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BL Reading List

Finish Reading 

  • War Prisoner – 95 chapters + 2 extras – Link
  • Hua Hua You Long – 2 volumes – Link
  • Mo Flower – 9 chapters + epilogue – Link ch1-2.3  Link ch.2-9 + Ep
  • The Blind Concubine – 29 chapters – Link ch.1-8  Link ch.9-end +Ep
  • I Will Wait For You Until 35 – Link
  • 7 Days – 7 chapters
  • Brother – 54 chapters – Link
  • My Husband is being unfaithful – 10 chapters + 3 extras
  • Let’s Break Up – 9 chapters
  • The Small Noodle Shop – 28 chapters
  • This World is Crazy! (这世界疯了!) – 74 chapters (One of my favorite XD)
  • Peach Blossom Debt – 78 chapters
  • Little God of Poor (小穷神)- 22 chapters + 1 extra + 1 cameo
  • Deceive – Oneshot
  • The Antelope and Night Wolf (网游之我不配) – 87 chapters (READ THIS ONE, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT! IT’S THE BEST ONLINE GAMING BL DANMEI I EVER READ!!!! XD)
  • I’m Just a Yan Hao (我只是看你颜好) – Book 1 (340 chapters + 32 extras), book 2 (187 chapters + 33 extras), book 3 (199 chapters + 22 extras) (Don’t let the number scare you, each chapter is REALLY short, literally one chapter is only 1 sentence lol. This is the FUNNIEST BL novel I have ever read, definitly check it out y’all!)
  • Entering Split Personality (走进人格分裂) – 94 chapters (Check this one out, this is really good!!!)
  • Adultery arises from a diary – 64 chapter + 6 extras (I Love the couple and seme’s son is so adorable!)
  • Golden Fighter (金牌打手) – 120 chapters (PLEASE definitely check this one out, after reading it, this novel immediately jump up to my TOP 1!!!! I LOVE THIS NOVEL SO MUCH!!! The pain, the love, the hardship they have to endure in order to be with each other makes my heartache. This story is pure and too beautiful to be ignored!)
  • Mu Ran (穆然) – 75 chapters + 2 epilogue (Warning: This novel will make you cry a bucket of tears T_T)


  • True Star – Currently on ch.129
  • The Legendary Master’s Wife – Currently on ch.170
  • Feng Yu Jiu Tian – Currently on vol.4 ch.11
  • Golden Assistant – Currently on ch. 21
  • Waiting For You Online – Currently on ch. 42
  • Feng Mang – Currently on ch. 33

25 thoughts on “BL Reading List

  1. hey!! if you like true star, i would recommend rebirth of chen an by same author, MC is more outspoken than tang feng! but the story gave similar vibe, except this is on firearm dealing, and interpol XD


    1. The Small Noodle Shop: 小面摊
      Let’s Break up: 我们分手吧
      My Husband is being unfaithful: 我的老攻他总变心

      They are all short stories, but still entertaining, enjoy~~~~ 🙂


      1. Thank you, but can you help me translate this [nhưng tính cách cậu ấy lại không cứng cỏi đến mức không dung nổi một hạt cát như tôi.]. its confuse me


      2. However his character aren’t tough enough to withstand getting sand into his eyes like me. (saying that xiao shou (xiao =little, shou = uke) aren’t as strong as him)

        My rough translation, I could explain it further if you don’t understand 🙂


      3. No problem, he just say that xiao Shou couldn’t endure having sand in his eyes like him (it’s like a metaphor for Xiao shou is not as strong as him) hope that clarify it a little 🙂
        and It’s great that you decide to translate! XD
        I can’t wait to read it again, feel free to ask me if you are not sure of anything ^^


      4. But i translate it just for me to read, i’ll not upload it coz i really not got at Chinese. But I’ll start translate it in Sunday when I’m finished maybe i can send it to you (each chapter is really long so don’t know when i finished translate it)


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