the expensive watch wrapped around Luzhou’s wrist, smiled and patted Xiao Yi’s shoulder without saying anything.

After the vaccination, Xiao Yi said: “There is still two left, I’ll take the vaccination home and give you the shot later.”

The raging air around Luzhou had already passed, without taking a shower, he changed his clothes and laid in bed.

Xiao Yi said: “Do you want to surf Taobao?”

Luzhou didn’t answer. Xiao Yi then turned off the lights, and exited the room. In the dark room, he could hear Luzhou sigh.

Xiao Yi’s phone rang again, it was Du Mei.

“How is the situation?” Du Mei asked.

“Tolerable,” Xiao Yi replied.

Du Mei asked: “In the middle of the night, why did you drive to CDC?”

Xiao Yi: “……….”

Du Mei said: “The reporter took a picture of your car, even followed you for a good distant, they were going to publish it on the news but I stopped them in time. Now tell me, why did you guys go to CDC?”

Xiao Yi explained the  whole situation in a whisper, repeatedly saying sorry, sorry, sorry……

Du Mei said: “Why does he always make people worry about him? What if someone spread the words of Luzhou having HIV on the internet, anything can be said on the internet, what are you going to do if that happens?”

Xiao Yi didn’t expect that only a license plate could expose their identity, but fortunately Du Mei understood his kindness and said: “Next time be more careful, and don’t listen to what Luzhou says, if anything happens call me directly, I’ll send a car over.”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Yi’s heart was pounding and his forehead was full of sweat

Du Mei said: “It’s been hard for you, that guy never stops making people worry.”

“You also worked hard.” Xiao Yi said carefully.

Xiao Yi was simply exhausted, in just two days of being an assistant, the workload is almost equal to ten people’s.

He then went into the bathroom to take a bath, today he could finally use Luzhou’s jacuzzi secretly, the sound of water crashing resounded. While he was feeling extreme delight, Luzhou was heading downstairs.    

“Did that anti fan say anything yesterday?” Luzhou asked, but Xiao Yi didn’t hear him at all.

Luzhou poured himself a glass of water and saw Xiao Yi’s phone flash, a screen appeared with the name ‘Wife’ as the caller ID.

Luzhou: “……….”

Luzhou then answered Xiao Yi’s phone.

“What are trying to do!” A girl bluntly said,

Luzhou’s anger started rising, he remembered Xiao Yi said that his girlfriend is one of his crazy fan girls, he was intended to surprise her, but his anger couldn’t go away as the image of Xiao Yi’s girlfriend instantly overlapped together with the image of Zhang Xinran.

“Hello, young lady.” Luzhou said politely, “How can I help you?”

“Who are you?” Xiao Yi’s girlfriend said in surprise, “You’re not Xiao Yi? Where is he?”

“He’s currently taking a bath,” Luzhou said, “I could take a message for him?”

Xiao Yi’s girlfriend said: “You tell him I went back home, the dance teacher downstairs introduced me to a guy, and we are very compatible, I’ll get married next month, tell him to never call me again and forget about me.”

(E/D: well ain’t she fast, it’s been what, 3-4 days?? Damn girl, at least spend some time to get over your several year relationship XD)

Luzhou: “Doesn’t matter, I will take responsibility in comforting his injured little soul.”

Xiao Yi’s girlfriend: “……….”

“In the end, who are you?” Xiao Yi’s girlfriend asked, noticing something wasn’t right.

Luzhou said in a serious tone: “I’m his boyfriend, problem?”

On the other side of the phone: “…………”

The voice of Xiao Yi’s girlfriend suddenly raised and roared: “Turns out I’ve always been lied to! You’re no good, you two are an adultery couple!”

Luzhou said: “What? Do you even know who I am?”

Xiao Yi’s girlfriend said: “What is your name? Are you Du Ma?”

“Du Ma?” Luzhou said, “Who is Du Ma? I see, so he has another lover besides me?”

The phone on the other side was in complete silence.

Luzhou said: “You’re not going to receive an autograph from me,” then moving his fingers, he sent her number into the blacklist.

After that, he opened Xiao Yi’s douban. In looking at his history, he noticed Xiao Yi has been looking at the posts about him and Zhang Xinran’s relationship. Luzhou instantly became suspicious that Xiao Yi went on douban to blabbed about their relationship and started to check the date of things he posted.

(T/N: Douban is a site that let’s user record information like about music, film, books, events, etc.)

It was an old post,  Xiao Yi trying very hard to clarify that Luzhou doesn’t grab onto Zhang Xinran’s thigh and relied on her to gain popularity….Looking at the date of the post, it was before he became his assistant. He has been praising Luzhou in all of his posts, ever since the beginning of his debut.

Luzhou angrily tossed the phone aside, slumping on the sofa, he looked over the script, but obviously wasn’t in the mood. He couldn’t help it, so he grabbed the phone and looked at it again. When his first movie came out, Xiao Yi was still a college student, his comment was full of praises.

Luzhou tossed and turned, reading his own praises in the movie review numerous of times, he finally became impatient, so he put away the phone and shouted: “Hey!”

*bang*, the sound of Xiao Yi slipping could be heard inside the bathroom.

Xiao Yi rushed out, secretly using the bathroom caused him to be very anxious, now that he has been caught, he is definitely going to get scolded.

Luzhou said: “Didn’t I tell you to take a bath only after I had taken one?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Xiao Yi’s hair was still wet, wearing a white bathrobe, and barefoot, he repeatedly apologized, “Brother Zhou, I thought you….had been asleep, I’ll go prepare the water for you.”

“Letting me wash in the water you just bathed with?” Luzhou said angrily.  

Xiao Yi didn’t know what to do, water was still dripping down from his hair, and the bathrobe exposed his white collarbone.

Luzhou said: “Forget it.”

Xiao Yi thought for a moment, then walked inside the bathroom to change the water and said, “It’s good now.”

Luzhou looked unhappy, after the shower, he went out and saw a glass of whiskey with ice on the table. Luzhou took a deep breath, he didn’t even dry his hair, leaving it like that and just started drinking.

Xiao Yi also poured himself a cup, he said in a comforting voice: “It’s been like that, I get scolded often, so I already got used to it.”

“Your girlfriend also scolded you everyday?” Luzhou said, “In the end, are you even a man?”

Xiao Yi: “………”

Xiao Yi has been hearing that phrase a lots lately, he thought and said: “That’s not the case….”

Luzhou said: “What did she give you? Did she save some of your dignity? Lowering yourself like a mistress, and for what? What do you gain from that?

Xiao Yi said: “She loves me.”

Luzhou: “Ah, at least she loves you, Zhang Xinran doesn’t even love me.”

Xiao Yi said: “You can’t say that…if she doesn’t love you, then why did she date you. In fact, I still….love my girlfriend.”

Xiao Yi felt a little depressed, smiling toward Luzhou and said: “I believe when she calms down, she’ll forgive me. We already finished discussing, just you wait until I’ve made enough money, we’ll get married in Beijing.”

Xiao Yi didn’t know that his girlfriend turned into Odysseus, once gone, never to return again. He is waiting for her to have a change of heart, but his girlfriend has already entered the blacklist, it’s impossible for her to turn around now.

But Xiao Yi still optimistically comforted Luzhou, making Luzhou look sour and said: “It’s done once you break up, a good horse doesn’t come back to the same pasture, understand?”

(T/N: Odysseus is warrior and King of Ithaca in  Greek Mythology. He went to war over 10 years which everything believe he will never return.)

(T/N: A good horse doesn’t come back to the same pasture mean that one don’t go back to the same past’s experience, for example: love, job, girlfriend etc. Therefore Luzhou is telling Xiao Yi once he broke up, then come back and date the same woman again.)

Xiao Yi smiled, put away his phone, Luzhou continued “Anyway, I’ll not let Zhang Xinran continue to look down on me like a dog, f***, she isn’t even human, trampling on my dignity from the beginning.”

Xiao Yi said: “I don’t believe she never liked you.”

“You don’t understand.” Luzhou replied, “In the entertainment circle, bystanders see it as glamorous and neat, in truth, people trample on each other. Showing off their assets, who is more experienced, who is more famous, only that person will hold the power.”

Xiao Yi thought to himself, ‘Isn’t that you’

Luzhou was silent, toying with the cup. They were both wearing bathrobe, sitting on opposite sides of the table. Xiao Yi looked around, the lights were colorful, shining down at the empty house, making it seem even more lonely.

He understood this feeling, when living in Beijing, everyday he came home, turned on the lights, he was the only person inside the house. Day after day, year after year, it became very lonely. The walls turned freezing cold, wanting to find someone to speak to, but there isn’t anyone. Living in such a big house, even having a tons of money, it’s still very lonely.

“Why don’t you call your parents over to take care of you?” Xiao Yi said.

“They already divorced.” Luzhou said, “Both are abroad, you didn’t know? In the past, I said it in one of my interviews for a magazine.”

Xiao Yi recalled, apparently there is an interview about it.

“Where is your parents?” Luzhou asked.

Xiao Yi: “At home, they used to teach in the countryside, now they moved to a city and live with my brother.”

He thought, sighed and said: “You have money, a house, a successful career, what is there to worry about? Look at me,” Xiao Yi pointed at himself, then continued, “All my savings aren’t even enough to buy a one square meter house. All his life, my father saved 80,000 yuan, he said he wanted to get money in order to buy a house for me, they saved for three generations and my family still can’t even afford to buy a house.”

Luzhou: “………”

“How can I be compared to you?” After a long time, Luzhou managed to speak up.

Inside his mind Xiao Yi approved, ‘true’, how can a person like you compare to a useless person like me.

“Work hard!” Luzhou got up, standing on the stair and shouted, “Sooner or later you’ll be able to afford the house, but if I were you, I would hurry home, spend your life with your parents, if you miss the chance, it will be gone forever!”  

Xiao Yi: “……..”

Xiao Yi didn’t expect Luzhou to say something so, human like that.


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