Golden Assistant Chapter 3

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Whether being a manager or an idol, everyday is still busy, at least 70% is building relationships with others, while 20% is advertising for their fans and the rest, just focusing on acting.

Being a manager is very painful, they have to tidied up the star’s mess when they piss off someone, if they don’t clean it properly, it won’t be good if netizen ill-spoken about the star. It is important to frequently examining public relation, public opinion, discussion of salary change in the contract, looking at how people prepare foods, contacting the producers and investors, inquired about competitors’ news and gossip, try to discredit the opponents, taking care of the idol……Since when Xiao Yi follow Luzhou, he started to understand these kind of things.

Surely, the company arranging him to work as Luzhou’s assistant, doesn’t mean they want him to be his assistant forever. The occupation of assistant could be upgraded to manager, producer, or even joining a secret branch in the company to go fishing for potential artists.  

Becoming a manager in the entertainment circle mean, the manager often tag along with the artist, when the artist rise to fame, they would use their resources to hired an assistant, after the assistant get acquainted inside the circle, they will get promoted to manager, then the cycle repeat. Looking at his own future, in general, Xiao Yi is feeling very optimistic.

A person without high ambition like Xiao Yi, after a few days of work, would occasionally have a bit of unrealistic fantasies, such as becoming a producer for movies and tv dramas. When a new artist debuted, with his help, they would work hard to increase their popularity and when they do, he can call the wind and summon the rain, taking 80% of their income.

(T/N: What he mean is to show off his power as their superior and take some of the artist’s income)

Even covering the sky with one hand, there is nothing he can’t do. Driving expensive cars, living in luxury mansions…..In short, speaking one word will cause the stars to fear him. The company will fill with tons of handsome males and beautiful females, the president will be sitting on a mountain of wealth, such a beautiful painting, however, it is important to choose people like Zhang Yiyi or Maggie Cheung….this kind of thing clearly isn’t his turn to worry about.

(T/N: Cover the sky with one hand = hiding the truth)

Before success, you must first ensure your survival.

Xiao Yi really admired Du Mei, she can figure out Luzhou’s character and induce him to the direction he needed to go.

“Next week, we’ll go to Hengdian.” Du Mei examined the packet in her hand and casually said,

“Today you will go eat with Xinran, her manager called repeatedly.”

“Not going.” Luzhou said

“Why? Throwing a tantrum again?” Du Mei said.

“Don’t want to go.” Luzhou leaned on his swivel chair while playing on his PSV.

(T/N: Hengdian is China biggest film studio)

Du Mei placed the packet down, looking helpless: “If you had arrived earlier we could have arranged for breakfast or lunch, but since you slept in this late, it can only be arranged in the evening.”

Du Mei was silent, she looked at Xiao Yi and saw he was sitting on the sofa, and looking at her.

She then said: “Xiao Yi, go buy some food, also, you can buy whatever you want to eat.”

“Don’t buy anything spicy.” Luzhou raised his head from his game and said to Xiao Yi, “Duck gizzard, thinly cut, with a little marinade sauce.”

Xiao Yi made a sound of approval, got up and headed out. After the door was closed, Du Mei went over and pulled the game away from Luzhou, earning an impatient look from him.

“How is Xiao Yi doing?” Du Mei said

“Okay.” Luzhou said, “Compared to the previous assistant, he’s better.”

“Be more courteous to him,” Du Mei said, “I’m planning on nurturing him.”

“Him?!” Luzhou thought he just heard a big joke and said, “He doesn’t even wear a tie, he’s already over 20 years old and still looks like a student who just graduated, and he can’t even speak clearly! How can he become a manager?”

“No matter what,” Du Mei said, “Becoming friend is also good, that young man is very loyal.”

Luzhou perfunctory made a sound of agreement, Du Mei grin and say to Luzhou: “I think you are really fond of Xiao Yi, afterall, he is the first assistant who hasn’t been fired on the second day.”

“Am I that bad? He talks less, works more, so of course I wouldn’t fire him.” Luzhou said

Du Mei then said: “Treasure him a little, nowadays, it is hard to find an earnest and loyal young man like him.”

“I know.” Luzhou put his hand out, wanting to get his PSV back.

Du Mei said: “You should already know that this tv drama has a high value, you have to be nice to other stars there.You are a big star, but in front of the director, show some respect, he will like you better.”

“Okay, Okay.”

“Be nice to the new faces, they will feel flattered and have a heartfelt respect toward you. After a short period of time, I will come visit you at the shooting location.”

“Truthfully speaking,” Luzhou said, “I don’t want to accept this drama, I only do it to save you some face and show respect toward director Li.”

Du Mei said: “The price for one episode is 450,000 yuan, I’m not just saying, but there isn’t many people who can earn that much. This years profit of collective is shrinking greatly, Li Star Company wants you to be the male lead, that’s why they are paying a high price. You have to take it seriously, don’t look down on them or it will be very difficult for me.”

“I know.” Luzhou said impatiently, “Next time, don’t accept these kinds of drama.”

Du Mei glanced at Luzhou while pulling out a stack of information from the drawer.

“Diversity plays a critical part.” Du Mei said, “If you have time, take a look at these.”

Luzhou took the PSV instead of the script, making an agreeing sound and continues to play his game.

Du Mei: “During and after the shooting, I will prepare a scandal for you and Xinran.”

Luzhou: “Oh.”

Du Mei: “That’s why today, go have dinner with Xinran, she and her manager missed you.”

Luzhou shuddered, Du Mei continued: “Recently, I discussed with Qinghe entertainment, they invited the Hollywood special effects team and invested 177 million, if the other side agrees, they want you to participate in their movie.”

Luzhou: “How much?”

Xiao Yi standing outside, knocked on the door.

Du Mei said: “Come in.”

After the boy came in, she continued and said: “Four million.”

Xiao Yi: “……”

“That’s all?!” Luzhou unbelievably said.

Xiao Yi: “…………………………….”

Du Mei: “It been a long time since you acted in a movie, and the shooting period isn’t long, less than a month or even only 20 days.”

Luzhou: “A male lead only gets paid 4 million?”

Du Mei said: “Male support.”

Luzhou then angrily threw his game and shouted: “Me, playing a supporting actor?!”

Xiao Yi cast a sympathetic glance at Du Mei, but she still looked calm and said: “Didn’t you know, male leads play the plot of the story, while supporting actors receive the loves?”

Luzhou took a deep breath, as if on fire, but couldn’t find anything to put it out.

Du Mei said: “Eat first, this hasn’t been decided just yet. Qinghe’s director just exaggerated after all, so after I receive the script, I will then request an increase in pay.”

In that afternoon, Luzhou finished his food in thirty-two slurps, breathing with indignation. Du Mei showed him a trailer—-the tv drama that he played the male lead, Xiao Yi adores that show.

Du Mei said: “On monday Lin Yao will accompany you, you don’t have to worry about others thing…..Xiao Yi?”

“Ah, here!” Xiao Yi immediately stood up.

“He doesn’t need to come.” Luzhou face was darkened while looking at the script grudgingly, without even looking up, he said: “Just tell Lin Yao to send a few assistants to accompany me.”

Xiao Yi, from head to toe, felt like he was hated.

Du Mei said: “Go and learn a few things. Take good care of Luzhou, if there is something you don’t understand, feel free to call me, remember to remind Luzhou to read over the script this week.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yi nodded.

In the afternoon, Du Mei gave him some more advice on a couple of things, mostly about how to treat people with respect, the without saying anything, Luzhou just took Xiao Yi and left.

Today, Xiao Yi drove Luzhou’s car, Du Mei guessed that he doesn’t want to meet Xinran, so she reminded Xiao Yi to make sure Luzhou goes to the meeting no matter what.

Evening, 5:30

The speed of cars on the street are like snails crawling, the sky turned yellowish gray, Xiao Yi knew that Luzhou just got his tail stepped on and isn’t in a good mood. He was being despised and felt a bit low, wanted to resolve this conflict, therefore thinking for a moment, he finally said: “Do you want to surf Taobao when we arrive at the shooting location?”

(T/N: The meaning of just got his tail stepped on is that he someone upset him and he can’t do anything about it)

“The filming takes place on the mountain, how can there be any signal!” Luzhou shouted at him.

Xiao Yi. “…….”

Xiao Yi internally thought, ‘aren’t I only wanting to make you feel better! Don’t you like going on Taobao! What the heck! If it isn’t for the autograph, I wouldn’t lower myself and serve you like this!!!’

“We can surf Taobao if we leave the mountain.” Xiao Yi said, “How about bringing something to entertain you? Maybe a book to read?”

Luzhou impatiently said, “If not filming, the director then wants to talk about acting, I can’t even go anywhere! Cell Phones are forbidden! It’s like being put in jail, and you have to stay beside me. Wait and see, don’t cry and beg to go home!”

It isn’t military training, it’s not that terrifying, right?—–Xiao Yi thought to himself, he couldn’t help but feel flattered, ‘he doesn’t want me to go because he doesn’t want me to suffer? Luzhou is actually treating me nicely’

“Let’s go.” After getting off the car, Luzhou looks at Xiao Yi questionably.

“Zhou….Brother Zhou, are you going to dine with sister Xinran?” Xiao Yi stood by the car and said, “Do I need to follow?”

Luzhou didn’t said anything, impatiently heading in, Xiao Yi then hurriedly followed him. In the restaurant, Luzhou took a deep breath and dialed a number. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very elegant, on the second floor, there is only one occupied table, and it consists of a man and a woman.

“Xinran,” Luzhou smiled.

Xiao Yi: “……..”

“Sorry I’m late,” Luzhou said.

Zhang Xinran smiled, sitting lazily, playing around on her phone. Next to her is a middle aged man, he clasped his hands together and acted all sweet and innocent: “Oh, you’ve finally arrived!…and this person is….”

“My assistant,” Luzhou said.

“My name is Xiao Yi,” Xiao Yi immediately introduced himself.

“Come, come, you and I will get to know each other,” the middle aged man said softly, “You guys take your time and talk, ok?”

“Uhm.” Zhang Xinran rolled her eyes, she didn’t even look at Luzhou.

“How come you’re late?” Zhang Xinran said.

Luzhou smiled and replied: “Traffic jam.”

Zhang Xinran’s face is clearly not good, Luzhou then softly say: “Did you order already? What do you feel like eating?”

“Anything.” Zhang Xinran said, “Today I just finished filming an advertisement, I’m really tired, hurry up and order so I can go home and sleep.”

“What’s happened?” Luzhou turned the page on the menu, “Someone bullied you?”

“No—-” Zhang Xinran look bored and said, “hurry up and order.”

Xiao Yi and Zhang Xinran’s manager settled down in another table. Her manager’s name is Qi Quan, and his body trembled whenever he laughed.

“Our Xinran is….”

“Pretty,” Xiao Yi praised, “she looks exactly like she is on television.”

Qi Quan said: “Oh, right now she isn’t at the top of her peak, let me tell you, if she took a good rest, her skin will become even softer, she even looks good without makeup!….However, these days her schedule is very tight, everyday she has to stay up late, …..What about your Zhou Zhou? How is he?”

“He…Next week we have to go to Hengdian.” Before he came, Xiao Yi was reminded by Du Mei not only once, that if he happens to meet Zhang Xinran’s manager, he can’t be surprised, he has to choose his words carefully. He has to frequently compliment how pretty his artist is, since Mr. Qi loves to blabber, always agree with him and nothing will go wrong.

Qi Quan wrapped his hand on the spoon in the orchid handstyle and started mixing his milk tea, elegantly crossed his leg and said: “I know that drama, Iron Horse glacial dream, talking about Liao Taizu, it’s the drama with ancient costumes, of course it would be monumental ~ if it isn’t because of it being an European drama, our Xinran would want to accept the role.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yi said, “President Du said that actors/actresses who could film in a oversea movie are really amazing, this year sister Xinran’s movie will surely sell extremely well in the box office.”

“Yeah.” Qi Quan added, “sometimes it is hard to say, like the last film, it seriously lost money, the movie was horrible, but luckily, our Xinran is capable enough to save the box office.”

Xiao Yi feels like he is being trampled by alpacas in the prairie, violently running thousands miles per hour. Qi Quan then familiarly said: “Xiao Yi, you look quite handsome, are you interested in joining the entertainment world?”

(T/N: It is said that Alpaca do troll, therefore what Xiao Yi feel is that Qi Quan is currently trolling him)

Xiao Yi was surprised, is this a joke? Definitely a joke, Xiao Yi immediately replied with a smile: “My male god is brother Lu, I’m satisfied with just following behind him. Besides, I may look handsome, but in other areas I’m insufficient.”

In his heart, Xiao Yi really thought that.

If talking about appearance, Zhang Xinran is very beautiful, but her beauty is entirely different from a normal person’s. Like Luzhou, he doesn’t need to do anything, simply sit there, and people could see the handsome air around him, letting people know that he is a star.

Before he decided to create music, Xiao Yi understood a bit about the being a singer, various entertainment provides a whole package. Personality trait is not innate, but acquired through training and results that are achieved through a series of hard work.

“Acting skill or personality could all be acquired through the a set of training.” Qi Quan shaking his leg and said: “Your voice is very pleasant to the ear, being a singer is good, do you watch the recent hit program?”

“ right?” Xiao Yi asked.

(T/N: Not a real show. It would be cruel lol)

“Yes.” Qi Quan replied, “It is , pay money and you could participate, however, if one can’t fulfill the condition, one can’t pass.”

After finishing his speech, Qi Quan sent Xiao Yi a flirtatious look.

Xiao Yi suddenly felt a deathly cold air behind him.

On the table next to them, Luzhou completely transformed, gentle to the point Xiao Yi felt unfamiliar with him. Amiable, like the spring breeze blowing, wearing a suit, with neat short hair, eyes firm and resolute, beautiful hand holding a cup of water, an expensive watch wrapped around his fair wrist, like walking out of a idol drama, making people’s heartthrob.

Luzhou obviously is a lot more gentle and polite than usual.

Zhang Xinran only took a little bite, then lazily leaned against her seat, looking indifferently at her phone.

“The fans on is gossiping about you.” Zhang Xinran said, “Your fans are really cruel, everyday stepping on others for superiority.”

(T/N: is internet forum, people discuss about news, gossip, fight between fandom and so on)

“I can’t do anything about it, one fan could be compared to 10 anti-fans, haiz.” Luzhou regretfully said, “I frequently get a headache because of them, they didn’t comment about you right?”

“Even if they said something, I can only endure it.” Zhang Xinran said indifferently.

Luzhou: “……..” He was silent for awhile and then said, “Xinran ah, I’m going to Hengdian, are you going to come visit me?”

Zhang Xinran put on a fake smile, without looking directly at Luzhou and said: “I’m not promising anything, but we’ll see how the situation goes.”

Luzhou, apparently losing almost all of his patience, took in a calming breath and stood up with a smile, “It is late, I’ll take you home?”

Zhang Xinran seemed like she finally completed the task, also took a deep breath before getting up. Luzhou took Zhang Xinran’s coat, helping her put it on. Zhang Xinran wrapped herself with the fur coat while walking into the garage, then Qi Quan suddenly got a call and said: “Honey, I have to go first, director Huang said he needs to discuss something with me.”

“Who’s gonna drive me?!” Zhang Xinran said

“I’ll send you back.” Luzhou said, “Hey, driver.”

Zhang Xinran unwillingly entered Luzhou’s car. From the garage, a scream that would shatter glass was let out, frightening Xiao Yi, making him think that a murder is happening. Luzhou then said: “Hurry up and drive! Go! What are you waiting for! Are you retarded! (roared).”

“What are you yelling at him for!” Zhang Xinran said, “Do you want to attract attention by yelling!”

“No, no.” Luzhou accidently revealed his true colors and immediately came back to his gentle image and said: “We are good friends…this…this is…”

“My name is Xiao Yi,” Xiao Yi immediately said, helping Luzhou out.

“Ah ah, he and I are always this close.”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Yi explained, “We are often quarrel, right, brother Zhou? Ha ha ha.”

Luzhou’s darkened complexion instantly converted into a smile and then he laughed.

“Hurry,” Luzhou teasingly said, “If the fans catch up, it will be hard to leave.”

“Luzhou, Luzhou-!”

“Luzhou ah-!”

The screams were getting closer, Xiao Yi drove away quickly.

Two teenagers holding up a sign, they had apparently been squatting in the garage for a long time, rocked their poster and shouted towards the car.

Xiao Yi turned around to look, he didn’t see their faces, only a sign of chibi Luzhou.

Xiao Yi suddenly felt very sad.

On the way, Zhang Xinran didn’t speak a word, Xiao Yi used the GPS to drive to her house. Driving into the garage, Zhang Xinran’s house is even more luxurious than Luzhou’s, a three separate story high villa with a swimming pool outside.

“Come in for a drink.” Zhang Xinran said.

The garage fully closed, Xiao Yi doesn’t want to get out of the car, but sadly, he didn’t have a choice. He then followed them into Zhang Xinran’s house, he only stood in her kitchen, since he was afraid to head into the living room.

The maid poured him a cup of water, Xiao Yi then called Qi Quan to inform him that they arrived safely. In the living room, the familiar voice of Luzhou and the perfunctory voice of Zhang Xinran could be heard.

“President Du said she already finished discussing with Wang Hao.” Luzhou said, “When the time comes, they will prepare a small scandal, you don’t have to mind, I’ll be waiting for you to come visit me.”

Zhang Xinran’s chihuahua started barking at Luzhou, showing it’s bare teeth, obviously hating him.

“Hey, Xiao Ling.” Luzhou smiled and patted her head, “How have you been?”

Zhang Xinran went to get some wine, Luzhou then suddenly grabbed her from behind and said: “Honey, did you miss me?”

“What are you doing!” Zhang Xinran impatiently roared, “Get away!”

Luzhou held her tightly and said: “Why is your temper so big?”

The chihuahua then jumped from the couch to the coffee table, barking towards Luzhou, even Xiao Yi couldn’t stand it. Xiao Yi waved his hand at the Chihuahua, wanting to lure it over, however, the chihuahua didn’t even spare him a glance.

Zhang Xinran pushed Luzhou away and said: “In the end, what do you want? Hugging? There is no media in this place, who are you acting for! Lu Fa Cai!”

(T/N: I leave the last 2 words like that because I can’t find the right words for them in english. Lu is the Lu in Luzhou and adding Fa Cai mean he is someone who do anything for money.)

Xiao Yi almost spit out his water and Luzhou said: “Don’t be like that, I’m taking my busy time off to accompany you….”

“It’s better if you hadn’t even come.” Zhang Xinran said, “The longer I’m with you, the more I get bothered by your fans, why don’t you go find your group of fans who worship you so much!”

“You’re being unfair!” Luzhou said, “Whatever the fans do or say had nothing to do with me, or do you want me to pay for what they have done? They commented about you on, president Du already told me, she will use her connections and….”

Zhang Xinran said: “I’m busy to death, who has time to worry about what they said! What are you talking sweetly for! Faking on Weibo is not enough? What did you say in the interview? Who wants to have your baby, take care of the house for you?! Accuse me of not having enough money? Are you even a man!”

“You–!” Luzhou said.

*Bark!* the chihuahua angrily growl, rushing over, Luzhou then roared: “Xiao Ling! Stop it!”

“There is a limit to my patience ——ah ah ah!” Luzhou was about to warn Zhang Xinran, but in a blink of an eye, he let out a scream.

Zhang Xinran then screamed: “You let it go!”

Luzhou shouted: “It bit me! Do you think I don’t dare to hit you!”

“Who do you think you are!” Zhang Xinran said, “You premature ejaculation! You’re an ‘impotance’! Do your fans even know that you’re impotent!”


Xiao Yi: “……………”

Xiao Yi immediately ran over to grab the Chihuahua, but the chihuahua has a hot temper.

Zhang Xinran shouted: “You get out of my house!”

“You sl**!” Luzhou turned around, anyway, he already offended Zhang Xinran, he doesn’t intend to fake it anymore, he angrily roared: “M*********…s** o* * b****….f***…s***! I involved myself with you, give you some face! Look at yourself, keep fixing your face, now you look like an alien! Have nothing to say?! You old hag!”

(T/N: I apologize, he cursed a lots)

Xiao Yi: “……………………………”

Luzhou was about to break something, Zhang Xinran said: “Do it if you dare! It costs 401,000 yuan!”

Luzhou griped the crystal horse in his hand tightly, but took a deep breath and said: “Do you want to continue?”

Zhang Xinran said: “Who wants to continue dating you! Ask your assistant, can he even stand you?!”

“F***, don’t ever look for me again!” Luzhou shouted, “We’re through!”

“I already didn’t want to find you, you’re the one who said it!” Zhang Xinran said, “If it’s not to save president Du some face, who would want to ride the carousel with you!”

Luzhou headed to the door, stopped, turned around ferociously and said: “Okay, Zhang Xinran, don’t regret it!”

Zhang Xinran said: “Get out!”

While driving, Xiao Yi felt in his whole life, he never encountered anything as incredible as this, Zhang Xinran scolded Luzhou, the two fought verbally, making him more shocked than when the national soccer team won the world cub and Feng Xiaogang won the Oscar award. Even making him forget about ‘impotence’ and ’premature ejaculation’ can’t be paired together. For example, if someone is ‘impotent’, they can’t ejaculate, let alone ‘premature ejaculation’. If they have ‘premature ejaculation’, it is not ‘impotence’ —– Unless sometimes he is ‘impotent’ and sometimes ‘premature ejaculation’…..However, men who have these two issues are very rare……Okay, this isn’t important.

(T/N: Feng Xiaogang borned in 1958, he is a popular film director)

Luzhou’s face is as black as charcoal. After returning home, Luzhou kicked the coffee table angrily, causing everything to fall and crash on the floor.


Zhang Yiyi


Maggie Cheung


Orchid hand



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